Top Rated 2018 All Terrain Double Stroller Brands

Sturdy Sport Stroller with a Front Swivel Wheel

Take your all terrain double stroller anywhere with your kids. Here are the best five revealed.

All terrain strollers, also known as sport strollers or fitness strollers, are ideal for parents who are not necessarily into jogging, but prefer to take long walks or hikes off-road or on pavement. However, many models are perfectly suited for jogging as well. All terrain double strollers have three or four wheels that swivel in front, with the option to lock straight for better stability over different types of surfaces, especially when jogging.

Most all terrain double baby strollers can accommodate an infant car seat with the addition of an adapter accessory, and some higher-end brands offer a bassinet option. However jogging is not recommended with any all terrain stroller when it is being used as a travel system. Many of these strollers will only accommodate one infant car seat, not two, so an all terrain is not the best idea for twins until they grow bigger.

If you prefer larger wheels and a fixed front wheel for jogging and running, please see the double jogging strollers page for informative research and best models from that category.

Find out more about models from top-of-the line brands like Thule or BOB to the budget-friendly Baby Trend.

Best All Terrain Double Strollers for 2018

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers as well as personal experience, these are the best double all terrain products this year.

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Higher-End All Terrain Double Stroller Brands

These super-star all terrain double strollers are like high-tech mountain bikes; they are precision machines that safely take your baby over all types of terrain with ease and comfort. Higher-end brands are generally over $500, and are the most popular in this category. Check them out!

Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double


The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double stroller for 2018 is an "all-round sports stroller." This awesome three-wheeler seamlessly takes you from your jogging route from the beach to park trails with 16" rear tires with rear suspension to smooth the ride. A newly added twisting hand brake provides better control when going down hills.

Included car seat adapters fit either Maxi Cosi or Nuna car seats on ONE SIDE and your older child on the other side. The total weight capacity of the Urban Glide 2 Double is 100 pounds and the stroller itself is 34.2 pounds.

Shield your children from any angle of the sun with "follow the sun" UPF 50+ canopies with large flip-out visors.  Seats are equipped with padded 5-point safety harnesses and your kids have plenty of head space with tall seat backs.

Mom and Dad, you get a comfortable, height adjustable ergonomic handle bar and a zippered, covered storage basket so your things are hidden from view, or won't bounce out during your jog. There's also big storage pockets behind the seats. The Urban Glide 2 Double sports a simple, stand-alone fold and quick-release wheels so you can pack it in your trunk for outings.

Reviews for the older version of this all-terrain double stroller were at 4½ stars for its easy fold and performance, abundant storage and the sun canopy. It is likely these high ratings will continue for the newer version as well. Take a look at this demo:

Eli's great, isn't he? Check out Magic Beans' Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double.

Bumbleride Indie Twin


One of the most popular all-terrain double strollers, the function, quality and colors of the Bumbleride Indie Twin are hard to beat. First off, this is a fantastic stroller for twins because it accommodates two infant car seats or carrycots.

 If your two children are different ages, everything on this stroller can be customized to fit your child's needs. 

Adjustable big sun canopies, easy-fit padded safety harnesses, leg rests and multi-position reclining seats give each child optimum comfort.

The Indie Twin is rather narrow for a side-by-side stroller. At only 30-inches across, access through doorways and aisles are a breeze. Parents, you get many cushy features, too. Adjustable-height handle bar, a generous storage basket, and 12" inflatable tires give a smooth ride and effortless push.

Reviewers rave about the Bumbleride Indie Twin for how well it goes over different terrain, from beach sand and grass to rough trails. They love all the color schemes to choose from, (6 for the latest year!)  and are constantly getting compliments.  Right now Amazon's got only 4 colors, but Pish Posh Baby's gottem all and competitively priced! 

See this demo video for more information:

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie


This is the most popular of the BOB Duallie strollers with the front swivel wheel that allows for maximum maneuverability. The Revolution Flex can be taken on a variety of terrain from muddy bumpy trails to sandy beaches and it handles with ease. 

The Revolution Flex Duallie has all the fabulous features of the single, like the amazing sun canopies and roomy seats with plenty of support and the adjustable handle that gives you just the right height for your exercise.

Surprisingly, this all-terrain double stroller isn't all that bulky. It weighs only 32 pounds, where most comparable brands are more. An adjustable suspension system makes a smooth ride for your two small passengers.  

Overall reviews for the Revolution Flex Duallie are overwhelmingly positive for the superb quality. Parents recommend the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie and give this all terrain double stroller 5-star reviews across the board for improved seating for the kids, superior maneuverability and exceptionally smooth ride.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double


The Summit X3 double has an attractive design with a rounded footwell and looks sleek and sporty. This all-terrain/jogging stroller has all-wheel suspension with 16" rear tires for a smooth ride and superb maneuverability

Parents love such features as the swivel front wheel that locks into place for jogging stability, the tether strap and hand brake for safety.

This particular stroller has been compared with the BOB Revolution Duallie. (see above) Both the Summit X3 and the Revolution Duallie have 100 pound weight limits and 16" rear/12" front wheel sizes. The Summit X3 weighs more, though, at 36 pounds, while the BOB weighs only 34. The Summit X3 has a brake lever on the side of the frame while the BOB uses a flip-down horizontal brake bar in the back to stop.

Parents who prefer the Summit X3 over the BOB Revolution Duallie say that the BOB has less back support in the seats and that the most upright position is still a bit too reclined. One mom says that the Summit X3 fabric is better and smoother against her daughter's skin. Another reviewer mentions that the Summit X3 has a bar between the two seats that keep it from sagging in the middle, which she noticed was happening with the Duallie owners around her town.

Parents write positive reviews about the large sun canopy and the superb maneuverability on all types of terrain. The easy fold and comfort for bigger kids are the current raves. The only real downfall I've seen in reviews is that this stroller does not include a car seat adapter.

NOTE: Another option to consider under the Baby Jogger brand is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double. Ranging in price from $550 - $580, it has 4½-star reviews. Learn more here.

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Budget-Friendly Double All-Terrain Strollers

OK, there is only one - ONE! - double all-terrain stroller that fits the bill here, and fortunately it has been around for years and gets consistently good marks. 

Baby Trend Expedition Double

$189 - $230 depending on color and seller

The Baby Trend Expedition double jogging stroller is a popular choice for parents with two children who want to get outdoors and have access to various terrain, yet provide a smooth ride for their children. The Expedition double stroller has far higher ratings than its single counterpart with impressive 4-star reviews.

Parents like features such as the multi-position reclining seats and mesh pockets inside the seats for kids to keep their snacks and toys. The large sun canopy gives adequate protection and the large storage basket beneath the seats is big enough to take what you need.

Reviews make positive comments that the 16-inch pneumatic bicycle tires in back and 12-inch swivel tire in front enable parents to smoothly take the Expedition over any type of terrain.

If you have twins and wish to use car seats, you might consider the Baby Trend Double Navigator which has 4 wheels for added stability for use as a travel system.

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