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Tandem or Side-by-Side Styles for Your Two Kids

A Jeep double stroller comes in two models for your growing family; one has lousy ratings, the other is great. Learn about each in this review.

A Jeep juvenile products have the reputation for rugged durability, just like the vehicle, and several options for double strollers are available. Jeep offers two lightweight umbrella models that are nearly the same and one full-feature tandem stroller. So the main question is, do you want lightweight or full-featured Jeep stroller?

Children who are different ages, especially if the younger one is an infant, will do well with the Traveler Tandem because the older sibling can sit in the front and your baby can face you using any number of popular car seat brands, or recline facing outward. The Traveler Tandem has two large storage baskets underneath the seats and the older sibling gets a toy steering wheel to play with.

If you would rather have a lightweight Jeep double stroller to get around with ease, then the Wrangler Twin Sport All Weather is the best choice. Different age siblings can sit just as easily in this side-by-side stroller and it comes in two models.

By the time you finish reading about these two double strollers, you will have a solid understanding of what each can offer your family. We'll start with the more popular and better rated of the two, the Wrangler Twin Sport.

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All Weather

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Stroller
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A huge complaint with strollers in general is that babies and children can get too hot in them. The Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All Weather has a special feature that makes it stand out from other lightweight umbrella-type brands. The padding in each of the seats rolls up into a pillow, exposing a cooling mesh fabric underneath, allowing for breathability on hot summer days.

Families give this product rave reviews for it's maneuverability and economical price. The Wrangler Twin Sport is lightweight at just under 23 pounds and the extra wide frame holds two children up to 35 pounds each. The extra wide frame can still fit through most doorways and it's easy to fold and compact for convenient storage. For safety, a three-point buckle system is used and the seats recline individually, making this an appropriate stroller for younger babies.

There are a couple of drawbacks with the Wrangler Twin Sport, however and one of the complaints heard most often is about the inadequate sun canopies. The sunrider canopy adjusts to keep the sun from your child, but reviewers say they are too small and don't stay put when they are adjusted into position. Storage may be an issue, as well, as there is no basket under the seats. However, there are a couple of cargo bags on either side to store a few diapers and wipes.

Consumer Reports has rated this double stroller at 55%, with good marks straight across the board for ease of use, maneuverability and safety. Customers just like you rate the Wrangler Twin Sport at 4 stars for being inexpensive, durable, compact when folded and comfortable for children, especially with the recline feature.

Where can I buy the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport?

I have found that the best place to find good deals on strollers is on Amazon. Choose from two color schemes, Fierce, with orange seats or Heat (pictured) with red seats.

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Jeep Traveler Tandem

Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller
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This full-featured Jeep tandem stroller features padded reclining seats, with the back seat reclining completely flat, a plus for mothers of infants. For safety, seats include a five-point harness that adjusts to baby's growth. The basket underneath has a drop-down feature, making accessibility possible when the rear seat is fully reclined. Side cargo bags provide additional storage. Moms and Dads get a cup holder and an adjustable-height handlebar makes it comfortable for tall parents to use without kicking the back while walking. Kids up to 40 pounds each can ride in this Traveler Tandem.

However, this product has gotten mixed reviews, most being at the lower end of the star ratings. Many parents remarked that the Traveler Tandem has trouble folding up properly not long after purchase. The front canopy also flops back down and the child sitting in the rear seat can also pull it down, teasing the child in front. This stroller is also on the heavy side, weighing a whopping 38 pounds and this is a real minus for parents getting it in and out of their car or up the stairs. You will also have to put some muscle into this stroller when turning it, using both hands, as it gets especially heavy as your children grow bigger.

If you're still undecided, you might want to take a look at this informative review of the Jeep Traveler Tandem.

Where can I buy the Jeep Traveler Tandem?

Hands down, the best price to find this Jeep double stroller is on Amazon. I love the new green color; come check it out!

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