Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure Stroller Review

An Economical 3 Wheel Stroller

The sporty Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure stroller is a reliable and economical all-terrain choice.

Parents who want the versatility of taking baby out to the mall or over dirt trails will prefer a Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure stroller.

This particular stroller used to be the Jeep Liberty, but the Jeep brand, owned by Kolcraft, was discontinued. Kolcraft has decided to move these products over to their brand and improve upon the performance by adding precision ball bearings and better wheels for superior performance. 

Because this is a new product there are little to no reviews as of the time of this writing. The reviews and research for you here are based on the classic Jeep Liberty, but with updated photos. Keep in mind that the Kolcraft and the Jeep Liberty are the same stroller.

Consumer Reports had listed the Jeep Liberty Limited as a Best Buy model, ranking it at a 73, with excellent marks for maneuverability and safety, and very good marks for ease of use and off-road maneuverability.

Kolcraft all terrain strollers are not for jogging! If you are interested in something suitable for jogging, check out Kolcraft's Sprint Pro with the fixed wheel or Sprint X. But the Liberty is an excellent stroller for taking brisk power walks or long strolls over many different types of terrain.

Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure Features 

  • Accepts popular infant car seats such as Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego
  • 12-inch air-filled tires with sealed ball bearings for a better maneuvering
  • Locking front swivel wheel
  • Large storage basket
  • Sun canopy with extra-large sun visor
  • One-handed easy self-standing fold 
  • Multi-position padded reclining seat
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Children's snack tray and cup holders
  • Parent's cup holder and organization tray
  • Ergonomic foam-padded handle for parents' comfort
  • Holds up to 50 pounds

As the Jeep Liberty, it was my personal stroller I used with my son for nearly 4 years, so I have lots of experience with this particular product. I have to say I loved this stroller so much that it inspired me to create Stroller Envy! So let me start by telling you about how comfortable and safe it is for both your child and for you.

Comfort & Safety

This product is designed for infants and children up to 50 pounds. The Adventure accommodates an infant car seat from these brands: Graco, Chicco, Safety 1st and Peg Perego. Turn your all terrain stroller into a travel system!

Once your baby can sit up, your child will be comfortable in the padded multi-position reclining seat. Set it at any position you want because it has a drawstring adjuster, though keep in mind it does not lie completely flat, as you see from the photo. You will need to use two hands to put the seat back up;  one to push the seat forward and the other adjust the drawstring. 

I like that the panel in back of the seat that forms an enclosure behind the reclined seat so the top of the seat is not out in the open air. That gives me a sense of security that baby's fully surrounded and protected.

I like that the panel in back of the seat that forms an enclosure behind the reclined seat so the top of the seat is not out in the open air. That gives me a sense of security that baby's fully surrounded and protected.

The seat has a padded adjustable 5-point harness, a safety feature parents praise. As your child grows taller, simply adjust the shoulder straps up, and the lap belt can be adjusted to a larger size as well. While the buckle isn't the most heavy-duty, it adequately does the job.

Kids get a snack tray with two cup holders and the tray swivels for in and out convenience.

For the parents, the Adventure has a foam padded ergonomic handle for comfortable strolling. As I personally used this product, I found that the handle bar was just the right height and felt great. One reviewer said that she's 5'10" and her husband is 6'3" and the handles were tall enough for them both not to have to stoop over.

How about the sun canopy?

When Kolcraft took over the Jeep brand, they improved on all the sun canopies. The canopy on the All Terrain Adventure is much better than on any of the Jeep Liberty models. It has two panels and an extra large flip-out visor that is as big as an entire panel. As you can see in the photo, it extends down almost to the child's tray! 

Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure Measurements

Folded: 20 x 25¼ x 34½"
Seatback: 18½"
Seat to canopy: 22"
Seat width: 13½" 
Wheels: 12" 
Stroller weight: 31 lbs.

The Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure has air-filled tires, which made for a super smooth ride over lots of different terrain. I took my stroller over park wood chips, the sandy beach, boardwalk, gravel and grass. The wheels handled well, especially if the front wheel is locked straight. While there is no suspension, the air tires make the ride really smooth!

