Graco Ready2Grow Stroller Review

Versatile Double Plus Stand-On

With 12 seating options, the Graco Ready2Grow delivers versatility for your changing needs.

A new and innovative sit and stand stroller has come around; the Graco Ready2Grow. This is one of two stand-on strollers in the Graco line. The other is the RoomFor2, the more basic model; the Ready2Grow has more options. The most obvious upgrade is that you can attach two Graco car seats which is an ideal feature for twins (see more strollers for twins here). With the Ready2Grow, you have 12 seating options for children of any age. It has a padded reclining front seat and a removable parent-facing seat along with a standing platform and bench.

The bench and main seat have the same features as the Room2Grow, but this product has two sun canopies that pivot at any angle to keep your children shaded. This stroller is easy to steer and maneuver with large wheels and a suspension system.

The Ready2Grow has been getting fantastic reviews so far, with the average rating being 4½ stars. A helpful review mentioned that both her children were able to sleep at the same time and this mom says that the Ready 2 Grow is much smaller than your average double stroller.

By the time you finish reading this review you'll learn everything there is to know about the Graco Ready2Grow stroller like the unique removable seat and storage feature. Let's get started!

Graco Ready2Grow Features:

  • Accepts two Graco SnugRide Classic Connect car seats
  • Twelve seating options from birth through pre-school
  • Removable Face Time rear seat for more interaction
  • Front seat, standing platform and bench each hold child up to 50 pounds, rear seat holds up to 40 pounds
  • Multi-position reclining front seat lays flat
  • Parent tray with pivoting cup holder
  • Pivoting, removable child's snack tray with cup holder
  • One-handed standing fold with auto frame latch
  • Locking front swivel wheels and suspension system
  • Sun canopies over each seat
  • Large storage basket
  • Toddler seat lifts for easy basket access
  • 3 or 5-point safety harnesses for each seat
  • One-step braking system

12 Seating Options

The Ready2Grow is ideal for families with two kids, and the great thing is that your children can be all kinds of sizes and ages to use this stroller. From twins to siblings far apart in age, the Graco Ready2Grow has 12 seating options for your growing and changing family. Let me highlight some of them and talk about the seats.

This is a sturdy stroller and the Ready2Grow holds a child up to 50 pounds in the main seat, toddler bench and platform. The Face Time rear seat accommodates 40 pounds.

Have twin babies? This is one of the few double strollers out there that takes two infant car seats and is an ideal product for multiples.

Different age siblings have lots of options. Older children can ride in the front or the back and the other is used for the car seat. As a child gets older, the rear seat is removed and your big kid gets to sit on the padded bench or stand up and ride on the platform.

Let's talk about the main seat. It has a multi-position recline that lays flat and is adjusted with one hand. The 12-inch seat width is plenty of space for a growing child, and the seatback is just under 17-inches, which is't the highest around, but it's enough. A pivoting, removable child's snack tray has two cup holders and a depression perfect for small toys and nibbles.

The rear seat is unique in that it sits up high and faces you. Called Face Time, this seat encourages more bonding time between you and your child. The seat does not recline or sit up any farther than the one position, but it is big enough to hold children up to about two years old, which is when they can be transitioned to the main seat. Parents love this seat and have mostly positive reviews about Face Time seat.

Each seat is equipped with a padded adjustable 5-point safety harness that also converts to a 3-point lap belt for more freedom of movement as your child gets bigger. The sun canopies are removable, have flip out visors and pivot to follow the sun's rays.

Plenty of storage

I love the gigantic storage basket beneath the seat and bench. There's plenty of room for a large diaper bag, purse, other baby essentials. Bag of groceries, maybe, if the bench doesn't squish it down. And that's another thing, simply flip the bench out of the way while getting to your things. Very handy.

The only time this is not handy is when the Face Time seat is installed, then the basket is a bit more difficult to access. You will have to get to your things through the side, and sometimes your larger items may not fit via side entrance.

