Combi Travel System Reviews

Lightweight Combi Strollers and Car Seat Combos

The Combi travel system pairs your favorite Combi stroller with their highly-rated Shuttle car seat.

You may be like many families entering parenthood who balk at the thought of owning a travel system; visions of enormous strollers taking up too much room, difficulty steering and being heavy as tanks seem more of a nightmare than a convenience.

No more nightmares! Combi makes strollers that are well made and highly rated. Pair your stroller with a color-coordinated Combi Shuttle car seat to create a stylish, yet sensible and safe travel system for your baby.

Three Travel System Choices

Newest in the Combi line is the Shuttle Travel System, which comes together with the car seat and stroller. For the Catalyst and Cosmo, you must purchase the car seat separately, but the colors match.

  • Shuttle - Newly designed Shuttle stroller matches with the Shuttle car seat
  • Catalyst - Convertible stroller with removable, reversing toddler seat. Install the Shuttle car seat right on the frame
  • Cosmo - Single, basic stroller with the Shuttle seat

First, let me introduce you to the features of the Combi Shuttle car seat, and what parents think about it. Consumer Reports weighs in, too. Read on:

Combi Shuttle Car Seat Features

  • Accommodates infants from birth to 35 lbs. and 33 inches
  • Weighs only 9 ¼ lbs, without the base
  • Easy 3-Second Fold® and compact folded size
  • Padded 5-point child restraint safety harness with 2 height positions
  • 2 harness height positions
  • Side impact protection
  • Tru-safe anti rebound bar
  • Removable, washable seat fabric
  • Adjustable canopy

Reviews for the Combi Shuttle car seat have been positive overall. Moms like the softer, more breathable fabric than previous Shuttle models and the fact that this car seat can accommodate a baby up to 33 inches and 33 pounds. This upgrade extends the car seat's usefulness for many more months, thereby reducing your cost in getting a larger car seat for your growing child.

Parents also appreciate the height adjustable straps on the harness. Other car seat harnesses are more cumbersome to adjust as your baby grows, but the Combi Shuttle has an EZ Harness™ Height Adjustment System, making the change easier.

Combi Shuttle owners make positive comments on the lovely color schemes offered and how easy it is to install into their car. Most had no problems attaching the car seat onto their Combi strollers.

Most reviewers across different online retailers such as Amazon give the Combi Shuttle car seat 4 and 5-star ratings.

Consumer Reports also weighs in on the Shuttle giving it very good marks for crash protection and ease of use. The car seat earns excellent marks for both the LATCH and BELT attachment systems. Overall rating is at 73% and is a Recommended Buy.

Now let's take a look at the different strollers you can purchase with this car seat and turn this into a Combi Travel System.


(no reviews as of this writing)

This is the only Combi travel system that comes together as a car seat/stroller set. 

The Shuttle stroller is not quite considered a lightweight - it's full-sized, weighing just under 21 pounds. The roomy seat holds your child up to 50 pounds for years of long use and reclines nearly flat for those needed naps once the car seat is outgrown.

The one-step linked brake conveniently stops and goes as needed, and the one-handed self-standing fold is something every new parent needs as you'll always have your hands full. A frame-lock holds your folded stroller together to make it easier to load.

Your child is shaded with the large extending sun canopy that meets the canopy of the car seat for complete coverage, as seen in the photo. A mesh panel in the canopy offers air flow and a flap over it serves as the peek-a-boo window.

Baby gets a removable snack tray and cup holder and parents, you get a cup holder and a good-sized storage basket plus storage pocket on the back of the canopy.


Combi introduces their new convertible stroller, the Catalyst. This beautiful product offers many configuration options for both parent and child. Remove the seat and install a car seat right on the chassis for a travel system.

Turn the seat into a stylish bassinet pram that lies flat for newborns. Face the seat toward you for bonding. And when baby is big enough, face the seat outward toward the world.

The Catalyst has all the features you expect in a modern stroller that takes your baby from newborn through the preschool years. It has a 50 pound carry capacity and weighs 27½ pounds. The canopy covers your baby all the way down to the bumper bar. A padded 5-point safety harness and cushy seat keeps your baby safe and snug. Parents enjoy a telescoping handle bar for strolling comfort and an enormous shopping basket accessable from both ends.

Parents who have bought this product love it and give it an average 4 stars. They like how easy it is to install the car seat with the (included) adapter and for the modern look and versatility.

Here is a helpful demo video of the new Combi Catalyst in action:


The Cosmo boasts lots of convenience features for both you and for baby. For example, I like the infant safety boot, which is a flap of fabric that extends out from the seat and attaches to the bumper bar, creating a cozy, enclosed bed. The multi-position recline lays flat so it is suitable for newborns, or you can pair your Cosmo with a Shuttle 33 car seat and have a lightweight travel system. It holds up to 55 pounds.

This lightweight stroller is 13.4 pounds and the seat comfortable and roomy for your big kid with lots of padding. I like that the safety harness can be either a full five point harness or a 3-point lap belt for older children who want more freedom of movement. These little extras are quite nice!

Reviewers are giving this Combi stroller nearly 5 stars overall, citing lightweight convenience, easy to fold and store and the handle is high enough for tall adults to use comfortably. 

Some negative reviews cite cheap wheels that wear out too fast and that the Cosmo is also difficult to maneuver at times. Smooth surfaces such as sidewalks and shopping malls are the best for the wheels as it is reported not to go over grass or even some cracks in the pavement very well.