The only downfall to the air-filled tires was that I experienced air leaks on occasion and punctures several times a year. Fortunately, I have a bike shop nearby with the same-sized innertubes, so getting the flat fixed was no problem, but it put me out $20 each time for the service. For leaks, I recommend using Slime Bicycle Tube Sealant.

Sometimes my stroller would pull to the left or the right. When you have air-filled tires, this can sometimes happen, and what you need to do is add more air to the side your stroller is turning toward. Veering to the right? Add more air to the right rear tire. Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure for best performance.

What is the fold like?

The Adventure folds easily and stands alone, freeing you to attend to other things before putting your stroller away. It can be rather bulky, it doesn't have the most compact fold, but removing the snack tray helps as does the quick remove tires if space is real tight.

Storage: one of the highlights

The plentiful storage is one of the best features on a Jeep Liberty stroller. The online reviews from happy consumers all talk about how great the storage options are.

You're going to be amazed at the basket beneath the seat; it is generous enough to hold a large diaper bag and a purse, or even a bag or two of groceries. I would take regular trips to the library with my son and I would put not only snacks and diaper bag, but all the library books in the basket too! The basket includes mesh pockets at the inside front to keep things separate, like your water bottles, neighborhood map or grocery list.

Mom and Dad you get two deep parent cup holders on your tray and a little cubby space to keep other little things like your phone or some lip balm. The photo above is for a different stroller, but the Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure looks almost exactly the same. 

How much should I pay?

I've found that this all terrain stroller goes for $219 at the time of this update, which is about 12% less than retail when you buy it on Amazon.

See the video review below for the features, benefits and functions of the Jeep Liberty/Kolcraft Adventure.

What others are saying

The brand new Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure does not have any reviews yet. But because it is the same stroller as the Jeep Liberty, let's see what others say about the Liberty.

Online reviews receive the most positive feedback for easy maneuverability and smooth ride with an average of 4 and 4½-star reviews. Parents can take their Jeep Liberty strollers over all sorts of terrain with ease.

Stephanie from San Jose, California remarks on how lightweight and easy to handle this product is. She pushes her 25-pound toddler plus the weight of all her stuff she brings along and it still steers with one hand - even around corners.

A mother from La Rue, Ohio loves her Liberty because it's easy to push and gives a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. She comments that it is a good investment and highly recommends it.

A mom named Stephanie from Honalulu, Hawaii feels that her Jeep Liberty stroller is much easier to push. She also loves iPod music feature for her walks and the speakers are a better quality than she expected.

Moms remark that their kids simply love to ride in this stroller! Children have fun with the steering wheel and feel comfortable in the cushy seat.


By far the highest number of complaints talk about the bulkiness, heavy weight and difficulty folding. Most of the reviewers who hadn't had a problem with the bulk of this stroller had big vehicles. But the weight is certainly an issue and a few cited more expensive models like the BOB Revolution that are of similar size, but a much lighter weight and overall better quality.

The Liberty occasionally pulls to one side or the other, requiring constant pushback to keep it in a straight line and this makes it difficult for a relaxing walk. The tires have been known to go flat fairly frequently, and unless you have a bike shop nearby that carries that size, you'll have to get a replacement through Kolcraft, which can be quite inconvenient.

Note: Fingers crossed that the newly improved wheels on the Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure addresses this problem!

The last drawback that was commented on occasionally was that the recline feature was difficult to put back into a more upright position. The seat is easy to pull down using this sort of string-pulley system, but to tighten it back up again required the parent to use their arm to put the seat into place and both hands to adjust the strings. This is difficult to do when you've got a child sitting in the seat.

Where can I buy the Kolcraft Adventure?

My favorite place to buy strollers is on Amazon. It's so convenient to get the All Terrain Adventure for a good price plus free shipping and prompt service. 

Imagine yourself taking your baby everywhere in this brand new, great looking stroller!

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