Baby Trend Sit n Stand Stroller Reviews

Big Kid in Back, Little One in Front

The highly functional Baby Trend Sit N Stand is an innovative double stroller for parents with kids of different ages.

Creative engineering has brought parents a wonderful, albeit unusual Baby Trend double stroller called the Sit N Stand. Designed for parents with two children of different ages, the younger child sits in the seat at the front of the stroller while the older child stands on a platform behind the seat or sits on a padded bench back-to-back with the younger sibling.

This arrangement is highly desirable for active toddlers who like to get out often and don't like being strapped into a seat for any length of time. These Sit N Stand strollers can hold two children up to 40 pounds each, ensuring years of use.

Baby Trend strollers come in several double Sit N Stand styles. One is their more basic style with a standing platform and sitting bench in back for the older child. The front seat can accommodate most major branded car seats for infants.

The more deluxe Sit N Stand models have a full back seat with canopy. The back seat can be removed to use the standing platform. Then the double sit and stand models, like the Deluxe model, have a full back seat that can be removed, but the stroller also can accommodate two infant car seats, which is the perfect solution for families with twins.

Customer reviews have been generally positive giving mostly 4 and 5-star reviews. By the time you're done reading this review you will know more about what customers say, see a couple of informative product video reviews, and learn more about the features and benefits in the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller. Let's begin with all the fabulous features!

Sit N Stand DX

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Features:

  • Front seat accepts popular brand infant car seats, so you can turn this into a travel system (check car seat compatibility here)
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy fold into a super-compact size for easy storage
  • Child snack tray with cup holder
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness
  • Foot activated brake
  • Parent cup holders and covered organization tray
  • Lightweight, sturdy frame

Sit N Stand Double

What is different about each model?

Baby Trend Sit N Stand strollers have many different models, but the main ones available with the biggest differences are outlined below:

Sit N Stand Ultra

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra is your basic model. It has all the features listed above and accommodates two infant car seats. 

At the time of writing, this particular stroller is an Amazon's Choice and happy customers are rating it at 4½ stars. They like the ease of use, easy fold and convenience. Many say it is easy to push and maneuver.

Sit N Stand Double

Ideal as a stroller for twins, the Double Sit N Stand has two full seats front and back as well as two child snack trays. I like that the back seat sits up higher in stadium style seating.

At the time of writing, this tandem stroller is an Amazon's Choice as a highly-rated, well-priced product ready to ship. 

Customers say it's easy to fold and to steer/maneuver and that their kids love it! The Sit N Stand Double averages 4 stars.

Sit N Stand DX

There's not a noticeable difference when you first look at the DX, but when you look closer at the standing platform you'll see it is reinforced with extra wheels underneath to offer additional stability. 

Overall ratings from parents average 4 stars. They're happy with the entire design of this stroller and find it easy to use and steer. Oh, and quite a few mention the value they get for their money, this stroller is a bargain!

Performance & functionality

Think this stroller is a whale to move around? Nope! Moms and dads comment in their reviews quite often on how maneuverable the Sit N Stand can be. One South Carolina mother compares her Sit N Stand with pushing a shopping cart down the grocery store aisles.

The Sit N Stand receives the most positive feedback about its main feature, which is the standing platform and padded bench for the older child. Parents who choose the Double Sit N Stand appreciate the full seat in the back, which can be removed for the standing platform when your child is big enough to ride while standing up.

Another huge plus is that these strollers can accommodate most of the major brands of car seats and moms appreciate that they don't have to purchase a Baby Trend car seat if they already have another brand.

What's the fold like?

Reviewers love the light weight and how compact this Baby Trend double stroller is once it is folded. Quite a number of reviews mention how easy their Sit N Stand is to fold and that it can be done one-handed, which every mom out there knows is super convenient. 

The Double Sit N Stand model will obviously be bulkier and heavier since both have two toddler seats, but I like that it can be folded with the rear seat attached, as seen in the photo above.

Christina said in her 5-star review that her Sit N Stand folds up as compactly as her travel system and it fit just as well in her car as the single stroller. 

Tell me about the seat

Your child's going to be so comfy in the front seat (or back seat too, on the Double). The seat has a five-point safety harness that adjusts as your child grows. A snack tray with cup holder keeps your baby happy during outings and the canopy provides adequate protection from the sun and wind. The child on the standing platform does not have shade when sitting, however, and that might be an issue. If you have the Double, the second seat has a sun canopy just like the front seat.

The front seat reclines, but not very much because of the second child on the bench who would be sitting back to back with the front seat passenger. 

Between the two children, the maximum weight the Baby Trend Sit N Stand can handle is 80 pounds for the Double  and the DX (40 pounds each seat) or 100 pounds for the Ultra (up to 50 pounds front and rear). 

Parent amenities

An essential feature that moms and dads have got to have is a parent cup holder. I like that the Sit N Stand has two cup holders and a covered console to keep your keys, cell phone and other small items. The handle is at a height that is comfortable for most adults. 

The storage basket below is big enough to carry a big diaper bag, but keep in mind that when your older child is sitting on the bench the basket is going to be difficult to access unless you ask your child to move to the side while you get to your things.

Brakes are mounted over each rear wheel. Simply press down with your foot on each one to engage and disengage. Easy!

How much should I pay?

It depends on which kind you want to get, as with more features and availability, price ranges are different.

The Double is going between $129-$147, depending on color and seller. 

The Ultra is somewhere between $120-$145 and the DX is the best bargain at $110. These are all prices on Amazon, but you could check online at Walmart, Target or BabiesRUs for other Baby Trend Sit N Stand strollers to comparison shop. 

Here's a video review of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double from a mom with twins:

And this video review is for a Sit N Stand without the second seat:

What others are saying

Parents like you have been generally happy with their Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller giving it between 4 and 5 star reviews across different web retailers. 

Customers like how easy this stroller is to assemble, basically just popping on the wheels and you're good to go.

The next most commented item is how much their child loves to get on and off the stroller with the stand-on feature. A dad commented that his three-year old loves that she can stand if she wants - see his full review by clicking on the photo at right. 

Quite a few reviews talk about how they like the basket and they also remark that this stroller is pretty easy to steer and maneuver around - almost as compact as a single stroller. 

And a number of parents with newborns love that this stroller accommodates most major brands of car seats, and the riding options for the car seat and toddler is helpful. 


There are a few disadvantages and complaints you will read going through the reviews. One is that this stroller is very heavy and bulky. The Sit N Stand Double weighs 32½  lbs, and for some people that's way too heavy to lift. The DX is the lightest at 26 lbs and the Ultra is 27 pounds, and these weights are pretty normal for strollers this size. 

Another complaint is about the storage basket being difficult to access and that once your kids are in the stroller, it's near impossible to get to your things. Using stroller hooks isn't an option either, since they hook onto the handle, and your older child will be using that space. 

Then a few complaints involve stiff or squeaking wheels, but not that many. 

Where can I buy a Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller? 

The Sit N Stand is everywhere! Walmart, Target, BabiesRUs, Buy Buy Baby. But if you want a really competitive price and not have to go to a physical store (many pregnant moms are in nesting mode) then get your Sit N Stand on Amazon.  You can order other things for your family while you're on the site, and get quick, free shipping. What's not to love about that? 

Imagine taking your two passengers out for their first walk around the neighborhood, and how your big kid will feel about hopping on and off the back, what fun!

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