Inglesina Strollers

Beautiful and Contemporary Italian Design

Families who go out with their Inglesina strollers relax and enjoy time with their child.

Beginning in 1963 Italy, Inglesina began as Liviano Tomasi had a passion for race cars and go carts. From the racing carts, Tomasi evolved into tricycles and then into wheelchairs. Finally the leap into baby strollers came.

The name came from the company's first model from the 1960s called "London," a pram inspired by traditional English carriages of the royal court. The name evolved from the Italian word for feminine and pram. Today the London is still being produced under the name "Classic" and has an updated design.

Since Inglesina began, it has experienced steady growth. The initial 10 years of its existence produced the English-style pram only. But the 1970s, space exploration and evolving technology influenced production and the first modern stroller called the "Apollo" was produced. The eighties and nineties were about complementing the stroller line with accessories for infants.

Today, Inglesina offers products ranging from the traditional pram, strollers, high chairs, table chairs and portable rocking chairs. They dedicate themselves to babies and parents by working hard to provide excellent baby products, and parents can relax and enjoy their time out and about with their children.

What types of strollers does Inglesina have?

Single Reversing Seat Strollers


With a combination of a modern, contemporary design and a sturdy frame, the Inglesina Quad traverses rough terrain in great style. It is feature-rich with a one-handed push, a reversing seat and ball-bearing wheels that provide a smooth ride.  Sophisticated fabrics come in rich, stylish colors and textures.

Clearly in the luxury category, the Quad holds your child up to 55 pounds. Newborns have the bassinet or car seat options.

The bassinet is sold separately as are car seat adapters which accommodate Nuna, Maxi Cosi and Cybex brands. The reversing seat reclines to nearly flat in four positions. An adjustable leg rest supports your child while napping and a padded bumper bar and safety harness keeps your child snug and comfy in place.

The patented folding mechanism is super easy to do and is much like closing a book. One handed and self-standing. The sturdy frame is light weight with a modern, technical look. State of the art suspension and ball bearings in the wheels ensure a smooth ride, even on some rougher terrain!

See this official Inglesina demo video:


Simplicity is beautiful, and the Inglesina Trilogy exemplifies just that with a clean, light Italian design. A super-smooth glide is yours with the sealed ball bearings fitted in the wheels. The unique patented one-handed self-standing fold is a winner when you're holding your baby in your other arm.

Your newborn baby can ride in this stroller with a car seat (Maxi-Cosi (Mico AP & Prezi or with the optional matching carry cot that is just as chic. The recline goes flat so if you prefer, your newborn may stay in the main seat.

Rich in features, the selling points for customers include a wide, deluxe reversing padded seat reclines in multiple positions whether parent facing or street facing. It has an adjustable leg rest and padded bumper bar. A padded 5-point safety harness adjusts to your passenger's size. Sealed ball bearings in all the wheels provide an exceptionally smooth ride and one-handed steering. Parents like the generous sun canopy that folds down all the way in front your child. It also has a peek-a-boo window. Included accessories are a rain cover and cup/bottle holder.

This is a relatively new lightweight baby stroller on the market and while there aren't a ton of customer reviews out for the Inglesina Trilogy yet, the feedback so far has been outstanding. The average 5-star rating it receives is for the smooth, tight maneuverability and the incredibly easy, compact fold. Available in three colors; all of which you can see here. Then read my detailed review with additional photos, measurements and details.

You will find this video review helpful:

Umbrella Strollers

Quality Inglesina umbrella strollers that are touted as being your "second stroller" - I think that's accurate!


The lightest stroller in the Inglesina line, the Net weighs just over 11 pounds and is a popular choice for parents who plan to travel. It comes with a removable seat pad and underneath is all mesh, so in hot climates, your child will have more air circulation and feel cooler. The seat pad soft, comfy and washable.

The seat also reclines, which is always nice when you're out and your little passenger can take a refreshing nap. 

An SPF 50 sun canopy blocks out the harmful sun rays, shading your little passenger. And a 5-point adjustable safety harness grows with your child and keeps him/her secured. The seat holds your child up to 55 pounds.

Parents, you enjoy a one-handed self-standing fold which comes in handy when you're in a rush. Carry the Net with you with the convenient shoulder strap.  The stroller steers smoothly and the handles are high enough that someone 6 feet tall feels good pushing it. 

You'll appreciate the cup holder and the basket beneath the seat that is large enough to carry some diapers, wipes and some snacks. 

Reviews so far are outstanding at 4½ stars! Take a look at this video review:


Want an umbrella stroller that's got just about everything? You will love the form and function of the Inglesina Trip. It has a compact design and useful umbrella fold for easy transport and storage. While the Trip has some weight to it at 14½ pounds, it's not as heavy as other sturdy umbrella strollers.

The seat is roomy with an adjustable leg rest and four-position recline for your child's comfort. The Trip holds up to 55 pounds ensuring years of use. You child also gets a bumper bar to hang on to and a padded 5-point safety harness for a secure ride. An extra large sun canopy shades your child and it has a peek-a-boo window so you can check in.

You'll be impressed with the maneuverability on the Trip with the large wheels and shock-absorbing suspension that gives you a smooth ride over the bumpiest sidewalks. Tall comfortable handles and a generous storage basket all make your outings more pleasant.

See this official Inglesina demo video of the Trip in action:


Note: The Swift is discontinued, however at the time of this update, you may still purchase it.

If you want a lightweight stroller known for durability, quality and function, then you need to take a look at the Inglesina Swift. This stroller weighs 13 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 55 pounds. While the Swift doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the pricier umbrella strollers, it does have features that parents rave about.

The Swift has a spacious basket beneath the seat that can hold almost 7 pounds, which is quite big for an umbrella stroller. Parents, you also enjoy tall ergonomic handles and superb maneuverability. The seat reclines in 4 positions and owners give a thumbs up for their child's comfort. Oh, you also get to choose from five colors in the latest collection.

Overall ratings are between 4 & 4½ stars for the larger wheels and better maneuverability. Parents like to take this stroller traveling with them so their child can have a comfortable place to nap. I tested and reviewed this stroller and discovered even more benefits, but you'll have to read my Inglesina Swift review. This is certainly a "best umbrella stroller"!

Twin Swift

The Twin Swift takes all the features you love about its single sibling and doubles it. Just like the single, you get a double umbrella stroller with a four-position recline in each seat, five-point safety harnesses and adjustable leg rests. Two generous canopies have flip-out visors for sun protection and padded seats provide lots of comfort for your passengers.

Weighing only 28 pounds, the frame is sturdy and holds each child up to 40 pounds. Babies as young as three months can ride.

You have tall foam handlebars that are easy to grip and comfortable for most heights. Under seat storage baskets are pretty good size for an umbrella stroller, and you get additional storage pockets on the backside of the canopies too. The shock absorbing front and rear 5.7 inch diameter wheels gives your children a smooth ride. Lock the front wheels straight for more stability over park terrain, or enjoy easy maneuvering with front swivel wheels.

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