The Best Budget All Terrain Stroller Reviews for 2018

Great Quality, Great Price

A selection of the best budget all terrain stroller brands under $200. Use this 2017 guide to find the right fitness 3-wheeler.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a quality all terrain stroller. Some of the most popular three-wheelers are in this category and have been around for many years. These are brands you can trust!

Some of these budget all terrain strollers accommodate car seats and are highly rated travel systems. All of the products selected have parent trays and children's snack trays. Larger wheels give a smooth ride and all have some sort of suspension system. 

Best Budget All Terrain Stroller Guide for 2017

Graco FastAction 
Fold Jogger

$122-$142 depending on color and merchant

Graco's done it again by creating an incredibly popular, versatile, and functional jogging/all-terrain stroller. The FastAction Fold Jogger has all the convenience features of a traditional stroller with the rugged performance of a fitness 3-wheeler. 

With air-filled rubber tires you feel as if you float over bumps and rough terrain, and your baby feels comforted by the smooth movement.

This new jogger accepts all Graco Click Connect car seats as part of a travel system for ease taking your newborn from stroller to car. The padded seat has multiple reclining positions and the 5-point safety harness converts to a 3-point lap belt for free movement when baby gets older. The FastAction Fold Jogger holds up to 50 pounds.

So far parents are giving rave reviews, with the average rating at 4½ stars. The stroller is big and a little bulky at 30 pounds, so some have commented on that, but most really like the maneuverability. The handlebar height is comfortable for both tall and petite parents, and the large storage basket holds all your stuff. Parents like the canopy with the large mesh peek-a-boo window that allows for better airflow through the seating area. Read the Stroller Envy exlcusive review to discover if the FastAction Fold Jogger is for you.

Top Reasons to Buy

Excellent maneuvering and solid stability

Consumer Reports recommended buy

One-second fold with the pull of a strap

Baby Trend Expedition

$80-$140 (stroller alone, not as a travel system)

This is a great stroller for taking brisk walks in the park and while it is the most basic model of the Baby Trend 3-wheelers, it is also the most popular. Parents recommend the Expedition for the affordable price and the sporty look. 

It goes over a variety surfaces such as dirt trails and roads, cracked sidewalks, gravel and bike trails with ease because of the nice-sized 16" wheels.

Most parents who get this stroller are not serious runners or avid joggers, but they do like getting out for brisk walks. The swivel feature on the front tire is a must for maneuverability, but for those who do prefer to jog, then the front tire can lock straight for stability during the ride. The Expedition is also popular as a travel system.

The Expedition has had some problems in the past with its wobbly wheel, leading to mixed reviews across web retailers. However, the problem seems to have been corrected as of late, and even Consumer Reports gives this budget all terrain stroller an excellent rating.   

Discover more about this budget-priced all terrain stroller as you  read through the updated review with bigger and better photos.

You might also want to check out the Baby Trend Range, which is going for $94-$122 at the moment on Amazon. It's just like the Expedition, but has different, cool looking wheels. 

Top Reasons to Buy

Large 16" rear tires give a smooth ride

Excellent value for money

Extra safety features such as wheel reflectors and wrist tether

Evenflo Victory


You want a light weight jogger that has excellent quality and costs under $200? Look no further than the Evenflo Victory!

Weighing only 23 pounds - which Evenflo claims is 10% lighter than comparable brands. It has a slim stand-alone fold for more compact storage, which is a huge plus over the usual bulky folds of most all-terrains. 

The Evenflo Victory is car seat compatible when you buy the Embrace Infant Car Seat separately, turning this into a travel system. 

The multi-position reclining seat has a comfortable 5-point padded safety harness that converts to a 3-point lap belt for when your child is older and wants more freedom of movement. Your child gets a snack tray with two cup holders. The canopy could be better and offer more coverage and there is no peek-a-boo window at the top. However mesh side windows on either side of the canopy allow for air flow. 

Parents appreciate the large rear pneumatic wheels and front swivel wheel that provides excellent maneuverability for everyday use. Lock the front swivel wheel straight for jogging. Other parent amenities include a large storage basket beneath the seat and a parent console up top that has two deep cup holders.  

Top Reasons to Buy

Car seat compatible to use from infancy

Sturdy build and precision handling

High quality for a low price

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