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Designed for Committed Runners with Kids

Looking for a Jeep jogging stroller? The Jeep Overland has all you need for a great workout and comfort for your child.

Jeep juvenile products, made by Kolcraft, have an excellent jogger called the Overland. The Jeep Overland has the reputation of being durable, sturdy and capable of going over different types of terrain smoothly. This Jeep jogging stroller has a fixed front wheel, an essential part of any genuine jogger.

While it makes casual strolling or shopping more difficult with the fixed wheel, parents understand that this product is for more strenuous use while exercising. This stroller has 16-inch pneumatic air-filled tires, and that makes it such a smooth and comfortable ride.

Jogging strollers can be very expensive, but if you don't mind spending well under $200 for a quality jogger that does the job well, then look no further than the Jeep Overland. The Overland has received solidly positive 4-star ratings from happy consumers across different web retailers.

Let's learn more about the Jeep Overland starting with all the fabulous features.

Jeep Overland Jogging Stroller

Jeep Overland Features:

  • iBaby Music Sound System
  • Odometer for speed & distance
  • 16-inch inflatable tires with reflectors
  • Fixed front wheel
  • Spring-loaded suspension system
  • Large storage basket beneath seat
  • Adjustable, extendable sun canopy with large peek-a-boo window
  • Parent cup holders and tray
  • Jeep Overland Jogging Stroller
  • Mesh storage pockets behind seat
  • Easy fold and convenient free-stand once folded
  • Multi-position reclining seat with adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Children's snack tray and cup holders
  • Height adjustable padded handle with safety tether
  • JPMA Certified

Comfort for your baby

I know you want to get back into shape as soon as possible after giving birth, but your baby needs to be at least 6 months old before jogging. Baby's neck muscles need to be developed enough to hold up his or her head and to withstand the bumps and vibration at faster speeds. Walking with your Overland is probably alright, but do keep in mind that this stroller does not accommodate a car seat and cannot be used as a travel system.

The first thing I noticed is the padded seat. It is soft and cushy, yet has the type of material for easy cleaning with the inevitable messes. It's also breathable fabric for those in warmer climates.

The seat can take a weight limit up to 45 pounds, which is not as much as brands like Baby Jogger and BOB, but this has not been an issue with consumers. A reviewer made the comment that her 2-year-old granddaughter loves the Overland and has plenty of growing room.

Jeep Overland

Folded: 21½" x 37½" x 36½"
Width: 22"
Open Length: 45"
Handle Height: 41-43"
Seat Back: 16½"
Seat to Canopy: 23¾"
Seat Width: 11¼"
Seat Depth: 13"
Tires: 16" air filled
Stroller Weight: 27 lbs.

The seat back is average height and reclines to whatever angle you wish with a belt you loosen or tighten behind the seat. The positions go from upright to a full, nearly flat, recline for your child's needs. Several reviews mention that babies and children fall asleep in their seats. A New York mommy remarks that the seat easily reclines without waking her son.

The same padded seat material is on the 5-point safety harness so that your child is snugly secured without experiencing any discomfort from the shoulder straps. The safety harness adjusts to grow with your child to ensure years of use.

Your child also gets a snack tray with a cup holder just the right size for a sippy cup.

How safe is this Jeep jogging stroller?

Safety is the most important aspect in choosing a good jogger and the Jeep Overland does not overlook the importance of this. Several safety features are included to make your outings free from any harm.

The foot brake is simple but effective; it's simply a lever you push down with your foot and it engages both wheels at once to come to a full stop. Lift the lever to disengage.

The hand lever brake in the middle of the handle bar slows your stroller if you happen to be going down a hill and need more control. I like the hand lever brake because it gives me a better command of my speed. That gives me peace of mind because all quality jogging strollers have this feature.

Next to your hand lever brake is a safety tether wrist strap. Secure this to your wrist to keep in contact with your Overland if you wish to push it ahead and pump your arms while running. This is also an essential safety device should you happen to trip and fall, you won't be separated from your stroller and your precious bundle if you go down.

Lastly, the safety reflectors on the wheels give you better visibility to motorists and others on the road in low lighting and night time outings. You never know when a spin around the neighborhood is needed to get somebody to fall asleep, and you want to make sure you can be seen.

Performance and maneuverability

Jeep Overland

The Overland has a fixed front wheel, which all jogging strollers have. If you prefer a swivel wheel, then consider an all terrain stroller, which will give you the ability to lock the front for jogging and swivel for other activities. The Liberty is Jeep's all-terrain model that I highly recommend.

That being said, the large 16-inch bicycle-style tires are air-filled for a smooth ride and better shock absorption over bumps. Many reviewers have said that their Overland maneuvers quite well over different types of terrain and the fixed front wheel offers amazing stability.

