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Reviews and Comparisons of Lightweight and Full-Size

Graco travel systems combine the stroller and car seat together, allowing baby to sleep undisturbed from car to stroller to home.

The carseat and stroller combo was invented by Graco and its concept is simple, yet genius. You don't want to have to wake your sleeping baby when you've arrived at your destination and need to put your little one from the car seat into the stroller or inside the house.

Graco's travel system set-up solves the problem of taking out your baby and waking him up. The car seat infant carrier easily removes from the base that remains in the vehicle and clicks into the stroller. This is a lifesaver for mothers when they've FINALLY gotten the baby to sleep! Graco's travel systems have gotten rave reviews and parents love these products.

But I have two children

Are you a new mommy with two? Like twins or with an older child and a new baby? Use a car seat with Graco's double strollers. If your older child is about 2½ or can balance and walk steadily, then try Graco's new Stand and Ride models with an infant car seat for your newborn. With either of these options, you must purchase the car seat separately, there is no travel system combo to buy as a set.

A more detailed look

There are two Graco Travel System categories: Lightweight and Full Sized.We're going to take a look at each type, starting with the lightweight models. Click on the links below each photo for a more detailed review and rating.

Lightweight Travel Systems

Yes you CAN have a lightweight stroller that's not bulky and have a cute matching car seat, too!

Graco FastAction Fold Travel System
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FastAction Fold

Eager to get in on the trend for a one-step fold a-la Baby Jogger, Graco released the FastAction Fold lightweight stroller. Just like the more expensive brands, the fold is smooth and easy, done in one step by pulling up on a strap in the crease of the seat. Weighing only 22 pounds, the FastAction fold can easily be folded and carried one-handed with baby on your hip.

You will see that there is also a DLX version of this travel system. What is the difference between the Graco FastAction Fold and FastAction Fold DLX? The "regular" FastAction Fold travel system comes with a Graco SnugRide car seat that goes up to 22 pounds. The DLX version of this travel system comes with SnugRide 30 car seat, which holds your baby up to 30 pounds. One reviewer had bought the regular travel system and as disappointed when she discovered it didn't fit her car seat base, meant for the SnugRide 30. So be aware of this when shopping.

But parents absolutely love this new Graco product. Average ratings give astounding 4½-star reviews with some models getting 5 stars and others receiving 4 stars. Parents comment that they like the maneuverability and, of course, that effortless fold! The car seat even fits preemies properly and safely and has good/very good ratings by Consumer Reports.

Graco UrbanLite Travel System
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You may notice that single wheels are all the rage trending in many of today's stroller designs and Graco's gotten on board with their lovely UrbanLite.

The UrbanLite weighs just under 20 lbs, yet it can hold your child up to 50 lbs. The seat reclines in numerous positions to flat, and can carry your Graco SnugRide infant car seat to make a travel system. Several color schemes offer a matching car seat that you can buy together as a pair for some great savings.

Enjoy your outings using the UrbanLite with its adjustable-height handle bar and very generous shopping basket. The sun canopy is impressive on this new model as is the tight, compact fold.

The UrbanLite is quite exciting and so far consumers feel the same way with early owners writing in with their impressions and rating it at 4½ stars. Let's hope this trend with Graco continues!

Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System
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Dynamo Lite

The Dynamo Lite travel system is a really nice, yet simple stroller and car seat combo. There's no fancy bells and whistles on the Dynamo Lite, but you do get a lightweight stroller that weighs less than 18 pounds and can carry your child up to 50 pounds. The seat has multiple reclining positions, including flat and has a pivoting child's snack tray that easily comes off.

Parents, you get a big storage basket beneath the seat, a console with two deep cup holders and a quick, one-handed fold. The Dynamo Lite even stands on its own after folding!

Like the FastAction Fold travel system, the Dynamo Lite has an LX version. What is the difference between the Dynamo Lite and Dynamo Lite LX travel systems? The LX simply includes the Graco SnugRide 30 car seat, which accommodates your baby up to 30 pounds. The regular SnugRide has a 22 pound weight limit.

So far parents just love their Dynamo Lite travel systems, giving it an average 4½-star rating. Parents adore the different patterns that are good for boys, girls or gender neutral. They love the storage basket and the sun canopy, too. Discover what else they have to say to determine if this is the travel system for you and your baby.

Full-Size Travel Systems

Many families prefer the larger frame and weight of a full-sized stroller. It makes them feel like their baby is safer - much for the same reasons you might buy a larger vehicle. Each of these travel systems have either the SnugRide or SnugRide 30 car seats, as with the lightweight strollers above.

FastAction Fold Jogger

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger
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$275-$320 depending on color and merchant

Graco's done it again by creating an incredibly popular, versitile, and functional jogging/all-terrain stroller. The new FastAction Fold Jogger has all the convenience features of a traditional stroller with the rugged performance of a fitness 3-wheeler. With air-filled rubber tires you feel as if you float over bumps and rough terrain, and your baby feels comforted by the smooth movement.

