Baby Jogger Strollers

The First Company to Design 3-Wheeled Joggers

Baby Jogger strollers lead the way for trend-setting technology and design for the active lifestyle.

When you're the first company to design three-wheeled for jogging and off-road performance, you make a serious impact in the baby gear market. That's just where Baby Jogger stands today: at the forefront of the leading brands of higher-end joggers and all-terrains.

Baby Jogger was established in 1984 by Phil Baechler, a local newspaper journalist. Wanting to spend more time with his infant son, he took his son jogging with him, but in his regular stroller. Baechler quickly learned that standard strollers were not meant to handle the rigors of a jogging speed, and so he designed a specialized product equipped to take the stress of running.

Over the years, different types of joggers were introduced, such as the Twinner, for two passengers. Then folding mechanisms came into place as well as removable wheels; Baby Jogger was always innovating designs with the consumer in mind.

Then in 2004, Baby Jogger became a division of Dynamic Brands, the parent company to such names as Protect-A-Bub and Slotline Golf.

Patented convenience features

Despite all these changes, Baby Jogger consistently improves product safety and design features as well as ergonomic and portability features. For example, the same year the company joined Dynamic Brands, Baby Jogger released their patented Quick-Fold Technology, enabling users to fold their stroller in half in one simple step. It really does fold one-handed and takes one second:

Then 2007 brought about the Universal Mounting Bracket, allowing you to attach and remove bumper bars, snack trays, car seat adaptors and more in one central location across each Baby Jogger model.

All Baby Jogger strollers are designed with a parents' needs and a child's comfort and safety in mind. From the stylish stroller design with functional, high performance wheels and suspension system to the safety certification by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Baby Jogger offers an array of products to suit the needs of lots of families.

Baby Jogger Strollers
Standard Features

  • Ideal for pavement and urban terrain
  • Parking brake
  • Adjustable five-point safety harness
  • Suspension system
  • Molded polymer wheels on most models
  • Sun canopy with clear view peek-a-boo windows
  • Compatible with a car seat adapter
  • Quick Fold technology on most models

There are two main types of Baby Jogger strollers and one brand new type never seen before. Scroll down to see them all or click the links to head straight to that section:

Baby Jogger Strollers: Reversing seat umbrella


Baby Jogger has always been an innovative company - they were the first to invent that Quick Fold technology that other stroller brands have since copied. Now they've done it again by creating the first reversing seat umbrella stroller!

In just a few seconds, the seatback pushes forward and then you have a way for your child to sit and see you when they are little. 

Once they are bigger and ready to explore the world, then move the seatback in the other direction for your child to face outward.

Baby Jogger Vue is a hefty umbrella stroller, weighing in at just over 21 pounds, but it needs to be sturdy because it also accommodates a car seat with an optional adapter. The 13" width seat is wide enough to carry a child up to 55 pounds, so your child will have lots of growing room.

Parents, you will enjoy the simple and compact umbrella fold and a cup holder included. So far the reviews that have come in have been giving the Vue five stars for the main feature, the reversing seat. Parents also like the handle height, large sun canopy, and sturdiness of the stroller.

Here's a video review for the Baby Jogger Vue:

Vue Lite

Building on the success of the Vue, the Vue Lite is a slimmed-down version weighing three pounds less. At 14 pounds, it is a popular stroller for travel, and still takes a car seat as a lightweight travel system. 

The seat reverses in two seconds, just like the Vue, so that when your baby is really little, they face you. Once they are bigger and ready to explore the world, then move the seatback in the other direction for your child to face outward. 

The seat is padded a bit less than the regular Vue, but the seatback is a tall 20 inches and the canopy adjusts up to grow with your child.

Folding is easy with just one step, and the Vue Lite has a very nice full-coverage sun canopy with flip-out visor. Handlebars reach 42" from the ground, for your strolling comfort.

The basket is tiny, though, and nearly impossible to get to. You only have side access through the space of the frame or through the front. However, if your seat is forward facing, simply flip up the legrest that is facing you and you have some storage space big enough for a small soft cooler or small diaper bag.

Baby Jogger Strollers: City Series

City Tour

Mountain Buggy started a trend of sorts when they released their Nano, by creating a super-lightweight compactly folded stroller that can easily fit in airline overhead bins.