Parents you get a tray at the handle bar with two small "cups" - or cubbies - for your cell phone and keys or other such small items. Each of these cubbies is really quite small, and you might fit a couple of things in there. A mom blogger said in her review that while she can put her iPhone in the shallower one, (the cubby pictured WITHOUT the phone at right) hitting any bumps would make it bounce out. The other cubby is slightly deeper, but still not big enough to store more than a phone. Neither space has a lid to snap close, so your little things could easily go missing.

The pivoting cup holder is an interesting idea. Pull it out for your drink when you're ready, push it back under the tray when not in use. But it is a bit flimsy and drinks get jostled with it. A capped water bottle is great. Coffee, not so much.

Tell me about the fold

Folding this tandem is a piece of cake; Graco developed a one-hand gravity fold, which makes it easier to get it ready for transport. An automatic frame lock keeps it folded until you're ready to take it out again. Oh, and it stands on its own, too.

But look at the size of this thing! I don't know how tall the woman is in this photo at right, but the folded stroller nearly comes up to her shoulder! Many parents have complained about the folded size of the Ready2Grow and how it takes up their entire trunk space, or doesn't fit at all. Measure your trunk space before buying! However, most parents are understanding - this is a double stroller after all, and they are going to be big.

The folded measurements on the Ready2Grow are Length: 53"; Width: 24"; Height: 20½".

What about handling and performance?

The Graco Ready2Grow is a big stroller. It weighs 33 pounds and is rather bulky. But the length of it is just about the same as a single stroller, which really helps out with maneuvering. Tandem strollers become rather difficult to steer as your children grow bigger and heavier, but the more compact length of the Ready2Grow allows one-handed steering!

The wheels are equipped with suspension for smooth rides over the bumps. For better stability over rough surfaces, lock the front wheels straight. A Tacoma, WA mother said she took hers to an outdoor festival and it moved easily over pavement, wet grass and hills.

I like the one-step parking brakes. With pedals over each wheel, they are linked together so you only have to step down once and both brakes are engaged. Flip the pedal back up and you're ready to go.

This short Graco Ready2Grow video review gives you a quick view of a 12-month-old in the Face Time seat.

And here is an informative demo video.

Graco Ready2Grow Stroller Reviews

Parents who prefer full features will like the Graco Ready2Grow stroller. Product reviews have been strongly positive for this convenient Graco double stroller with an overall 4½-star rating across different internet retailers. Overall, parents recommend the Ready2Grow and say it is a good value for the price.

It is highly praised for all the seating options, from the rear Face Time seat to the standing platform. They love all that versatility! A California mother recently remarked that she loves how she can put baby facing her with big brother up front, though she wishes the rear seat would have a recline feature. And initially she was against having a sit and stand stroller, but ended up giving her Ready2Grow a 4-star review. Lots and lots of reviews mention the rear seat and how much they love it for their younger ones.

Quite a few reviews remark on the easy maneuvering because the length of the Ready2Grow is just about the same as a single stroller. The rear wheels are a bit wider and that makes turning easier, according to Murrieta, a mother of 5. She's owned 11 strollers over four years and comments that this one is the best. It maneuvers well because it isn't "super long" and is easy to get through doorways, unlike a side-by-side.

An easy fold was mentioned in numerous comments. It is large once folded, but many parents realize that a double stroller is going to be big. Make sure you have the trunk space.


Quite a few Graco Ready2Grow stroller reviews have said that this is a whale of a stroller. Complaints include it being too heavy and taking up too much trunk space. However, most of these customers do admit that a double stroller is going to be heavy and for a double, it does fold smaller. Make sure your vehicle trunk will be large enough to handle this stroller's size once folded.

There have been a few negative comments about the parent tray and cup holder. Some have trouble accessing the storage basket.

Where can I buy the Graco Ready2Grow stroller?

I like to comparison shop online and I have found that Amazon has three color schemes for the Ready2Grow at competitive prices.

And Amazon also has the option to buy the stroller with a car seat as a travel system for some extra savings. There's one in there that has two car seats included if you're having twins.

In addition to Amazon, you might want to try Target They have similar prices, and may carry a color scheme you prefer.

Just think of all the compliments you'll get and the peace of mind you will feel as you use this versatile, useful stroller for your kiddoes.