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Umbrella strollers get their name from the curved double handles; they also fold up very easily, just like an umbrella. This type is the lightest, smallest, and simplest strollers in the market. Cloth or vinyl seats are on a basic frame, with limited features such as a sunshade and storage basket. Weighing less than 20 pounds, their compact sizes are just right for short trips.

This type of double baby stroller is popular with parents who take trips on airplanes because they are easy to gate-check. Families who enjoy going to huge amusement parks such as Disneyland also find the umbrella double stroller a very convenient way to go, rather than renting one.

However, umbrella strollers are designed for infants that are at least 6 months old who can sit in an upright position. They are not suitable for newborn babies because the seats usually do not recline flat, although some brands can and should be used from 3 months of age.

However this type of product not suitable for rough terrain, brisk walking or jogging. But they certainly are perfect for taking strolls around the neighborhood, going to theme parks, shopping and traveling.

If you're open to a single handle side-by-side, then check out these twin strollers. They are usually heavier and bulkier, but good for everyday rigorous use.

Discover the best double umbrella strollers for 2018 in this guide.

The more expensive strollers are listed first. If you prefer, go straight to the Economy Picks, which are $200 or less further down the page.

Best Double Umbrella Stroller Picks for 2018

$400 depending on color

Presenting UPPAbaby's first double umbrella stroller: the G-Link! Basically, UPPAbaby's taken the G-Luxe and doubled it, plus they added even more wonderful, useful features for both mom and children. This really is a luxury umbrella stroller and for the price, you do get all the extras you expect from such a product.

Each seat has a carrying capacity of 50 pounds, and yet the stroller only weighs 24½ pounds, compared with heavier models, like the Inglesina Twin Swift, as you will see further down the page. 

Newborns can ride in this stroller - not many umbrella strollers have a flat recline. Baby is cocooned with a head support pillow, a cushioned barrier at the top of the seat that is fully enclosed, and a snap on mesh boot at the bottom of the seat.

Outstanding full coverage SPF 50 sun canopies that UPPAbaby strollers are known for are also on the G-Link. For a side-by-side umbrella stroller, it is easy to steer because of the light frame and wheels. There's only one brake in back for conveninet one-step stopping. Parents get a cup holder, and an easy free-staning fold with carry handle. Storage baskets beneath the seats and deep pockets on the backs of the canopies provide plenty of space to keep your essentials.

See this informative video review of the UPPAbaby G-Link:

Maxi Cosi Dana For 2


Whether you have twins or your children are siblings close in age, the Maxi Cosi Dana For 2 is a lightweight stroller that travels with comfort and ease. This double umbrella stroller has seats roomy enough for two larger kids (up to 40 pounds each) yet you'll be able to maneuver easily through most standard doorways. You'll like the middle handle to help with steering, too, and parents say it turns on a dime.

Parents of twins: This is a good lightweight stroller for twins. It accepts two Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seats and comes with adapters included. A quick click transfers your babies from the stroller straight to the car. 

A soft reversible seat cushion has a different pattern on one side to add versatility to your look, and it's machine washable. Padded 5-point safety harnesses secure your children and this stroller uses puzzle buckles so that wiggle worms will stay snugly in place. One-handed seats reline in multiple positions for just-right naps. Your children are protected by the sun with an extending sun canopy with flip-out visors and mesh paneled peek-a-boo windows with flap cover. 

Parents reviews say that opening the stroller has had some reports of being difficult, and folding it takes some practice. Weight-wise, the Dana For 2 lands about in the middle for double umbrella strollers, weighing about 29 pounds. and that the baskets have enough storage for being an umbrella stroller. Access to your things are easiest through the side.

Reviews so far give the Maxi Cosi Dana For 2 between 4 and 4½ stars for the superb steering, the ultra-soft fabric/padding and large sun canopies.

Check out this 3rd party demo video:

guzzie+Guss Twice 

$230-$300 (depending on color & seller)

guzzie+Guss is a little known brand in the United States, but is popular in Canada and quickly gaining ground. They have a philosophy of owning a stellar stroller for a price that keeps your bank account intact. The guzzie+Guss Twice double umbrella stroller has a lot going for it like adjustable leg rests, four-position reclining seats and a compact easy fold. Each seat has a carrying capacity of 45 pounds, and the stroller weighs 28 pounds. 

The padded seats have 5-point safety harnesses, and a four-position lever recline. An adjustable leg rest stretches your little one out for a comfy nap. I like the footrest enclosure for infants flip the leg rest up, attach two fabric pieces, and have an cocoon. Because of the seat recline, babies should be 3 months or older.

Outstanding sun canopy coverage and large mesh peek-a-boo windows are a big hit with parents. The compact, easy fold with carry handle makes transport a snap. Storage is pretty good; there are two under seat baskets and big storage pockets behind the canopies. Available in red, black and blue.

