Chicco Capri Umbrella Stroller Review

Highly Rated for Convenience and Lightweight

Lightweight and stylish, the Chicco Capri has high ratings for being a travel-friendly, cute and convenient stroller.

If you're in the market for a basic umbrella stroller that has some convenient features, yet remains lightweight and portable, then the Chicco Capri is the stroller for you. This stroller has been compared to the Maclaren Volo with the same basic features, but at just about half the price.

The Capri weighs only 11 pounds, and for a Mom on the go, that's really important, especially during travel and transport. This stroller folds up quickly and easily and the carrying strap makes it a breeze to take with you onto the subway, down a flight of stairs or through the gate-check at the airport.

As you read through this review, you'll quickly discover why parents appreciate the compact and simple design of the Chicco Capri. The 4-star ratings become obvious. Let us begin with all the features.

Chicco Capri Features:

  • Front swivel wheels with locking option
  • All-wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • Storage basket under the seat
  • Removable and adjustable rounded sun canopy
  • Easy to fold with a carry strap and travel bag
  • 2-position reclining seat
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Child's footrest
  • 11-pound stroller weight

Durability and performance

Your child can ride in this stroller up to about three years old or 37 pounds. This is not as much as some of the other umbrella strollers out there that can take up to 50 pounds, but those strollers are also more expensive.

The Chicco Capri comes with an all-wheel suspension system and large wheels. While this is not an all terrain stroller, you can still take it over different types of surfaces without bouncing your passenger too much. Locking the front wheels provides additional stability when going over such terrain.

What's the seat like?

How about your child's comfort, though? The padded seat reclines in two positions, though not a full recline, just adequately enough so that your little one can have a nap. The five point safety harness is also padded and the locking snaps are covered so that little fingers stay out of the harness - one more safety feature to put your mind at ease.

Because this seat does not recline fully, your baby needs neck and head stability, so a six month old minimum age is recommended for the Capri stroller.


You don't have to sacrifice storage on the Capri just because it weighs so little. You still get a storage basket underneath the seat to keep small necessities. Plus you will have to take your things out of the basket before folding it. A nice compromise is an umbrella stroller universal organizer. Popular, quality picks include J.L. Childress or Ethan & Emma.

Quick easy fold

Simply push up on a lever in the center axle with your foot to unlock the frame, then push the top forward to collapse the stroller. Pretty easy! An automatic frame lock holds the folded stroller together and it comes with a carry strap for easy transport.

I like how the Chicco Capri comes with its own travel bag - just sling it over your shoulder and off you go. 

This demo video and review shows you how to fold it, along with all the other fabulous features on the Capri.

What others are saying

The Capri receives the most positive feedback about its lightweight portability for use during traveling. Average rating for this popular travel stroller is 4 stars. Lots of families purchase this Chicco stroller on family vacations and special day outings and it suits their needs perfectly. Parents love the compact, easy umbrella fold and the fact that it comes with a carrying bag and strap.

Quite a few parents have written in to say that this stroller is also very comfortable for their child. While the seat doesn't recline that far back, parents say that their child naps easily and feels comfortable and roomy. 


The position and height of the handles have had some disapproving remarks made about it. Owners of average height have said that they still kick the back of the stroller when walking and a few daddies 5'10" and taller say that they cannot push the stroller from behind but have to walk to the side and must slump over.

However, in defense, about the same number of taller reviewers wrote in to say that they had no problems with handle height and found the stroller comfortable to push. There seems to be a 50/50 split on this issue.

A few reviews have stated that the Chicco Capri leaves the sun canopy dirty from the wheels touching the inside once the stroller is folded. This is sometimes considered the only drawback by owners who otherwise love this umbrella stroller.

Where can I buy the Chicco Capri?

One of the best places to buy strollers is on Amazon. They have a couple of colors available for a very good price. Free shipping and prompt service, it's fantastic.

The Capri comes in a couple sporty colors  and parents love the way it looks. Priced between $69 and $79, families find this budget stroller a convenient necessity for their travel or errands. 

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