Baby Jogger City Elite Review

Sophisticated All Terrain Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Elite has all the features you could think of in a premium all-terrain stroller.

Baby Jogger City Elite is the all-terrain model in the fashionable City Series and is a stroller designed to focus on comfort, safety and style. It provides a luxurious ride on any type of terrain with superior features such as 12-inch never flat tires, vented seat recline and adjustable leg rest.

While the other City models are created mainly for city sidewalks and for shopping, the Baby Jogger City Elite can take different types of terrain with smoothness and ease. It has the versatility of a rugged fitness stroller and the convenience of an every day stroller.

Baby Jogger City Elite VS. BOB Revolution

This particular stroller has been compared with the BOB Revolution and there are some key differences. The BOB has 16-inch tires in the rear and may not be necessary unless you plan to do some serious off-roading or jogging. The City Elite tires are all 12". The seatback on the City Elite is higher than on the BOB and the City Elite has a height adjustable handle that the BOB does not. However, the BOB Revolution has a better suspension system, since it can be used for jogging. Both of these strollers are priced approximately the same.

The reviews coming in for this stroller are fantastic, giving it a 4½-star rating. As you read this review, you will soon understand why the Baby Jogger City Elite is  getting such high ratings with parents just like you. Let's start with all the phenomenal features!

Baby Jogger City Elite Features

  • Adjustable leg rest
  • 75-pound weight limit
  • Hand-operated parking brake
  • Height adjustable handle bar
  • Multi-compartment parent console on handle
  • Universal accessory mounting bracket
  • Padded adjustable 5-point safety harness with buckle cover
  • Multi-position reclining seat with roll-down weather cover
  • Front wheel suspension system
  • 12-inch forever-air quick-release tires
  • Lockable front swivel wheel
  • Large sun canopy with clear view peek-a-boo windows and side ventilation panels
  • Storage basket beneath seat
  • Storage compartment on the seat back
  • One-handed Quick Fold technology with automatic frame lock

Tell me about the seat

The Baby Jogger City Elite has a nicely cushioned seat, which provides extra comfort for your child. It reclines to a near flat position, and this is what babies or toddlers need who like to sleep on board. The backrest is also high at 20" so even the tallest children can lean their heads back and be supported.

The seat has padded adjustable five-point safety harness for security and prevents your baby from slipping off the seat, even when he wiggles and squirms. The heavy-duty buckle is one that they can't get out of but does not present mom with a struggle, either.

When it's time to adjust the shoulder straps, all you do unclip the strap from the loop and reclip it. I find it so convenient not to have to re-thread the straps through the seat with this design! You will appreciate that the crotch strap also adjusts so that no matter how big or little your child is, he or she will be properly secured.

The stroller has a raised "kicker" or leg rest, that accommodates smaller babies and supports their little legs while reclined. Simply pull up the bottom part of the seat and the metal support props up the leg rest. When I tested this model, the leg support was firm - it didn't dip in the middle like you might expect with a wire-like kickstand holding up the legrest. It was fantastic.

Can a newborn baby ride?

Absolutely! This is a fabulous stroller to use as part of a travel system. Attach the car seat adapter that fits your car seat, click your car seat in, and you are good to go! Major brands such as Britax/BOB, Graco, Maxi Cosi, Chicco and Peg Perego are accommodated. This page shows you which car seats go with which adapters.

What about performance?

A swiveling front wheel allows agile and quick maneuverability. The front wheel locks into place with a flick of a switch, which is just what you need for long distance strolling. Large 12-inch quick-release wheels provides smooth navigation over any type of terrain. Front wheel suspension smooths out  the ride even on the roughest surfaces.

The rubber tires are called forever-air because permanent air chambers are enclosed inside and do not need to be pumped. Seems like you never have a pump when you get a flat, but now you don't need to even think about it and I really appreciate having fewer concerns! When I pushed this stroller, I found it had smooth steering and easy handling.

The Baby Jogger City Elite turns on a dime, and pushing a heavier child in this stroller is a breeze, even for petite moms. With a 75-lb carrying capacity, the Baby Jogger City Elite stroller will last well beyond your child's first years. A happy mom mentioned in her positive review that her 62-pound son loves the stroller, and he fits in superbly. She can even push the stroller single-handedly.

Also, if you're considering getting the Baby Jogger Summit XC you may prefer the City Elite because it is smaller and lighter, unless you are a serious runner. And while the City Elite is not a true jogger stroller, and is not really meant to use jogging, some parents enjoy a casual jog with it now and again. Power walking is the exercise this stroller is designed to handle.

How about the quick fold?

The Baby Jogger City Elite stroller has a patented Quick-Fold Technology that allows parents to fold it in just a simple step. This is probably the main selling feature for most Baby Jogger strollers; it's absolutely amazing! It is certainly my favorite feature of all Baby Joggers.

Moms who need to run errands and look after their babies at the same time find the Quick Fold to be indispensable. You'll have more confidence holding your child now that your stroller is easier to fold and unfold than ever. The City Elite has an auto lock for the frame to keep it together once folded.

What about the sun canopy?

I absolutely love the ultra large sun canopy. The Baby Jogger City Elite stroller has received many praises and compliments from others as well. It can be pulled down into several positions for near-full coverage. It has two large clear viewing windows for a mom to peep in at her baby and each flap covering the viewing window is secured with magnets to hold it into place. No more ripping Velcro!

The sun canopy has ventilation panels at the sides so that fresh air can circulate within the hood enclosure. These panels can be opened or closed with flaps that are secured with magnets just like the viewing windows. The canopy is high enough at 27-inches to accommodate taller children, which makes sense, given how big kids can be to ride.

In addition a mesh ventilation panel extends from the top of the stroller to the top of the seat back when the seat is reclined, circulating the air while your child naps. However, if the weather isn't suitable for open air, simply pull down the retractable weather cover for full enclosure.

Storage & amenities for parents

Baby Jogger City Elite Measurements

Folded: 14" x 26½" x 33½"
Width: 26½" 
Length: 47"
Handle Height: 34"-46" 

Seat With: 12"
Seatback: 20" 
Seatback to Canopy: 26"
Tires: 12" forever-air
Stroller Weight: 26.2 lbs.

For people of all sizes, short and tall, the adjustable handlebar pivots from 34" at the lowest, up to an impressive 46". A higher handlebar is more comfortable for taller parents, and it also prevents them from slouching or kicking the stroller wheels as they walk.

Moms definitely love the large storage basket beneath the seat that is included with the City Elite stroller. An adequate storage basket is needed when traveling with a baby, but the basket can be a challenge to get to because of the way the frame is designed.

For extra storage, there is a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat. Parents mentioned in many reviews that they love the seat back compartment, partly because they can store more items in it and it is highly accessible.

I really like the soft parent console next to the handle bar. It has six compartments and can carry two water bottles. The compartments are just the right size to hold small items like your cell phone, keys and library card. The flap that covers the console is fastened like the window flaps, with the magnets.

The Baby Jogger City Elite stroller comes with a patented universal accessory mounting bracket. It is used for a child tray and bar for hanging toys, which are purchased separately.

How much should I pay for the Baby Jogger City Elite?

Right now the current model year is selling for about the same price across many different web retailers. I've seen it going for about $400, even on the low-price site Amazon.  I like Amazon for their prompt service and free shipping.

Other online retailers such as Comfort First and Baby Earth sell the Baby Jogger City Elite for the same price and include free shipping. Check each of these sites to comparison shop for your favorite color and best deals.

Here is a video review of the  Baby Jogger City Elite, latest version.

What others are saying

Baby Jogger City Elite reviews give this stroller an astonishing 4½-star rating! The sun canopy, roomy seat and Quick Fold are the highlights, not to mention the style and design of this fabulous looking all-terrain stroller.

A mom named Jen from Michigan makes a comment in her 5-star review that her City Elite rides smooth like butter and that she receives compliments wherever she goes. 

While the seat is roomy for big kids, the adjustable straps on the safety harness secured one mamma's small 9-month-old baby just fine.

Lana loves how far the seat reclines to make a nice bed for her son to nap. Another mom from Seattle got this Baby Jogger precisely for the easy fold.

You cannot ignore that sun canopy! Moms and dads everywhere write in to say how much they love the coverage it provides.
The large canopy is a favorite feature for a Chicago mother whose daughter is Irish and burns easily. The enormous sun canopy gives her delicate skin adequate coverage.

The adjustable handle is a real hit with parents who are tall or different heights.
In a recent 5-star review, a customer wrote in to say how tired her 6-foot-tall husband was of pushing their little umbrella stroller, but now he can walk like a "fully evolved human." I found her description very entertaining!

Reviews often mention the superb maneuverability and handling. 
A mom from LA mentioned how she had previously owned three other higher-end brand strollers, but the Baby Jogger City Elite is her favorite for long walks and ability to turn on a dime.
Another mommy from Cape Cod, Massachusetts remarked on how equally well it handles on dirt roads and beach sand as well as museums.


The few complaints that are out there are mostly due to a heavy weight.

Some also say the storage basket beneath the seat is too small and it can be challenging to get to because of the stroller frame.

Where should I buy the City Elite?

So far the best online retailer I've seen selling the Baby Jogger City Elite is on Amazon You can't go wrong with prompt free shipping and fantastic service.

Can you just see yourself right now with this stroller and your child going from park trails to the shopping center?

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