Double Baby Stroller Types and 2018 Best Brands

Different Kinds of Double Strollers

Each type of double baby stroller, such as twin, tandem, umbrella, jogging, and all-terrain has their own unique features. Which is right for your family? 

You're pregnant with twins or with baby number 2 on the way and now you've got to consider how to get around with two children. Double strollers are essential, but now you've go to think about what type of stroller to buy. Just like purchasing a single stroller, there are lots of options you must consider.

It used to be that double strollers were huge, cumbersome contraptions limiting where you could go. Trips down the grocery aisle caused traffic jams, walking down the sidewalk took up the entire width and forget about going through open doorways.

Today a double baby stroller has far better better quality: lighter, less bulky, more compact and easier to maneuver. You're going to be impressed as you see the variety on the market today.

From high-end beautiful products with fashionable colors to budget-friendly functional buggies that get the job done, there is a double stroller for every family.

Choose your double baby stroller now, or keep reading if you're unsure.

There are more choices than ever when it comes time to select the right double baby stroller for your family. Side-by-side, tandem, umbrella, jogging, and all terrain stroller types have unique features that fit different family lifestyles. Some are better for children of different ages and others are good if you have a twin pregnancy and need a stroller for two newborns.

By the time you read through this page, you will have a better understanding of these strollers along with some recommendations of best-reviewed brands for each kind.

Best Double Baby Strollers for 2018

Side-by-Side / Twin Strollers

Side-by-side or twin strollers are made with two seats next to each other. This type of double baby stroller used to be too wide to go through doorways or store aisles, but most well-made twin strollers are narrower. If you have twin babies and need a stroller that fits two car seats, take a look at this selection of the best strollers for twins.

Side-by-side strollers offer the same arm and leg room for both children. They can easily see each other and talk. They can also see their surroundings better, and both children are within an arm's reach from Mommy.

Side-by-side double baby strollers should also have the option of attaching at least one infant car seat to it; very few have double car seat capacity. A twin stroller usually has a side-by-side design so that both seats can be fully reclined. Discover the best side-by-side/twin strollers by clicking the link right below the photo. Note that parents with twins also like tandem strollers.

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Tandem Strollers

A tandem double baby stroller has two seats, one behind the other. The back seat can be reclined fully, but the front seat usually cannot be reclined all the way. Therefore, such a tandem stroller is ideal for an infant and a toddler, where the toddler sits in front, and the younger sibling lies or sits at the back seat. But many families do like a tandem for their twins as many models these days can take two infant car seats as a double travel system.

A tandem stroller has narrow width, which allows access through doors and tight spaces. Maneuvering a tandem stroller through crowds should be easier than a side by side since you're going in single file, taking up less space. But turning corners is more difficult with all that stroller and weight sticking out in front.

Explore the best tandem strollers by clicking the link below the photo on the right. You will be amazed at all the choices from simple tandem styles to models with all the luxury features. From stadium seating to removable, reversible seats, you'll be sure to find the right double tandem for your family.

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All-Terrain Double Strollers

All terrain strollers, also known as sport strollers or sport utility strollers, are ideal for parents who are not necessarily into jogging, but prefer to take long walks or hikes off-road or on pavement. However, many models are perfectly suited for jogging as well. 

All terrain strollers, also known as sport strollers or sport utility strollers, are ideal for parents who are not necessarily into jogging, but prefer to take long walks or hikes off-road or on pavement.

However, many models are perfectly suited for jogging as well. All-terrain double strollers have three wheels with a front swivel wheel that has the option to lock straight for better stability over different types of surfaces, especially when jogging.

Most all-terrain double baby strollers can accommodate an infant car seat with the addition of an adapter accessory, however jogging is not recommended with any all-terrain stroller when it is being used as a travel system. Many of these strollers will only accommodate one infant car seat, not two, so an all-terrain is not the best idea for twins until they grow bigger.

Find out more about top-of-the line brands like Bumbleride, BOB or Phil & Teds to more budget-friendly styles like InStep or Baby Trend by clicking beneath the photo at right.

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Sit and Stand / Stand-On Strollers

Sit and stand strollers are the answer parents have been waiting for when they have a baby who needs a stroller and a toddler who can walk and doesn't like to be strapped down in a stroller.

Your older child likes the independence of being able to get in and out, and standing and riding when you need to get on your way. Yet when your child needs a rest, a simple padded bench is provided next to the platform.

A sit and stand is usually smaller and more compact than a regular tandem stroller, and it is typically easier to maneuver and store. When the standing area is unoccupied, it can be used as a storage area and this makes a sit and stand stroller popular among parents with only one child.

Learn more about the top brands that offer a sit and stand stroller,the innovative stroller and a half.

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Umbrella Double Strollers

Umbrella strollers get their name from the curved double handles; they also fold up very easily, just like an umbrella. Umbrella strollers are the lightest, smallest, and simplest strollers in the market.

Umbrella strollers have cloth or vinyl seats on basic frame, with limited features such as a sunshade and storage basket. The double versions generally weigh between just over 20 pounds up to 32 pounds at the heaviest.

This type of double baby stroller is popular with parents who take trips on airplanes because they are easy to gate-check. Families who enjoy going to huge amusement parks such as Disneyland also find the umbrella double stroller a very convenient way to go.

However, umbrella strollers are designed for infants that are at least 6 months old who can sit in an upright position. They are not suitable for newborn babies because this type of stroller usually does not recline flat, although some models can.

Discover more about different brands and models of highly-rated double umbrella strollers from Maclaren to Chicco.

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Double Fixed-Wheel Joggers

Double jogging strollers are excellent for active families. They are usually made with three large bicycle-style racing wheels, and they are very sturdy to withstand the vibrations of a faster speed. Jogging strollers are also good not only for jogging, but also for walking on rough terrains or uneven surfaces.

However, they have a fixed front wheel, so they aren't that convenient for maneuvering; consider an all-terrain double baby stroller for more maneuverability.

Jogging strollers have rear or all-wheel suspension systems, which make it easier for joggers to maneuver it smoothly on uneven roads. Double jogging strollers also come with hand brakes, which are a wonderful safety feature. Most double jogging strollers have similar features just like their regular double stroller counterparts.

Explore the different double jogging strollers on the market today from top brands like Baby Jogger and BOB to InStep.

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