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Graco travel systems combine the stroller and car seat together, allowing baby to sleep undisturbed from car to stroller to home. Stylish and practical.

The car seat and stroller combo was invented by Graco and its concept is simple, yet genius. You don't want to have to wake your sleeping baby when you've arrived at your destination and need to put your little one from the car seat into the stroller or inside the house.

Graco travel systems are set-up to solve the problem of taking out your baby and waking them up. The car seat infant carrier easily removes from the base that remains in the vehicle and clicks into the stroller. This is a lifesaver  when baby's FINALLY gone to sleep! Graco travel systems have gotten rave reviews for decades. New parents love these products for their up-to-date style and value-added features that change with the times.

But I have TWO children

Are you a new mommy with two? Like twins or with an older child and a new baby? Use a car seat with Graco's double strollers. If your older child is about 2½ or can balance and walk steadily, then try Graco's Stand and Ride models with an infant car seat for your newborn. With either of these options, you must purchase the carseat separately, there is no travel system combo to buy as a set.

A more detailed look

There are three Graco Travel System categories. Click on the kind you want to go straight there or scroll down to see them all. 

4-Wheel Graco Travel Systems

FastAction Fold 

Eager to get in on the trend for a one-step fold just like Baby Jogger, Graco released the FastAction Fold lightweight stroller. Just like the more expensive brands, the fold is smooth and easy, done in one step by pulling up on a strap in the crease of the seat.

Weighing only 22 pounds, the FastAction fold can easily be folded and carried one-handed with baby on your hip.

This lightweight travel system stroller comes with a matching Graco Click Connect 30 infant car seat, which Consumer Reports rates at 63% overall with very good marks for Ease of Use and Fit to Vehicle with BELT. Fit to Vehicle with LATCH system receives an excellent mark, and is rated "Better" for Crash Protection. I like the head support cushion for newborns and the weight range is for 4 pounds up to 30. 

The stroller has features such as multi-position seat recline with a 3- and 5-point safety harness. Your child also has a snack tray and cup holder for their sippy cup. The snack tray pivots out of the way for easy in-and-outs. The canopy protects your child from the sun and you can check in on your passenger with the mesh paneled peek-a-boo window with flap cover. 

Parents you get the ease of one-handed steering and great maneuverability. Store everything you need with a generous cargo basket beneath the seat, then keep the important stuff with you like your phone and drinks in the parent console with two cup holders. 

The Graco FastAction Fold lightweight travel system has been getting 4½-star reviews for the convenient fold, reasonable price and quality materials. There are several types of FastAction Fold travel systems, and when you click this link and scroll down past the product description, you will see a comparison chart of all the models. Most are very similar except for the stroller design and colors. Have fun!


The Breaze is probably one of the only one-handed folding umbrella strollers around and the 4 star raving reviews confirm that parents are in love. 

The Breaze has a cushy padded seat and holds your child up to 50 pounds. The seat has a recline, and lays all the way flat, which is basically unheard of with most umbrella strollers. It also accommodates the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 car seat, and few umbrella strollers hold a car seat, much less one that holds your newborn up to 35 pounds!

It also has an adjustable leg rest and a padded 5-point safety harness that secures your child. As they become more independent, convert the harness into a 3-point lap belt. A large UF 50 sun canopy has a peek-a-boo window with flap cover. Flip out the huge sun visor for complete coverage and sun protection. 

Moms, you get access to a big (for an umbrella stroller) basket. You can fit a medium to large size diaper bag. Wheels are hard plastic, that swivel and lock in place in front. Brakes are easy to engage. You also get a cup holder included!

See this informative video review of the Breaze Graco travel system.

Comfy Cruiser

If you like the classic simple stroller design with gender neutral color schemes, then look no further than the Comfy Cruiser Travel System. It is currently an Amazon Choice for travel systems and with nearly 200 reviews giving it 4½-stars, we can see why. 

The stroller weighs just over 19 pounds, so it's considered full-size, and it holds your child up to 50 pounds. 