The Baby Jogger City Tour is a great option for travel, as it comes with a backpack-style transport bag and weighs only 14 pounds.  This stroller carries your child up to 45 pounds. Keep the transport bag folded up inside a special compartment of the under-seat basket. 

The seat lies nearly flat using a strap recline. However, it does not accommodate a car seat, so this stroller is for babies six months old and older. Parents love the sun canopy that has extended coverage and a mesh peek-a-boo window at the top. 

They also like the wheels that offer a smooth ride and the handle is tall enough for someone over 6 feet! Several reviewers stated that they use their City Tour not just for travel, but for everyday, too. The compact fold is handy for them to stick it behind the front seat instead of taking up room in the trunk.

The only complaints so far are that the storage basket is a bit skimpy, but is understood that it must be sacrificed for the sake of compactness. The other complaint I saw a couple of times was that the City Tour was sometimes difficult to fold and unfold. 

Overall the rating on this newer stroller is between 4 and 4½ stars.  See this official demo video to give you an idea:

City Mini

This gem of a lightweight stroller has won awards for its innovative design and quality such as the 2008 Mother and Baby Gold Award for Best Lightweight Push Chair and a 2008 NAPPA Gold Award (National Parenting Publications Award) as well as the 2009 Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Twin/Tandem. The Baby Jogger City Mini's got a lot going for it!

Do you have more than one child? The City Mini comes as a fantastic double stroller as well.

In addition, the City Mini earned some good rankings in Consumer Reports such as excellent marks in safety and very good marks in ease of use and maneuverability. However, Consumer Reports found that the 2008-2009 models had faulty safety harness buckles that came unclasped too easily and the models from those years were recalled. Models manufactured after February 2009 have a redesigned buckle that passed the Consumer Reports tests.

What do City Mini owners love best? Ranking at the top of the list is the Quick Fold, sun canopy and maneuverability. This stroller has recently undergone some improvements to the current model as well. Discover what these changes are all about and more in the Baby Jogger City Mini review, as well as why happy customers give the City Mini an overall 4½-star rating.

City Mini 4 Wheel

Baby Jogger takes their most popular stroller and adds a wheel! Yes, some people simply prefer a four-wheel stroller over a three-wheeler. If you're one of those parents, you have a lot to celebrate.

Very little is different between this 4-wheel version and the 3-wheeled original.For complete details about the City Mini, please read my review. Here, let me give you a quick rundown of the differences.

First, obviously, there is a fourth wheel. This wheel adds on a tiny bit more weight, making this stroller nearly 20 pounds compared to the 16.8 pounds the three-wheeler weighs. The seat has a 1-inch increased depth and increased weight capacity of 65 pounds vs. 50 pounds on the three-wheeled original.

Reviews average a 4½-star ratings for ease of use and comfort for the baby. The 65-pound weight limit also ensures long-term use.

City Mini GT

Doesn't the GT look almost exactly like the City Mini? Yes, they look like nearly identical Baby Jogger strollers. But the Baby Jogger City Mini GT has a few more enhanced features than the regular City Mini.

Some of these upgrades include a roomier seat, adjustable height handle, and all-terrain forever air tires that take you over all kinds of surfaces.

The canopy is one inch higher up on the frame, giving taller kids lots of extra headroom. And this stroller is made to handle a big child! The GT can hold your child up to 65 pounds! Because of this, it has a higher seatback and from the seat to the footrest is an inch longer than the City Mini. The seat has a bit more padding to support a higher weight limit as well.

Weight-wise, the tires on the GT give the stroller a bit of extra weight and is four pounds heavier than the City Mini. The canopies are pretty much the same as are the safety harnesses and seat recline. While the storage basket and back pocket are both the same, the City Mini GT has an easy-to-use hand brake while the City Mini has a foot brake. The GT also comes in a doubles version for two kids.

Reviews are flooding in from various web merchants and so far it's about a 4-star rating for fitting in well with busy lifestyles, smooth ride and adjustable handle. Those little extras are appreciated and very well liked!

City Lite

You love the City Mini design, but would like it more streamlined and pared down to the basic essentials. Enter the Baby Jogger City Lite. The 16-pound weight is convenient to take with you anywhere, yet the stroller is sturdy and holds up to 50 pounds.

While the City Lite is simplified, it has not skimped on quality. The generous sun canopy has two peek-a-boo windows to keep an eye out for your passenger. 

