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Schwinn and InStep Jogging Strollers

Well-Known for Great Value

Families who purchase a Schwinn or Instep jogging stroller want an economical option for a well-made piece of fitness gear.

InStep is a fitness stroller and bike trailer company that has been around since 1988. Schwinn is a bicycle company whose strollers are made by Instep. What is the difference between a Schwinn and an InStep stroller? Basically, they are both the same, but Schwinn uses upgraded fabrics with additional accessories. A Schwinn is likely to cost just a bit more than an InStep.

Both companies' main goal is to pair value with quality for active families. While not in the same league as BOB or Baby Jogger brands are for avid runners, both Schwinn and InStep still deliver on their promise and are well received by consumers.

Now a subdivision of the Dorel Juvenile Group since 2004, InStep has become more of a well-known name accepted within the world of jogging and all-terrain strollers throughout the baby gear marketplace.

What types of strollers do Schwinn and InStep have?

Both Schwinn and Instep come in two different types: Fixed wheel and swivel wheel fitness strollers. The fixed wheel joggers are for those who want to use these products for workouts, primarily. The swivel wheel strollers can be used for just about everything, from walks in the park to brisk tours around the neighborhood. The swivel wheel helps maneuver in tighter spaces and it has the option to lock straight for greater stability over rough terrain or for jogging.

Most InStep strollers receive high 4 and 5 star ratings across web retailers. Especially popular are the front swivel wheel Safari and Grand Safari models. Schwinn strollers don't fare quite as well, but their popular swivel-wheel Turismo does pretty well with a 4½ star consumer rating.

In addition to the different wheel types, each model is available as either a single or double.

Schwinn/InStep Jogging Stroller Standard Features

  • Steel frame for durability and sturdiness
  • Pneumatic tires with molded rims (most models)
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Molded parent tray with two cup holders
  • Dual trigger folding mechanism
  • Rubberized handle grip

Schwinn and InStep Strollers at a Glance

Each InStep jogging stroller currently available includes three models: Safari, Run Around and Flash; each with its own style and benefits. Each stroller has different accessories available for purchase such as a rain shield and bug net. Let's take a look at them now.

InStep Safari

InStep Safari
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This is the most popular InStep all-terrain and it comes in two versions: Safari and Grand Safari. Many people wonder what the difference is between InStep Safari and the Grand Safari and it is simple: the Grand Safari has a few more features on it such as MP3 speakers, faux lambskin seat pad, and an exposed spring suspension.

Both Safari and Grand Safari have strong, yet lightweight aluminum frames that can hold up to an impressive 75 pounds. These are not only excellent jogging strollers, they can also be used on different types of terrain; with 16-inch rear tires and a 12-inch front tire, the going is smooth and easy.

Parents, you get a molded parent organizer with 2 deep cup holders and tray and for storage, an enormous basket beneath the seat. This means you can take this stroller for workouts AND grocery shopping.

Your baby is protected with a 5-point safety harness and an adjustable sun canopy to block the rays from many angles. InStep Safari strollers are compatible with major brands of infant car seats, such as Chicco, Graco and Baby Trend. Now you can have the travel system you want.

InStep Safari reviews give this stroller 4 stars and the Grand Safari is at 4½ stars across several web retailers for overall sturdiness and affordability. Reviews time and again mention how well these InStep jogging strollers perform and many were surprised at the quality given the low price. If you're interested in a double Safari, then click here to see the stroller and read reviews. The Double Grand Safari can be viewed here.

Schwinn Turismo

Schwinn Turismo
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The Schwinn Turismo is a popular all-terrain stroller that comes complete with extras we parents appreciate like a large storage basket and child's tray. But with an all-terrain, we also expect performance and the Turismo does not disappoint. With a sturdy frame that holds up to 50 pounds, the exposed spring suspension system delivers a smooth ride to even the big kids over bumpy surfaces.

Locking the front swivel wheel provides stability and the 16-inch rear wheels are the right size for those times you wish to jog. Best of all, this particular model has a remote swivel wheel lock from the handle, not the wheel itself, so you don't have to bend down to switch it over. That is incredibly convenient and I'm learning that other more expensive brands are beginning to offer the same feature.

For comparison's sake, the Turismo is the same as the InStep Grand Safari except for the wheel style, warranty and color scheme. This 5-star review explains everything in detail from the stroller's performance to the minor pitfalls.

Schwinn Free Wheeler

Schwinn Free Wheeler
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The lightweight aluminum frame on the Free Wheeler can hold your child up to 50 pounds and is strong for your outdoor adventures. Your child sits in comfort with a padded, removable liner for easy cleaning. Here's a bonus: Your little passenger gets a snack tray!

Push with proper upright posture with the adjustable-height handle. Bring all your necessities because there's lots of good storage space. The Schwinn Free Wheeler has 16" rear tires and a locking front swivel 12" wheel. An extra large sun canopy protects your child from the sun and wind and is a main selling point that parents rave about.

Consumer Reports rates this excellent product with an excellent mark for maneuverability and very good marks for ease of use and off-road maneuverability. It received a good mark for safety. How do everyday parents like you and I rate this product? 4 stars on average. They like the canopy, maneuverability and value for money. Read what others are saying right here.

Schwinn Arrow

Schwinn Arrow
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Features like the reclining seat, hand brake for safe slowing down and stopping, and a five-point safety harness for your child's comfort and safety are reasons to take a look at the Schwinn Arrow. This fabulous fixed-wheel jogger also has 16-inch pneumatic wheels for a smooth ride and weighs just over 20 pounds.

You enjoy conveniences like a parent tray with molded cup holders so your drink doesn't spill. This jogger has a generous storage basket beneath the seat and it has a dual trigger folding mechanism that simplifies storage and transport. The Arrow also includes a built-in MP3 player hook-up so you and your child can enjoy your favorite music together while on the run.

The Arrow has earned mixed reviews, however, and has an average 3½ stars on Amazon. There aren't many reviews, but customers either love it or they hate it, very few in-betweens. If you're unsure, you might check out the comparable Jeep Overland. If you have two children, then look at the double version here. Parents like the double Arrow a bit better and it has a 4-star rating for the easy push and maneuverability and fantastic price.

InStep Flash

InStep Flash
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The attractive and sporty looking Flash has all the same features as the Safari, except that all three tires are 16 inches, has a fixed wheel and has a bicycle-style hand brake for slowing and stopping.

Other features include a dual trigger folding mechanism with tires that can be quickly removed for more compact storage, a molded parent tray with two cup holders, and a rubberized handle for better gripping. For a jogging stroller, the Flash is a little heavy at nearly 24 pounds.

The reviews on this one are average with a 3-star rating with customers. Some feel that this stroller is not suitable for serious joggers and it can be a bit bulky. But consumers like the sturdiness and comfy seat. Read the reviews here.

If you're interested in the Flash double stroller, click here to get the low-down on the reviews or to purchase for a very good price.

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