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Top 5 Double Jogging Strollers Fixed Wheel

Best Double Baby Jogging Stroller Brands Revealed!

Look here to uncover the best double jogging strollers! Discover your double baby jogging stroller that meets your fitness goals and child safety.

Double jogging strollers are excellent for active families with two children because they are usually made with three large bicycle-style racing wheels, and they are very sturdy compared to other models. This type of double stroller is also good not only for jogging, but also for walking/hiking on rough terrains or uneven surfaces.

However, a double jogger stroller has a fixed front wheel, so it is not convenient for maneuvering; you should absolutely consider an all terrain double stroller with a front swivel wheel for more maneuverability. An all terrain type has a front wheel locking option and most models are adequate for jogging as well.

Back to our fixed-wheel type. Double jogging strollers have rear or all-wheel suspension systems, making it perform smoothly on uneven surfaces and take the vibration of faster speeds on the open road. A double jogger stroller also comes with a hand brake on the handle to slow your stroller rather than making it come to a full stop - an essential safety feature when you're going much faster than a walking pace. These strollers also have, of course, standard foot brakes to come to a complete stop.

And now, at long last, the top rated double jogging strollers based on consumer guides and from savvy parents like you!

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

BOB Ironman Stroller
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For serious runners who require top safety features and on-road performance, the BOB Ironman Duallie stroller can do the job. The Ironman Dually is one of the lightest jogging strollers in its class, weighing in at only 31.4 pounds, with the least rolling resistance. The stiffer 3-inch suspension allows for more precise maneuverability and response while running and the tires are 16-inch high-pressure road slicks.

The Ironman Duallie comes in racer yellow or blue and the price is approximately $520. This Duallie got near unanimous 5-star ratings with only a couple of 4-stars across several web retailers with owners remarking how the weightless smooth ride keeps their running pace going strong and their kids enjoy the ride. Find out exactly why these customers rave about the Ironman and all its superb features at the BOB Ironman stroller review. The review is for the single Ironman, which has exactly the same features and benefits, aside from measurements and weight. (Duallie is 34 lbs and 30.63" wide.)

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller
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Presenting the 4x4 of strollers - many owners of this Duallie live in rural areas and rave at how durable it is. The 16x2-inch knobby tires and fixed front wheel is made for all sorts of terrain, from bumpy roads, cracked sidewalks and uneven trails.

The Sport Utility Duallie stroller has an excellent suspension system, keeping the ride remarkably smooth for your kids as you explore the outdoors. It has the toughness and durability of a mountain bike with its aluminum frame and polymer wheels for superior traction.

Make sure you want a fixed wheel before deciding on this stroller, as some reviewers were disappointed that this Duallie is fixed wheel. But did this stroller end up with a lousy rating? Read the full review and see what else customers thought at the BOB Sport Utility Stroller review. The review is for the single SUS, which has exactly the same features and benefits, aside from measurements and weight. (Duallie is 36 lbs and 30.8" wide.)

Schwinn Arrow Double

Schwinn Arrow Double
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This 4-star rated double jogging stroller is called the Schwinn Arrow Double. The 16" pneumatic tires with aluminum rims deliver a smooth ride over the open road. The light weight aluminum frame is only 25 lbs and provides easier handling. The reviews out there repeatedly comment on how easy the Double Arrow is to push, the smooth ride and relative light weight.

Another plus that goes over well is the MP3 hook-up with speakers. Kids love hearing music on the go and the speakers are just right in volume - not too loud nor too soft.

Parents rave about the adjustable handle bar, something neither BOB stroller has. It is so important to have that double jogging strollers have a handle at a comfortable level when you're working out. The harnesses have gotten good reviews, too, saying that they can be adjusted small enough for very small babies.

InStep Runaround 2

InStep Runaround Double
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ECONOMY PICK The InStep Runaround 2 is a traditional jogger with a sturdy steel frame and a one-hand folding design. The quick release 16" wheels pop off for even more compact storage in your car's trunk. The stroller weighs 33 pounds and the two seats can hold up to 50 pounds each.

The seats offer comfort and security to your children because they can each recline and has a five-point safety harness. The "cabin area" has ventilated side panels to keep fresh air flowing and there's a seperator between the seats to keep siblings from picking on each other.

Parents get behind-the-seat storage pockets and molded tray for holding drinks and essentials like cell phone and keys. At less than $160, it is one of the most value-priced double jogging strollers you can find.

Baby Jogger Performance Double

Baby Jogger Performance Double
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This particular model is from 2008, but it's gotten fantastic reviews as one of the better double jogging strollers on the market. And wouldn't you expect it to be so from a company like Baby Jogger who invented joggers?

Built for serious athletes, the Performance has three 20" racing tires on a 30-pound high-strength one-piece aluminum frame that stays balanced with uneven weight distribution. For better speed control and stopping power, the Performance Double is equipped with a V-brake, a side-pull version of a cantilever brake commonly used with bicycles. The ergonomic handle bar has a safety tether and you can fold it in a snap with the Quick Fold Technology.

Your children are content and give you an uninterrupted workout with a one-handed seat recline when they're ready to snooze. Dual 3-panel sun canopies have plenty of coverage for your passengers and includes large peek-a-boo windows. The five-point safety harnesses and thick seat padding keep your children comfortable no matter how bumpy the ride. The Performance Double has a 150-pound weight limit.

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