An ample storage basket and big back pocket behind the seat and a seat that reclines nearly flat with a padded 5-point safety harness.

This City Lite is the smallest in the Baby Jogger line that has the patented one-handed quick fold. An auto lock holds the frame into place. 10-inch rear and a 7-inch front wheels with suspension give your child a smooth ride. A foam handle sits just right for people of all heights to enjoy walking a natural stride. One step parking brake is flip-flop friendly.

While this is a newer model, reviews have been pouring in with an average of 4½ stars for ease of use, compact convenience and overall performance.

City Mini Zip

The City Mini Zip has all the wonderful features you love on the original City Mini, but Baby Jogger's upped the game by trimming the weight by almost a pound and giving it a new fold.

The fold is a 3D effect - you have the standard fold in half, then it folds again lengthwise. This means that the folded size is 1/8 the volume of the open stroller, which also means more travel convenience and storage easier for you.

At 16 pounds, the City Mini Zip is about standard lightweight stroller size. Many full-featured umbrella strollers weigh the same. The frame is sturdy and holds your child up to 55 pounds. Your newborn can even ride in this stroller if you get a car seat adapter. Buy either the universal adapter or ones customized for Graco Click Connect or Britax/BOB.

The seat reclines nearly flat for comfortable naps and the large 50 UVP sun canopy adjusts in multiple positions, giving your child lots of shade. 5½-inch wheels and front-end suspension smooth out the ride and you get a cupholder, storage basket and large mesh pocket on the back of the seat.

Here's a short Zip video review:

City Elite

While the other City strollers are created mainly for urban sidewalks and for shopping, the City Elite takes different types of terrain with smoothness and ease, so it has the best of both worlds being both a "City" model AND a fitness stroller. There have been some upgrades for newer models such as a larger storage basket beneath the seat and "forever-filled" PU foam-filled tires. The reviews are fantastic, giving this item a -star rating.

This particular stroller has been compared with the BOB Revolution, but the BOB has 16 inch tires in the rear and may not be necessary unless you plan to do some serious off-roading or jogging. The seatback height is also taller on the Baby Jogger Elite than on the BOB. Both of these strollers are priced approximately the same.

Also, if you're considering getting the Baby Jogger Summit (see further below for summary) you may prefer the City Elite because it is smaller and lighter, unless you are a serious runner.

Confused about the City Mini, City Mini GT and the Elite? This video explains the differences.

City Select

This is the ultimate "mix n match"; the City Select transforms from a stylish single stroller into a tandem buggy with the addition of another seat or bassinet with 16 different combinations.

Now this is a perfect solution for parents who still have one child and plan to have another baby, because the City Select is gorgeous AND functional. 

Save money and buy a second seat when the new baby #2 arrives and you don't have to go purchase an additional double, just the cost of the second seat with adapters. Keep your favorite stroller around for years to come!

However, if you want to use this stroller as a single with bassinet or car seat, you must purchase the second seat kit. The mounting brackets you will need ONLY come with the second seat kit, whether or not you use the seat itself. Plan to incorporate this into the expense of this product if you're going to use the doubles feature.

City Select owners recommend this stroller and give it a 4-star average rating. Features like easy maneuverability, height-adjustable handle and convenient hand brake are highly rated. The patented quick-fold is, of course, a huge selling point for busy families on the go.

Baby Jogger Strollers:  Running & Fitness Strollers

Summit X3

The award-winning Baby Jogger Summit X3 is all-terrain/jogging stroller has all-wheel suspension with 16" rear tires for a smooth ride and superb maneuverability. Parents love such features as the swivel front wheel that locks into place for jogging stability, the tether strap and hand brake for safety.

Consumers want to know the difference between the Summit X3, the BOB Revolution and the Baby Jogger City Elite. The Elite does not have the tether strap, the slowing hand brake, nor the all-wheel suspension meant for jogging. The Summit X3 is for more serious workouts.

One reviewer recommends the Summit X3 over the BOB Revolution stroller mostly because of the quick fold technology that Baby Jogger strollers have. It's far easier with the one-second fold and the wheel doesn't flop around. Another difference is that an infant car seat rests higher up on the Summit than the Revolution when using this stroller as a travel system.

Bottom line: parents REALLY love their Summit X3 and it has earned an average 5-star rating. The new X3 retails for a bit more than a BOB, but is well worth the price.

This handy video gives an excellent overview of the new X3: