Baby Jogger City Select Lux Review

Ultimate Convertible Stroller

New for 2017, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux has huge improvements and changes over the original City Select.

When the original Baby Jogger City Select came out a number of years ago, it was a unique stroller with 16 different seating options and the ability to turn from a single into a double. Today that's no big deal, and you see many strollers on the market that can do the same thing and do it just as well. 

Baby Jogger had to up their ante and they did so in spades. They not only made improvements on existing features, but added brand new bells n whistles while they were at it. Here's what's different between the City Select and the City Select Lux. 

  • The original City Select has 16 seating configurations while the Lux has 20+
  • Lux has a 30% smaller fold
  • Lux has all-wheel suspension vs. front wheel suspension in City Select
  • Newly designed hand brake for both deceleration AND parking.
  • New accessories: Shopping tote and a stand & ride platform

You're going to discover more detail about these new and improved features later on in the review, but first we'll start you off with an overview of the Baby Jogger City Select Lux.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Features

  • Converts from a single to a double
  • 90-pound weight limit (45 per seat)
  • Hand controlled deceleration & parking brake
  • Universal accessory mounting bracket on each seat
  • Padded adjustable five-point safety harness with buckle cover
  • 4-position reclining seat
  • Adjusting leg rest
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • 3-panel extending UV50+  sun canopy with mesh peek-a-boo window and magnetic closure
  • Storage basket beneath seat
  • Storage compartment on the seat back
  • 30.4-pound stroller weight (single seat)
  • 2-step quick, compact fold
  • 4 fashionable colors with soft, washable fabric
  • Telescoping height-adjustable handle bar

All about the seat

Let's start with the seat on this stroller. It is a molded seat, meaning that when it reclines, the seat back does not angle independently of the seat - the entire seat moves. Because of this, babies younger than 6 months old need the bassinet or car seat, which I'll talk about in just a minute.

The seat reclines in four positions and I absolutely love the one-handed push button recline feature. It's nice and smooth so you leave your child undisturbed when he or she is napping.

This seat, plus the one you get with the doubles kit, can take a 45-pound weight limit. It has an 18½-inch seat back, which is not that tall, but average. However the sun canopy and harness both adjust so your child can grow with this stroller. Seatback to canopy is 20½ inches, which is pretty standard.

The padded adjustable puzzle-style harness buckle is easy for you to use and tougher for your child to get out of. An adjustable leg rest provides additional comfort for your passenger. 

Tell me about all these interchanging seating options!

OK, this is where you want to pay attention. Did you see all those seating options in that giant photo above the dad? In singles mode you have 8 options with the main seat, car seat or bassinet. Ready to make it a double? This is a great option as a stroller for twins because it takes either two car seats or two bassinets. Mix and match any combination of the 2nd seat, main seat, car seat or bassinet, then choose to have the seats parent facing or forward facing. 

A mom named Breanne wrote that she liked being able to turn her son around to look at her when going on a long walk, so the reversing seat was a highlight for her.

Face the seats toward one another if your kids are feeling sociable or click the seats into opposite directions when they need separating. The video demo further down the page gives you a good idea of what you can do with the seats. It's amazing all the options the City Select Lux has and it's super easy with a few clicks.

Another tip is I find that the stroller is easier to push if your heavier child is closer to you, but on the other hand your infant will probably need to be nearer.  

And car seat adapters are available for the following car seat brands: Nuna, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Chicco, Peg Perego, Britax and BOB. 

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Folded: 30.51"L x 21.46"W x 10.04"H
Width: 25¾"
Seat Width 12"

Seatback: 18.3"
Length: 31.1" (single) 44.8" (double)
Handle height: 41½"
Front wheels: 8"
Rear Wheels: 12"
Stroller Weight: 30.8 lbs (single) 35.2 lbs (double)

Lux accessories

A couple strollers coming out these days have the ability to have a big storage tote attached so that you can do some serious shopping or take all that sporting equipment with you. The one that comes to mind that does that right now is the Austlen Entourage, where I've done a review. 

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux also has a tote bag accessory that you can attach at the front of the stroller, as pictured, or at the rear, and you can use the tote in doubles mode, too. The bag holds up to 10 pounds of groceries, gear or toys.

Want to get that gorgeous bassinet? The colors are perfectly coordinated with the stroller and holds baby up to six months or 20 pounds. I like the cover over the top and the canopy to protect baby from the sun, and the fact that the mattress cover is easily removable and machine washable for those inevitable diaper accidents. 

If you plan to use the Baby Jogger City Select Lux as a double stroller right away, you can buy it as a double.  Or you might start with the single and later on convert to a double. 

The other neat accessory that you can buy is a sit and stand platform that turns your City Select Lux into a stand and ride stroller. It includes a standing platform and sitting bench with a 3-point lap belt. Again, the only other stroller that I saw could do this is the Austlen Entourage, but it looks like this idea is quickly catching on. 

Your child can ride on the stand and ride accessory up to 65 pounds. This accessory makes it possible for the Baby Jogger City Select Lux to be a triple stroller if you have it in doubles mode!

What is the sun canopy like?