This new jogger accepts all Graco Click Connect car seats as part of a travel system for ease taking your newborn from stroller to car. The padded seat has multiple reclining positions and the 5-point safety harness converts to a 3-point lap belt for free movement when baby gets older. The FastAction Fold Jogger holds up to 50 pounds.

So far parents are giving rave reviews, with the average rating at 4½ stars. The stroller is big and a little bulky at 30 pounds, so some have commented on that, but most really like the maneuverability. The handlebar height is comfortable for both tall and petite parents, and the large storage basket holds all your stuff. Parents like the canopy with the large mesh peek-a-boo window that allows for better airflow through the seating area. Read the Stroller Envy exlusive review to discover if the FastAction Fold Jogger is for you.

Graco Stylus Travel System
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Top-rated Best Buy travel system by Consumer Reports that moms rave about, this travel system is both attractive and highly functional. The Stylus is loaded with all the features you expect in a Graco stroller such as a generous storage basket, parent tray, child's tray and flat reclining seat with a 3- or 5-point safety harness. An adjustable-height handle for your walking comfort and the stroller holds your child up to 50 pounds.

The Stylus stroller itself comes in two versions. What is the difference between the Stylus LX and the regular Stylus strollers? For one the look: the product pictured is called the Stylus LX, and as you can see, it has single front wheels instead of double front wheels. The LX has a removable infant body support pillow insert and generally has more padding in the seat than the regular Stylus. A flip-up feature on the legrest creates a bassinet enclosure for your baby, which is nice if you occasionally wish to go without the baby's car seat. The LX is generally about $20 more.

The Stylus travel system has gotten 4½ and 5-star ratings. Parents love the cute gender neutral patterns and colors. The like the sturdiness and stability of the stroller as it holds the car seat. Reviewers also mention the easy maneuverability and one-touch brakes. You might want to see what else they have to say to help you decide on this wonderful travel system.

Graco Alano Travel System
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The Alano is a very good standard stroller, sturdy and stable. The elliptical tubing is specially designed for sturdiness and the Alano can hold your child up to 50 pounds. The stroller itself weighs 19.6 pounds - which isn't too heavy for a full-size. One of the highlights of this product is the one-handed self-standing fold. When you have a new baby, you find yourself doing lots of things one-handed, so having a stroller do this is extremely helpful.

Convenience features for parents also include an enormous storage basket that drops down so that when the seat is fully reclined, you still have access to your stuff and you won't disturb your sleeping baby. You also get a parent console with two deep cup holders because we need our drinks!

Your child has a cushy padded multi-position reclining seat, and a pivoting snack tray with cup holders. Easy ins and outs! This Graco travel system comes with the SnugRide car seat.

Parents give the Alano travel system 4½ stars for such features as the fantastic maneuverability and smooth ride thanks to the suspension system and locking front swivel wheels. Reviewers comment that they really love the cute patterns the Alano comes in, mostly gender neutral, appealing to both boys and girls.

Graco FlipIt Travel System
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The reversible handle on the Graco FlipIt maintains the connection with your baby face-to-face comfortably and safely. By simply flipping the height-adjustable handle from one side of the stroller to the other, you can choose whether baby looks out into the world or faces you for more bonding time. This is a unique feature that separates the FlipIt from the rest of the Graco travel systems. A gorgeous matching SnugRide car seat with base is included!

What I also like about the FlipIt is the parent cup holder that adjusts to use with the handle reversed or forward-facing. Because of the handles design, though, there is no parent storage console for small items like keys and cell phone.

The FlipIt has all the other features parents expect from Graco strollers such as a sturdy frame with a 50 pound weight and a one-handed fold. The cushy seat has an easy pull-strap, multi-position recline. And of course, you can't forget the extra-large storage basket with drop down feature so you can access your things when the seat is fully reclined.

You're going to find the positive reviews far, far outweigh the negatives because this gorgeous set, great for both boys and girls, has gotten a 4-star overall rating. However, moms find it a bit confusing to use at first; the flip feature can be difficult to maneuver, especially for more petite women. Read more reviews to decide for yourself if the FlipIt is the travel system for you.

Graco Spree Travel System
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The great-looking Graco Spree travel system is pretty much just like the Alano, as you saw earlier. The only differences, really, are the color schemes and a slightly rounder-looking canopy on this stroller. But the Spree weighs about one pound less than the Alano at 18½ pounds. So if stroller weight is a concern, this might be a better option. Both the Spree and the Alano come with the SnugRide car seat, which holds your child up to 22 pounds. The Spree also costs between $10-$30 less than the Alano.

This Graco product has the reputation for being very comfy for baby and easy for mom to steer. The frame is sturdy and holds your child up to 50 pounds and the front swivel wheels also lock for better stability over rough terrain. But some moms have said that the stroller seat does not fully recline and the canopy on the car seat doesn't rotate completely.

Despite these few drawbacks, it is another of the Graco travel systems with a 4-star rating. The Spree comes in such a cute, gender neutral pattern and is a great all-around travel system. The reviews for the Spree have been very interesting; you might want to see more.

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