Safely secure the Click Connect 30 infant car seat straight on to the stroller for a smooth transition from stroller to car to home. The body support padding secures newborn babies as little as four pounds and has great ratings from Consumer Reports, which you can read more about in the review above

This Graco travel system has all the standard features such as a padded multi-position reclining seat, a 3- and 5-point safety harness, and a canopy offering good sun coverage. The generous storage basket beneath the seat has a drop-down feature that allows you to access your things with seat in full recline. Other features that parents appreciate that sometimes don't come with strollers are a child's snack tray and a parent console with two cup holders.  The convenient one-handed fold is self standing and even has a carry strap! 

Parents write in their reviews that they adore the color schemes/patterns and find that the stroller is sturdy, maneuvers smoothly and well made. Sounds like a winner to me!


Simple and elegant, the Graco Verb has all the features you want in a lightweight stroller - plus more!

I like the single front wheels, vs. the double front wheels, like you see in many lightweight or umbrella strollers. The overall look and design of the Verb is sleek and modern. It reminds me of the lightweight stroller from BabyHome which is twice as expensive!

The Verb holds your child up to 50 pounds, yet weighs less than 20 pounds, and it comes with a matching Graco Click Connect 30 car seat, which you can read more about in the review above

The seat is nicely padded and has multi-reclining positions for comfort and a decent sized canopy protects from the sun. Suspension and locking front swivel wheels smooths out the ride, especially over bumpier surfaces. 

Mom gets a generous storage basket and parent tray with cup holders. The one-hand, self-standing fold and the included carry strap are very convenient for on-the-go errands or travel. 

So far reviews from parents like you have given this newer member of the Graco family 4½-star ratings for the easy fold and excellent maneuvering.

See this helpful demo video:

FastAction DLX 

The FastAction DLX is a traditional travel system but with modern "mix 'n' move" accessories that customize your experience. Move around two cup holders and a storage tray between parent and child just the way you like it. The storage tray is more like another cup holder with a small extending part that comes out - it does NOT extend the full width of the stroller - take a look at the demo video to see what I mean. 

This 4-wheel stroller has the popular one-second quick-fold that self stands and the handle used to pull up for folding serves as a carry handle for easy transport. 

Your baby enjoys smooth rides with front-end suspension and you can easily steer/maneuver one-handed, according to consumer reviews.  The padded 3- or 5-point safety harness keeps your child snug, and the multi-position seat recline provides just-right comfort for nap time. Parents, you'll like the roomy storage basket to take along everything you need.

You get a matching Graco SnugRide 35 car seat,  which Consumer Reports rates at 63% overall with very good marks for Ease of Use and Fit to Vehicle with BELT. Fit to Vehicle with LATCH system receives an excellent mark, and is rated "Better" for Crash Protection. I like the head support cushion for newborns and the adjustable crotch strap. Weight range is for 4 pounds up to 35 or 32" long. 

Ratings for this Graco travel system are overall at 4 stars for the easy fold and convenient car seat installation. The cons most mentioned in reviews across different web retailers is the fact that there isn't a real child's tray or bumper bar. See the official demo video below for more information:


Here is Graco's most versatile products - a reversing seat convertible stroller with three modes in one, including 10 seating options for baby. 

The first option is to set the SnugRide 35 infant car seat (read more about it in the review above) right onto the stroller frame facing either direction and use it as a car seat carrier, or click it right into the toddler seat. 

Second mode is as an infant stroller, where the seat converts to a bassinet with a 4-position recline that goes flat, baby faces you or the outside world. Suitable for newborns, you don't need the car seat if you choose this option.

The third mode is for when your baby grows up and becomes a toddler, the main seat sits forward or parent-facing and has 3-position adjustable leg rest and has a snack tray with two cupholders. The 3-or 5-point safety harness grows with your child and keeps them snug in the seat.