Not many reviews at the time of writing, but so far guzzie+Guss Twice double stroller is getting 5 stars! See this short official demo video:

Maclaren Twin Triumph

$250-350 (depending on seller)

This is one of two Maclaren side-by-sides. The modern, no-fuss style of the Maclaren Twin Triumph weighs only 22 pounds, yet can carry two children up to 110 pounds combined weight.

The four-position reclining seats and individual sun canopies give comfort to your children. One-handed easy fold and carry strap are convenient features when you're out. Store everything you need with the basket beneath the seats. 

This stroller is well balanced so hanging a few bags off the handles is not dangerous. Just like the single, this double umbrella stroller is great for travel and it is a top pick by Consumer Reports in the double side-by-side category. Find out why happy customers give a 4½-star rating. The Maclaren Twin Techno has a 3½-star rating, but it has a few more features, and you can read about it in this review, too. 

Double Umbrella Stroller Economy Picks Under $200

Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight


Whether you have twins or kids of different ages, the newest stroller in the Joovy line-up helps you get them around safely and conveniently. 

This is one of the few double umbrella strollers that has the capacity to hold two newborns WITHOUT a car seat! Each seat has a flat, individual recline, plus an adjustable leg rest that comes up. Pull up the foot enclosure netting and you have a bassinet-like cocoon. Each seat holds up to 50 pounds.

The stroller weighs just under 26 pounds, and for a double, that's pretty good. It includes a cup holder on the side and one behind each seat just above zippered storage pouches. The two storage basket are each big enough to carry a standard-size diaper bag. Canopies are generous with vinyl peek-a-boo windows and each child gets their own little storage pouch for sippy cups or toys in each seat. 

The Joovy Twin Groove rolls on six sets of wheels and has three individual brakes that you have to engage one at a time. The middle wheel might be a problem for taller parents kicking it. But the handles come up to a comfortable height and while maneuverability is easy enough, you will need two hands since it is umbrella style. The fold is a standard umbrella fold, super simple, with an auto-frame lock and includes an adjustable carry strap for convenient transport. 

So far this newer stroller is getting 4-star ratings from parents who like the sturdiness, maneuverability on smooth surfaces and big sun canopies. Check out the official demo video:

Chicco Echo Twin


Want a basic, sturdy, well-made umbrella stroller for two? The Chicco Echo double is your ticket to easy outings with two children in tow. Suitable from six months and older, the seats hold up to 40 pounds each. Seats recline into four positions, one-handed, and lies nearly flat. 

Adjustable leg rests provide more comfort for little legs, especially during nap time. Padded 5-point safety harnesses secure your passengers. 

Dual front swivel wheels can lock into place and front-end suspension smooths out the ride and foam handle bars come up to 42" from the ground, providing appropriate height for taller parents. Several reviews mention that a 6' dad easily feels comfortable pushing this stroller. The  sun canopy could be a little bigger, but it has a zip-out rear panel for additional air flow and mesh baskets beneath the seats hold your things. Oh and you get a cup holder too, not seen in many umbrella strollers!

The Chicco Echo Twin has been getting a 4½-star rating. Excellent reviews have been given for the quality of this stroller. It is a bit heavier at just over 31 pounds. A couple of parents say that their Echo Twin is sturdy and the bigger wheels make it easier to push and the fold/unfold is easy.

See this informative demo video:

Kolcraft Cloud 


ECONOMY PICK: Listed by Consumer Reports as one of the better twin side-by-side strollers, the Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side double stroller is assured to have high quality standards for safety and performance.

Roll-up  the seat pads hot days for better air ventilation and rolled down for cooler weather. This model has a three-point quick release buckle for safety and all-terrain tires for a smooth ride.

Customers just like you rate the Cloud Side-by-Side at 4 stars for being inexpensive, durable, compact when folded and comfortable for children, especially with the recline feature. It is lightweight at just under 23 pounds and the extra wide frame holds two children up to 35 pounds each. The extra wide frame can still fit through most doorways and it's easy to fold and compact for convenient storage. For your little passengers, the seats recline individually, making this an appropriate stroller for younger babies.

Delta Children LX Side by Side

$68-$95 depending on color

ECONOMY PICK: This is the stroller you're going to want if you're taking a trip with your little ones. The Delta Children LX Side by Side is simple, with basic features that are must-haves, but with no extras. 

The stroller is lightweight at only 18 pounds, and each seat carries up to 35 pounds, though some customers have put heavier children in with no problems - you'll just have more difficulty steering and maneuvering. 

Features like individual reclining seats and canopies are standard. The canopies are skimpy, though, and that's reported to be the biggest downside. 

Each seat sports a 5-point safety harness - though the photo here shows it converted to the 3-point lap belt, a good option for your older child. The recline is not that deep, therefore children should be well over 3 months old before riding. 

The storage baskets are not beneath the seats in this brand. Instead, two large mesh bags hang behind each seatback and parents remark that that they are big enough to hold diaper bag items and some toys. 

Parents, you get a cup holder and handles tall enough that are comfortable enough for most adults. The fold is on-the-go quick, easy and compact. Just right for a packed car trunk or airport gate check. Currently an Amazon's Choice for a double umbrella stroller. 

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