The stroller comes with a fabulous canopy that gives lots of coverage to protect your child from the sun. It can be adjusted higher or lower on the frame to accommodate your growing child's head height, which is excellent news for your taller child. In the higher position, you will have 24 inches from seat to canopy. That's plenty of room! The lower position gives your shorter child 21 inches of space.

The sun canopy has a big peek-a-boo mesh window on the top with a covering flap that has magnets on the corners to adhere it together when you want the window covered. That's a nice touch, isn't it? No more loud ripping Velcro sound when you want to peek at your sleeping passenger. And I like mesh better than vinyl for the actual window, you know, for air flow.

Folding & storage

In singles mode, the City Select Lux is easy to fold. It is a two handed fold that is quick and easy, just lift up on the pull tabs on either side of the frame and pull up to fold the stroller in half. An auto frame lock holds the stroller together once folded. The photo above is the stroller as a single.

In doubles mode, you must take off the front seat and fold the main seat up. Replace the front seat and fold it up as well. Then lift up on the pull tabs and allow all of it to collapse. 

While all these steps sound like a bit of a hassle, the new folding technique makes the new Baby Jogger City Select Lux 30% smaller than the original Select fold. That's certainly worth it!

What features do we parents get?

The City Select does not neglect your comfort as parents. Thoughtful features include a telescoping handlebar with a deceleration and hand brake. In a review, a six-foot-tall dad mentioned that he enjoys strolling with his kids because the handlebar is adjustable and has a comfortable grip with soft texture. 

The height from ground to handle without the added telescoping is 41½" and while that's a perfect height for taller folks, it can be a little bit too high for you if you're on the shorter side. A 5'3" mom found the handle too high for her comfort, but her 6'3" husband loved it!

Many happy parents mention in their reviews that they love the large storage basket beneath the seat. I love this basket because it is huge and accessible from every direction with elastic sides. It will easily accommodate your largest diaper bag. If the seat is empty, you could flip it up, like you do for the fold, and have complete access to the basket. 

I really like the storage compartment on the back of the seat to place other necessities such as baby wipes, BandAids, snacks and extra toys.

While a cup holder and child snack tray would have been nice to have included with the purchase, you can get them separately. Buy the Baby Jogger Liquid Holster (cup holder) and universal parent console for more storage space.

How is the steering & handling?

The City Select LUX has newly designed wheels that are harder rubber than the original Select, but this does not take away the fact that it pushes very easily, even with the second seat installed. A happy mom mentioned in her review that the weight of the stroller assures her that it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of her two toddlers.

The hard rubber front and rear wheels are 8 and 12 inches, ensuring that your ride always glides, especially over uneven surfaces. Multiple reviews state that the performance and handling of their Baby Jogger City Select Lux is smooth and sturdy, a product of quality engineering.

All-wheel suspension smooths out the ride and parents are reporting how this stroller practically pushes itself and is very smooth and comfortable for their passenger.

How much should I pay for the Baby Jogger City Select LUX?

Right now the current model year is selling for about the same price across many different web retailers. I've seen it going for about $629.99 even on the low-price site Amazon. The double version is going for $829.98 at the time of writing.

With that being said, since prices are the same, if you want to support smaller retailers and enjoy prompt service and the same free shipping you get with Amazon, I highly recommend Magic Beans and Pish Posh Baby. Both are awesome alternatives where you can get the second seat and all the accessories for the City Select Lux.

This official video demo from Baby Jogger gives you a short but sweet overview.

Here's a video review demonstration of the Baby Jogger City Select Lux. 

What others are saying

Baby Jogger City Select Lux reviews give this phenomenal convertible stroller a 4½-star rating. Clearly the feature moms and dads love most about this stroller is the seating versatility and the ease of the fold along with how compact that fold is.

So far nearly all the reviews, both excellent and average, love the quality materials used. "Thoughtfully designed," is how one parent described his City Select Lux. The fabric is soft, yet easy to clean and durable. A recent 5-star reviewer said that her son spilled ice cream on it their first time taking it out and it cleaned up nicely.

Storage is another feature commented on often. Parents love that huge basket beneath the seat and the big pocket behind the main seat. They like how easy it is to access their things from front or back.


The main complaint I've read about so far is the high handlebar height. For shorter people, it's not that comfortable. Do keep this in mind if you're a petite person before buying!

Other complaints point to the fact that any accessories you want, like the cup holder, car seat adapter, child's snack tray or bumper bar, are sold separately.

Those are really the only two issues so far with the Baby Jogger City Select LUX. 

I want to buy the City Select Lux! 

One of my favorite place to buy strollers is on  Amazon  with their free and timely shipping, low prices, selection of colors; it's fantastic! But I also like the smaller Mom & Pop shops who also offer great service at a competitive price, so if you want to give Amazon a pass, go with Magic Beans or Pish Posh Baby.

While the current year's models are priced the same across most all web retailers, you will find that prices may go down the year goes on and you'll likely find the best deals.

Just imagine a few days from now pushing your own stylish Baby Jogger City Select Lux around the neighborhood. Can you feel all those eyes on your new dream stroller? (Maybe feeling a bit of, ahem, stroller envy?) :)

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