Along with the three seating modes are standard features parents everywhere love such as a generous sun canopy with pop-out sun visor and peek-a-boo mesh panel, and large storage basket beneath the seat. Parents get a tray with two cupholders and a covered storage cubby.  

Parents like Graco Modes travel system because it's easy to maneuver and is not that heavy at 23 pounds. Consumer Reports rates the Modes at 75% with excellent marks for Ease of Use and Maneuverability and a good mark for Safety.

Take a look at the video review below for a fantastic overview of this Graco travel system.

3-Wheel Graco Travel Systems


For a light weight 3-wheeled option, the Graco Air3 travel system is one to check out. While it's not super lightweight at 21 pounds, it's still convenient and easy to handle. 

Stand-out features on the Air3 include the one-second, one-handed fold with auto frame lock. It stands alone once folded and also includes a carry handle for convenient portability. 

The multi-position reclining seat lays nearly flat and the leg rest adjusts up to support little legs during nap time.

I also like the option that the seat converts into a bassinet-like enclosure when the leg rest flips up and the fabric underneath can be pulled around the sides and over the top of the bumper bar. Fully recline the seat and there's your bassinet. Otherwise, use the matching included SnugRide 35 infant car seat with a secure, one-step attachment. Read more about the SnugRide 35, and what Consumer Reports says about it here.

You'll love the large sun canopy with an extending zip-away mesh panel and peek-a-boo mesh panel all allowing for air circulation and shade. An expanding storage basket beneath the seat carries everything you need and you get a parent tray with two deep cup holders and a covered compartment for your small necessities like keys and phone. 

Parents love this travel system, rating it at 4½ stars for the super easy stand-alone fold, the big sun canopy, and maneuverability. Read more reviews here.

Modes 3 Lite

If you've always liked those reversing seat strollers but found them either too large or too expensive, then Graco's got something you'll like: The Graco Modes 3 Lite. 

Customers loved the original Modes Sport (listed below) but did not like the bulky heaviness of the stroller, and Graco listened. This stroller, instead of weighing 24 pounds like the original, weighs just over 19 pounds, and still holds your child up to 50 pounds and includes the same SnugRide 35 car seat, which you can explore further in the review above.

Customers ask what is the difference between the Graco Modes Sport and the Graco Modes 3 Lite and besides the 4 pound weight difference, the Modes 3 Lite has fewer seating options. While the Modes Sport offers 10 seating arrangements, the Modes 3 Lite has 5, which is still plenty AND you still have a reversing/removable main seat. Mainly it does not have the bassinet enclosure like the Modes Sport. Face your infant toward you or the world in the car seat straight onto the stroller frame; set the car seat into the main seat; and then have the main seat parent facing or forward facing - those are the 5 options. 

Other fab features include an adjusting 3-position leg rest, multi-position seat recline, 2 child's cup holders (no child tray that goes across), a nice sized canopy with flip-out visor and peek-a-boo window, a large storage basket beneath the seat, and a parent tray with two deep cup holders. This stroller has the FastAction Fold that can be done one-handed and carried away with the folding handle, AND it self-stands!

Parents rate the Modes 3 Lite Travel System at 4 stars for the one-handed steering, the convenient fold and, of course, for the seating options. See this short video demo that shows you everything you need to know:

Modes Sport

With 10 riding options plus a matching SnugRide 35 Click Connect infant car seat, you have a system that grows with your child for years to come. Discover more about the car seat from the review above.

All the benefits of a three-wheeler, namely one-handed maneuverability, are yours, along with seating options like installing the car seat directly on the stroller frame with the main seat removed. 

Once your newborn has outgrown the car seat, transition to the main seat, and face your child toward you or outward. Your child rides up to 50 pounds for years of use. 

Your passenger is comfy sitting in the padded 4-position reclining seat and 3-position leg rest and stays secure with the padded 3- and 5-point safety harness. Both parent and child get a tray with two deep cup holders; the parent console has a covered storage compartment for small things like keys. 

The one-step quick fold is self-standing for storage convenience and the storage basket beneath the seat holds everything you need. The sun canopy has mesh sides and mesh peek-a-boo window for air circulation. 

