2018 Best All Terrain Stroller Reviews 

All Terrain Strollers vs. Fixed-Wheel Joggers and Best Brands Reviewed

An all terrain stroller has a front swivel wheel for superior maneuvering that also locks straight for jogging. Active parents find these 3-wheelers fit well with their lifestyle and prefer brands such as Thule, BOB, Mountain Buggy, Joovy and Graco. Discover the best for 2018 in this guide.

Also referred to as a fitness or sport utility stroller, an all-terrain stroller has three wheels that are ideal for taking baby off-road over gravel, lawn, trails and other rough surfaces. Walks on the beach or through the snow and slush are no problem because the larger tires grip all types of terrain.

With a swivel wheel in the front, maneuvering through a tight spaces is a breeze. Though larger than other strollers, all-terrains are typically easy to fold and store, just plan for a bit more bulk.

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A Jogger VS All-Terrain

What is the difference between a jogger and an all terrain stroller? Nothing, nowadays. It used to be that a jogger had a large fixed front wheel, but over the years, a jogging stroller can either have a swivel wheel that can lock straight when you need it to, or the stroller has the large fixed front wheel. The large fixed front wheel type of stroller isn't so popular any more. Strollers designed for jogging will often have a slowing brake on the handle for better control going down hills, for example, and many high-end all terrain strollers sport that feature now.

While fixed-wheel jogging strollers are perfect for running, they are not always the best for maneuvering because they don't go around corners very well. But an all terrain's front wheel swivels right around those corners and can also be locked into place and used for jogging. I like that versatility, don't you? However, some all-terrains are not the best for running because the wheel may still wobble back and forth at higher speeds, though the quality is improving and you're not as likely to get that problem anymore.

Why choose an all-terrain stroller?

When most people think of a three-wheeler, they think of outdoorsy parents. Right? But all kinds of parents enjoy this type of stroller. They are not just for walkers or joggers anymore. Some choose an all terrain not only for their sporty look, but for going to outdoor places like the beach and park trails, as well as the fair, amusement parks and the zoo. They also go smoothly over rough sidewalks and an uneven ground and for this, rural families like all-terrains.

Even though an all-terrain is rugged, its sleek form and swivel front tire fit through tight aisles and doorways. Some accommodate infant car seats, so your newborn has a travel system. The strong and durable build holds up to lots of different kinds of terrain and long-lasting life.

Price range

The variety of sporty, stylish colors and brands is continually growing, but generally speaking, all terrain strollers are either budget friendly or very expensive. The best all terrain strollers cost upwards of $350, and some reach over $700 by the time you add accessories. But parents who purchase the higher-end products feel good about the value and performance.You will also likely get a good resale price if you sell it later on.

On more of a budget? You can still get a quality all terrain stroller for under $200, and you will see some popular items with high quality ratings in that section. As of this writing, there are only a couple of mid-range brands between $200-$400, but the selection is growing.

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