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Big Kid Stands in Back, Little One Sits in Front

The highly functional Baby Trend Sit N Stand is an innovative double stroller for parents with kids of different ages.

Creative engineering has brought parents a wonderful, albeit unusual Baby Trend double stroller called the Sit N Stand. Designed for parents with two children of different ages, the younger child sits in the seat at the front of the stroller while the older child stands on a platform behind the seat or sits on a padded bench back-to-back with the younger sibling.

This arrangement is highly desirable for active toddlers who like to get out often and don't like being strapped into a seat for any length of time. These Sit N Stand strollers can hold two children up to 40 pounds each, ensuring years of use.

Baby Trend strollers come in several double Sit N Stand styles. One is their more basic style with a standing platform and sitting bench in back for the older child. The front seat can accommodate most major branded car seats for infants.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand

Sit N Stand DX

The more deluxe Sit N Stand models have a full back seat with canopy. The back seat can be removed to use the standing platform. Then the double sit and stand models, like the Deluxe model, have a full back seat that can be removed, but the stroller also can accommodate two infant car seats, which is the perfect solution for families with twins.

Customer reviews have been generally positive giving mostly 4 and 5-star reviews. By the time you're done reading this review you will know more about what customers say, see a couple of informative product video reviews, and learn more about the features and benefits in the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller. Let's begin with all the fabulous features!

Sit N Stand Common Features

  • Front seat accepts popular brand infant car seats, so you can turn this into a travel system
  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand

    Sit N Stand Double

    • Large storage basket
    • Easy fold into a super-compact size for easy storage
    • Child snack tray with cup holder
    • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness
    • Foot activated brake
    • Parent cup holders and covered organization tray
    • Lightweight, sturdy frame

    What is different about each model?

    Baby Trend Sit N Stand strollers have 4 models, each with added features, outlined below:

    Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX Travel System
    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Travel System
    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Platform
    • LX: The most basic model, this Baby Trend double stroller is also the most popular. The first video below shows a review of the LX. This one has all the common features listed above and the photo at right shows the LX set up as a travel system.
    • DX: This model has a "new and improved" standing platform. The platform has a set of small wheels under it.
    • Plus: The Plus model has all the basic features plus a second seat and sun canopy. Take note that the second seat in the Plus model does NOT have a child's snack tray.
    • Double: This Baby Trend Sit N Stand has the two seats, and two child snack trays that can accommodate two infant car seats. (photo at right) See the last video at the bottom of the page for the full features and benefits.

    Performance and functionality

    Parents who want a double stroller and have two children with different ages will prefer the Baby Trend Sit N Stand.

    The Sit N Stand receives the most positive feedback about its main feature, which is the standing platform and padded bench for the older child. Parents who decide on the Plus or Double model appreciate the full seat in the back, which can be removed for the standing feature.

    Another huge plus is that these strollers can accommodate most of the major brands of car seats and moms appreciate that they don't have to purchase a Baby Trend car seat if they already have another brand.

    Think this stroller is a whale to move around? Nope! Moms and dads comment in their reviews quite often on how maneuverable the Sit N Stand can be. One South Carolina mother compares her Sit N Stand with pushing a shopping cart down the grocery store aisles.

    What is the fold like?

    Reviewers love the light weight and how compact this Baby Trend double stroller is once it is folded. Many have taken their Sit N Stand with them on vacation and it held up well through airplane gate checks and rigorous days through theme parks. Going for walks, taking it to the fair, and shopping at the mall are all activities perfectly suited for the Sit N Stand.

    Quite a number of reviews mention how easy their Sit N Stand is to fold and that it can be done one-handed.

    The Plus and Double Sit n Stand models will obviously be bulkier and heavier since both have two toddler seats.

    Tell me about the seat

    Your child's going to be so comfy in the front seat (or back seat too, on the Double). The seat has a five-point safety harness that adjusts as your child grows. A snack tray with cup holder keeps your baby happy during outings and the canopy provides adequate protection from the sun and wind.

    The seat reclines, but not very much because of the second child who would be sitting back to back.

    Between the two children, the maximum weight the Baby Trend Sit N Stand can handle is 80 pounds.

    Baby Trend Sit N Stand

    Parent amenities

    An essential feature that moms and dads have got to have is a parent cup holder. I like that the Sit N Stand has two cup holders and a covered console to keep your keys, cell phone and other small items.

    The storage basket below is big enough to carry your diaper bag, but keep in mind that when your older child is sitting on the bench the basket is going to be difficult to access unless you ask your child to move to the side while you get to your things.

    Brakes are mounted over each rear wheel. Simply press down with your foot on each one to engage and disengage. Easy!

    How much should I pay?

    It depends on which model you want to get, as with more features and availability, price ranges are different.

    The LX despite being so popular is, at the moment, not easy to find. I saw the pink and grey Quartz color scheme at Walmart's site for $136.

    The DX model has more availability. Right now at Baby Earth you can get two color schemes for just $145 - grey and light grey Vanguard or the brick red and grey Baltic.

    If you like pink and dark blue, then the VERY BEST price I have seen is on Amazon, where it is only $98! The tan and brown is only $122, a very nice gender neutral, stain-hiding color!

    Lots of places carry the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double. So far Amazon's got the best price ranging from $135-$139 for a variety of color schemes. The first row of three strollers shows you the best results.

    This is a video review for the basic Sit N Stand LX (from 2008)

    This is a Baby Trend video demonstration of the features, benefits and functions of the Sit N Stand Double stroller.


    One of the highest number of complaints about the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller is the difficulty getting into the storage basket underneath the seat and bench. There is a side opening, however, owners have said that it's also hard to get into because the snaps that hold it closed are stiff.

    The other major complaint concerns the front seat and the fact that it does not recline completely. The only other drawbacks mentioned was one concern about the stroller being top heavy as it tipped over once with the older child (A BabiesRUs review from 2009). Some moms who didn't like this stroller ended up recommending the Joovy Caboose.

    Where can I buy a Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller?

    I've looked around on a lot of retail websites and this is what I've discovered: you're going to find the best deal on Amazon. You also will want to browse around Target or Walmart online for a good selection of models and color schemes. Surprisingly BabiesRUs is a little more expensive, so check with these other retailers first. And then of course, you might check out a smaller retailer like Baby Earth and right now they are offering Free Shipping on all orders over $99. That's a piece of cake when you're getting a stroller!

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