Reviewers give the Modes Sport a solid 4-star rating for all the seating options, but feel the stroller was too bulky - and it is a heavy stroller at 24 pounds. Still others love the convenient stand-alone fold and comfortable seat for their little ones.

The Modes Sport may be discontinued, but still available on sites like Amazon because it is no longer listed on the official Graco website.

This official demo video gives you a better idea of what this Graco travel system is like:

Graco Jogging Stroller Travel Systems

FastAction Fold Jogger

What you see here is an incredibly popular, versatile, and functional jogging/all-terrain stroller. The FastAction Fold Jogger has all the convenience features of a traditional stroller with the rugged performance of a fitness 3-wheeler. With air-filled rubber tires you feel as if you float over bumps and rough terrain, and your baby feels comforted by the smooth movement.

This jogger comes with the Graco SnugRide 35 car seats for ease taking your newborn from stroller to car. Discover what Consumer Reports has to say about the car seat in a review above. The padded seat has multiple reclining positions and the 5-point safety harness converts to a 3-point lap belt for free movement when baby gets older. The FastAction Fold Jogger holds up to 50 pounds.

So far parents are giving rave reviews, with the average rating at 4½ stars. The stroller is big and a little bulky at 30 pounds, so some have commented on that, but most really like the maneuverability. The handlebar height is comfortable for both tall and petite parents, and the large storage basket holds all your stuff. Parents like the canopy with the large mesh peek-a-boo window that allows for better airflow through the seating area. Read the Stroller Envy exclusive review to discover if the FastAction Fold Jogger is for you. This product is similar to the Baby Trend Expedition.

Modes Jogger

Do you like all those reversing seat strollers yet, want an all-terrain 3-wheeler? The Graco Modes Jogger Travel System is the best of both worlds. It has 5 modes - or seating options - for parents who need that kind of flexibility .

The 5 modes are: set the Graco SnugRide 35 Click Connect car seat straight onto the stroller frame facing you or facing outward; set the car seat onto the stroller seat as a traditional travel system; the toddler seat is parent facing; the toddler seat faces outward. 

In addition to the convenient seating options, you get the benefits of an all-terrain stroller with rubber air-filled tires and suspension, providing a super smooth ride for baby and easy maneuvering for you. 

Safety features such as built-in reflectors for low light environment and a tether strap to keep you in contact with your stroller at all times give you peace of mind. 

The seat has a strap recline with a 50-pound weight capacity and a padded 5-point safety harness. Mesh panels on the sides of the sun canopy allow for air circulation and there's a peek-a-boo window on top for checking in. Your little passenger has a snack tray with two cup holders and you get a parent console with two deep cup holders and a covered tray that can hold a large-size smart phone. 

Folding the Modes Jogger is a piece of cake and it's done in one fluid motion. It also stands alone once folded! But like most all-terrain strollers, it's bulky. Remove the child's tray and rear wheels to save on space. 

Reviews so far are at 4½ stars across different web retailers for the seating versatility and the great maneuverability and suspension with the three air-filled tires. See this video demo and review for more on the Graco Modes Jogger travel system. 


Entering into the world of high-performance joggers, Graco introduces the Relay. Unlike other high-performance joggers or all-terrain strollers, the Relay includes all the accessories we come to expect like a child's cup holder/bumper bar, parent cup holders and adequate storage.

But all those accessories don't add up to a huge amount of bulk. The Relay weighs only 28 pounds, holds your child up to 50 pounds and can accommodate a total weight of 70 pounds. Pretty amazing, plus you will get a phenomenal workout pushing an extra 70 pounds.

The Relay is made with avid joggers in mind and it has high ratings for the premium suspension system, so important to smooth out the ride when you're going fast. The quick, one-handed one-second fold is getting rave reviews as is the convenient Click Connect travel system option. 

Discover more about the Graco Relay in my thorough review, complete with measurements, photos and a video demo.