Best Rated Convertible Strollers for 2018

Bassinet, Travel System & Reversible Seat

Flexibility is the core benefit with convertible strollers: single to double, bassinet or travel system. These are the best reversing seat strollers for 2018.

Imagine buying only one stroller as you prepare for your baby's birth - a stylish, yet functional buggy that offers you the option of using your car seat or an attractive bassinet right on the chassis. No need to place the car seat into the stroller seat, adding lots of bulk! Switch to the full-sized seat once your child has grown bigger or add an additional seat once baby #2 makes an entrance!

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What is so special about convertible strollers?

Also referred to as a multi-function stroller or reversing seat stroller, this type of buggy has become quite popular over the last few years for several reasons.

  • It's Bugaboo's fault. After the wild success of Bugaboo's Cameleon other brands quickly caught on. Moms want a stylish, chic-looking pram. No more traditional, frilly, "baby" designs.
  • Unfortunately, the cost has been prohibitive but now with fierce competition amongst most brands, a wide price range allows you to find a reversing seat stroller that fits your budget.
  • Parents want flexibility with the seating arrangement and a choice of which carrier to place on the chassis. Car seat? Bassinet? Main seat forward or parent facing? Light in weight? Add a 2nd seat? Yes, yes, yes & yes. All of the above. We parents LOVE these options!

Are you intrigued? It's quite ingenious; read on to find out more... or CLICK HERE to go straight to the best convertible stroller models & reviews!

Adaptability is the key

Most convertible strollers are basically a stylish chassis (or frame) that comes with a car seat adapter or bassinet accessory. When baby is a newborn, simply attach the car seat or bassinet onto your chassis and you have either a compact travel system or a fashionable pram. A couple of brands you will see here have the seat convert into a bassinet - no need for another purchase, which adds up quickly!

When baby has outgrown the car seat or bassinet, it's time to install the toddler seat that comes with the stroller. Most of these seats are molded, so the entire seat reclines, vs. just the seatback. Then choose whether to face baby toward you or outward at the world. Most new mothers treasure that face-to-face connection when their babies are very little. Wouldn't you?

From single to double stoller

A few reversing seat strollers can convert from a single to a double. This is an amazing feature because it saves you money, no need to buy a second double once baby #2 is born. Lots of families buy the single stroller and simply add the second rumble seat once the new baby arrives. These single-into-double models are also the right solution for twins.

I like all the seating arrangements you can choose from with two particular products. The impressive Baby Jogger City Select offers 16 seating options and the equally phenomenal Britax B-Ready gives you 14 choices. Believe me, this kind of flexibility makes life so much easier when you're out with two children! While having the doubles option is a convenient feature, it can make your stroller a bit heavy, especially with two growing kids and lots of gear. But almost any double, except maybe a double umbrella stroller, is going to be heavy.

Price range

Choose from a variety of sophisticated designs and fashionable colors, but be prepared to spend some money. This is one of the pitfalls of strollers with bassinet option, but you certainly won't have to part with $900-$1200 unless this is what your budget permits.

At the lower end of the price range, reversing seat strollers generally cost over $200. This is for the stroller alone; more expensive products have options included such as a car seat adapter, bassinet, foot muff or extra seat if you get a doubles kit. These items are sometimes sold separately, and sometimes included (like the car seat adapters) but they all add up.

Best Convertible Strollers 2018

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers and as well as personal experience, these are the best convertible strollers this year. Choose the price range that fits your budget for the highest rated buggies on the market. If you want to convert to a double stroller, click Single to Double.

Note: Even if you don't want to convert to a double, you need to look at the single to double strollers. They are by far the best single to double stroller brands, which is why they are shown first.

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