Kolcraft Cloud Plus Review

Top-Rated Lightweight for a Great Price

Ideal for quick trips, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is compact and lightweight for busy parents.

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is rugged and compact, high quality stroller that weighs only 12 pounds yet it still has lots of features that full-sized strollers include. This lightweight model has two huge advantages that makes it one of the best in its class: the low price and all the features.

Think that all that's going to cost a bundle? It doesn't. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller is one of the few in this category that cost well under $90 that is also highly rated. You're not going to find a higher value at a lower price than the Cloud Plus. Customers love it, rating it at 4 stars, but Consumer Reports has a different take. I reveal their comments toward the bottom of the review at What others are saying.

Let's take a look in detail at what this Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller has to offer, starting with all the outstanding features.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Features:

  • Holds your child up to 50 pounds
  • One handed easy fold with stand-alone feature
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Adjustable sun canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Front swivel wheels with front-end suspension
  • Large storage basket 
  • Removable parent tray with two cup holders
  • Child's snack tray with juice box/cup holder
  • 5-point safety harness
  • JPMA Certified

Tell me about the seat

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller has what your child needs for comfort and safety. I've found that the seat is comfy and reclines at many different angles because you can adjust it with a belt behind the seat: loosen the belt to recline, tighten the belt to incline. Because the recline isn't nearly flat, your baby needs to be at least six months old to ride, like this little guy above.

The seat has a 5-point safety harness, not padded, but not a super big deal. When the seat is reclined, a mesh panel behind the seat provides an enclosure and air flow. Baby gets a good sized snack tray and cup holder, essential for those longer outings. 

What is the fold like?

Storing the Cloud Plus is a breeze, too. Not only is it easy to fold, but it has a self-standing fold and it has a big red latch to secure the frame together. I like this feature because it stands upright on its own so that you don't have to lay it down on the dirty ground while you're putting your baby into the car. Then when you're ready to put your stroller away, it is compact enough that it takes up little space in your vehicle, leaving enough room for groceries.

How well is the performance?

The wheels are large enough to give a smooth ride and the Cloud Plus has double shock-absorbing front swivel wheels. You can easily push it over cracked sidewalks and packed dirt paths and one mom even said she took hers over gravel!  But the wheels do not lock straight and I wish this stroller had that feature, because the locked wheels make a difference going over the rougher surfaces. Some reviews say that the wheels wobble due to the "all-terrain" design on the outside of the wheels. 

Individual rear brakes are next to each rear wheel, and you have to step down on each one to engage and disengage. They are not flip-flop friendly. 

Plenty of storage

Underneath the seat you'll find an actual storage basket - not just a mesh bag that some lightweight baby strollers have, and it is large enough to carry what you need and is easily accessible, so long as the seat is up. Once the seat is reclined, you may have some trouble getting to your stuff. Cloud Plus stroller reviews say that the storage basket is large enough to carry an average sized diaper bag and purse.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Measurements

Folded: 18"w x 12"d x 34"h
Open Length: 31¼" 
Wheelbase Width: 18"
Handle Height: 39½" 
Wheels: 5" x 6" 
Seat to Canopy: 21" - 24"
Seat Back: 16"
Seat Depth: 9" 
Seat Width: 11" 
Stroller Weight: 11.8 lbs.
Max Weight Capacity: 50 lbs.

The Cloud Plus has a parent tray with dual cup holders and a space for your phone or other small items. Some reviewers say that the cup holders aren't deep and wide enough, incapable of holding a standard sized water bottle. 

How about the sun canopy?

The sun canopy, of course, keeps the sun off your child's delicate skin and shades the face, especially needed to be able to nap. I like the peek-a-boo window so you can maintain contact, giving security to your little one. However, there is no flap to cover the peek-a-boo window, so if the sun is at a certain angle, your child won't be protected.

The sun canopy is adjustable as well, folding all the way back, halfway or fully expanded. It also has an effective sun visor for additional shading.

Is your child tall? No problem, he or she can fit under the sun canopy because it has three inches of adjustable height up or down the frame to make it just right.

How much should I pay?

Depending on the color you get (different merchants offer different colors) the price varies between $50 to $80. My favorite place to shop for strollers is on Amazon for a great price and free shipping.

Take a look at this short demo video:

And this official manufacturer's video: 

What others are saying

Across the web, parents are writing reviews to say how much they love their Kolcraft Cloud Plus with consistent 4-star ratings. One of the most complimented features of this lightweight stroller is how sturdy it is and the convenience it offers for vacations. Taking this lightweight to the airport is no problem: the Cloud Plus holds up with the rough handling of gate-check and train in the airplane.

Once you get your stroller in the box back home, you'll be pleased to know that it is quite easy to assemble. This is another comment that customer reviews are saying: it takes only minutes to assemble properly, then you're on your way.

Lastly the main feature that parents are talking about is the one-handed fold.

Consumer Reports gives the Cloud Plus stroller less favorable ratings than online customers.  Their overall score is only 66% with very good marks for Ease of Use and Safety, and a good mark for Maneuverability. While they like the light weight and compactness, they don't like that the front wheels don't lock, the frame feels flimsy when pushing it and the handle isn't high enough.  


Quite a few Kolcraft Cloud Plus reviews have said that the height of the handle bar isn't tall enough for them. Parents over 5'6" may have to stoop over to push and sometimes kick the back while walking.

Some parents find that the seat doesn't recline far enough back and that the strap used to adjust the recline can be difficult to use at times. Yet most of these reviewers still give the Cloud Plus a high rating.

There have also been a few negative comments about the cupholders not being deep enough, both on the parent's tray and the child's tray.

Where can I find the best price?

My favorite place to buy strollers for the best price is on Amazon You simply cannot go wrong!

Just imagine how good you'll feel after you've put your new Cloud Plus together and you take your excited little passenger out for a ride.

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