Parents like to take their Overland jogging or walking; they like it for both and reviews say that this Jeep jogging stroller is easy to push.

What is the fold like?

Jeep Overland Fold

I love a stroller that can stand on its own after its folded and the Jeep Overland has a free-standing feature that allows the stroller to stay upright. This is especially nice when you're in a dirty area or it's been raining - you don't want to have to either hold your stroller up right after folding or lay it in wet mud.

Jogging strollers are notoriously bulky, but the better models have easily removable wheels. The Jeep Overland has tires that you can pop on and off in a jiffy and that allows you even more space in your trunk.

What about the sun canopy?

The Overland doesn't sport the oversized canopies that other more expensive brands have, but it's an adequate size to shade your child. One fantastic feature it does have, though, is that it unzips in the rear and then you can position the hood forward to block low angles of the sun in late afternoon or early mornings. It can go all the way down to the tray! This is the favorite feature of one Milwaukee, Wisconsin mother, who unzips hers as the sun moves into her baby's eyes.

The top of the canopy has a nicely-sized peek-a-boo window and a flap with Velcro to cover it. I like the larger viewing windows so baby and I can bond and I can see what's going on down there at all times.

Jeep Overland iBaby Sound System and Parent Tray
Jeep Overland pedometer

Storage and parent amenities

A favorite feature is the iBaby sound system. Simply connect your iPod or favorite MP3 player and it plays with embedded speakers. You will need 4 AAA batteries to use this feature, however. Lots of moms and dads have commented that having their music with them keeps them motivated to move and they just love it. The iBaby console has a locking lid and two cup holders for parents.

For a jogger, the Jeep Overland has a humongous storage basket. One reviewer said she likes to use her basket for a blanket and diaper bag. How many jogging strollers can hold that much?

You also get three conveniently placed mesh pockets under the handle behind the seat that are the perfect size to carry your water bottle, cell phone and keys.

The adjustable height handle bar is also a big hit with parents. It can flip up or down from 41 inches up to 43 inches to the height that's most comfortable for you. Parents over 6 feet tall can push the Overland comfortably without hunching over or kicking the back of the stroller with their long strides.

How much should I pay?

The official website has the Jeep Overland jogging stroller suggested retail price set at $220. Most other online retailers charge between $180-$200. However, when I check Amazon, I consistently find the best price at almost $70 cheaper. Factor in the free shipping and you have an amazing deal.

Check out this cute little video review:

What others are saying

The overall consensus for the Jeep Overland has been quite strong. Throughout the years, consumer reviews have been consistent and owners give an average 4-star rating for this Jeep jogging stroller.

This product receives the most positive feedback about its smooth ride and the fun music system. Parents can take their children onto all kinds of terrain and often times the baby is so comfy that long naps are the order of the day.

Owners also love being able to share their love of music with their child and the fact that they don't have to wear headphones or earbuds makes it safer altogether, especially so that they can hear their child.

Moms and dads both comment that it is easy to assemble and the stroller rolls straight ahead, not veering left or right as has been problematic with the Liberty models.

Here are a few more comments from happy Jeep Overland owners:

A mother named Amy found this to be the lightest jogging stroller that comes equipped with both a storage basket and music system.

Samantha from Connecticut says that her Overland is ultra durable and is a breeze to use on roads. She takes it to their campsite and she feels like her baby is safe when she runs. She also mentions in her review that her baby sleeps the entire time she and her husband take their 3 mile walk over gravel.

In addition to these positive reviews, Consumer Reports has tested this Jeep jogging stroller and has given it an overall 67% rating. The Overland earned Very Good marks for Performance, Ease of Use and Safety and a Good mark for Off-Road Maneuverability. Not bad!


The complaint heard most often has to do with the fixed front wheel. This is not the fault of the design, because for a fixed-wheeler, this Jeep jogging stroller works beautifully. Consumers need to be aware that the front wheel does not swivel and then buy accordingly. The fixed front wheel can be a challenge to work with when turning, but all you have to do is push down on the handle and "pop a wheelie" when turning a tight radius.

A couple of complaints mention that the pedometer either didn't work or stopped working early on. Complete instructions are available in the manual and one reviewer named Laura said that after following the directions carefully, she got her odometer to work perfectly.

Another drawback is the bulkiness once folded. Parents have a difficult time storing it in the car, but larger vehicles can accommodate it alright. However, this product tends to be on the lighter side compared with other joggers in its class and since the wheels can come off and on easily, you can get it into your car.

Where can I get the best deal?

Invariably, you're going to find the best price for the Overland on Amazon, so I recommend checking with them first. CLICK HERE to view it.

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