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The BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

And a Look at Each BOB Duallie Stroller Model

A BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller or another BOB Duallie stroller will help you stay fit and bring your two children with you.

Often times a mom has her first child, she gets a BOB stroller and falls in love with the quality and performance of her BOB. So naturally when baby #2 comes along, she upgrades to a BOB Duallie, the Bob double stroller. If you're a lucky mama or papa of twins, you're in the right place because you can get it right the first time by selecting the right BOB Duallie stroller for you.

The BOB Revolution Duallie stroller and the other Duallie models go through rigorous testing for your and your child's safety. BOB jogging strollers have the passed thorough inspection by respected independent testing laboratories for both the U.S. and Canada. For safety, it is recommended that babies be at least eight weeks old before riding in a BOB Revolution Duallie stroller or any other Duallie. If your baby cannot yet hold up his or her own head, you will need to use head and neck support. Babies must be at least eight months old before being taken on off-road or jogging.

Here's some more great news about Bob Duallie strollers. You can now purchase an Infant Car Seat Adapter, turning your Duallie into a travel system. However, it is not suitable for twins, only siblings because you cannot fit two car seats. The adapter set comes with a snack tray for your kiddos, too.

BOB Duallie Strollers Standard Features

The BOB Revolution Duallie stroller and the other BOB Duallie stroller models have the following features:

  • Tough yet lightweight welded aluminum alloy frame that fits through doorways or shopping aisles
  • Quick two-step folding design
  • Can hold children up to 50 pounds each
  • Adjustable shock absorbers and suspension system
  • Padded individual reclining seats
  • Generous, individual and adjustable sun canopies
  • Foot-activated rear wheel parking brake and safety wrist strap
  • Large storage basket underneath, one large pocket on back of seat and two interior seat pockets
  • Two Padded 5-point harnesses to allow for children's growth
  • Five-year warranty on the frame and one year on small parts and fabric

BOB Duallie Strollers at a Glance

The high performing BOB Revolution Duallie stroller has slight variations in design, weight and features with the other Duallies. Let's take a quick look at each for comparison.

Links click to a full detailed review for the SINGLE stroller, which still has the same features, just one seat.

Revolution Duallie

BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller
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This is the most popular of the BOB Duallie strollers with the front swivel wheel that allows for maximum maneuverability. The Revolution can be taken on a variety of terrain from muddy bumpy trails to sandy beaches and it handles with ease. The adjustable suspension system makes a smooth ride for your two small passengers.

Overall reviews for the Revolution Duallie are overwhelmingly positive for the superb quality of this stroller. The BOB Revolution Dually is priced at approximately $630 - $660 and while the initial outlay of cash is painful, parents give this double stroller 5-star reviews across the board for improved seating for the kids, superior maneuverability and exceptionally smooth ride. Read the full review of the single stroller for an accurate expectation of the BOB Revolution Duallie stroller.

Here is an extensive review of the BOB Revolution Duallie:

Amazing, huh? Buy your Revolution Duallie HERE for a fantastic deal.

Sport Utility Duallie Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller
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Presenting the 4x4 of strollers - many owners of this Duallie live in rural areas and rave at how durable it is. The 16x2-inch knobby tires and fixed front wheel is made for all sorts of terrain, from bumpy roads, cracked sidewalks and uneven trails.

The Sport Utility Duallie stroller has an excellent suspension system, keeping the ride remarkably smooth for your kids as you explore the outdoors. It has the toughness and durability of a mountain bike with its aluminum frame and polymer wheels for superior traction.

Make sure you want a fixed wheel before deciding on this stroller, as some reviewers were disappointed that this Duallie is fixed wheel. But did this stroller end up with a lousy rating? Read the full review and see what else customers thought at the BOB Sport Utility Stroller review.

Ironman Duallie Stroller

BOB Ironman Stroller
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For serious runners who require top safety features and on-road performance, the BOB Ironman Duallie stroller can do the job. The Ironman Dually is one of the lightest jogging strollers in its class, weighing in at only 31.4 pounds, with the least rolling resistance. The stiffer 3-inch suspension allows for more precise maneuverability and response while running and the tires are 16-inch high-pressure road slicks.

The Ironman Duallie comes in racer yellow or blue and the price is approximately $520. This Duallie got near unanimous 5-star ratings with only a couple of 4-stars in Amazon and BabiesRUs with owners remarking how the weightless smooth ride keeps their running pace going strong and their kids enjoyed the ride. Find out exactly why these customers rave about the Ironman and all its superb features at the BOB Ironman stroller review. The review is for the single Ironman, which has exactly the same features and benefits, aside from measurements and weight. (Duallie is 34 lbs and 30.63" wide. )

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