Kolcraft Sprint X Stroller Reivew

Versatile as a Jogger or All Terrain 3-Wheeler

The Kolcraft Sprint X stroller gives you the versatility you want; whether walking or jogging.

Kolcraft has an excellent jogger called the Sprint X, and it is both an all-terrain stroller with a front swivel wheel, or with a simple flip of a lever, a fixed front wheel, an essential part of any genuine jogger.

This type of jogging/all-terrain hybrid lets you lock the front wheel forward when you are ready to jog, giving you more stability at higher speeds than when the front wheel is locked backward for going over bumpy terrain.

So far parents are giving this stroller 4 stars for the great handling, smooth maneuvering and easy assembly. There's lots more to the Sprint X, and by the time you finish reading this review, you're going to be eager to get outdoors with your little one!

Note: a couple of detail photos in the review are of the Jeep Adventurer, which is exactly the same product as the Sprint X minus the iBaby sound system.

Kolcraft Sprint X Features:

  • Car seat compatible with most major brands
  • 16-inch rear inflatable tires with reflectors
  • Forward-locking front wheel for exercise, swivel wheel for every day use
  • Spring-loaded suspension system
  • Large storage basket beneath seat
  • Adjustable, sun canopy with large peek-a-boo window
  • Parent cup holders
  • Mesh storage pockets behind seat
  • Easy fold and convenient free-stand once folded
  • Multi-position reclining seat with adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Padded bumper bar with child cup holder
  • 3-position height adjustable padded handle with safety tether
  • JPMA Certified

The following brands of infant car seats can be used:

Baby Trend Flex-Loc & Inertia

Britax Chaperone

Chicco KeyFit 30

Evenflo Embrace & Nurture

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30, 35 & 40

Maxi-Cosi Prezi

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35

Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite & OnBoard 35

Summer Infant Prodigy

UPPABaby Mesa

Safety & comfort

This product is designed for infants and children up to 60 pounds. The Kolcraft Sprint X accommodates an infant car seat from major brands so you can turn your all terrain stroller into a travel system.

Here are all the car seat brands and models this stroller accommodates. If it is not listed, it will not fit. The Britax B-Safe car seat does not fit, one that is asked about on many Q&A forums. 

Once your baby can sit up, your child will be comfortable in the padded multi-position reclining seat. Set it at any position you want because it has a drawstring nylon strap, though keep in mind it does not lie completely flat. It goes to about a 45 degree angle. You will need two hands to incline the seat when your child is ready to sit up. The side view of this stroller above in the Features area shows you how far back the seat goes.

When the seat is reclined, there is a mesh panel at the top so it is not all open-air, yet does provide a barrier with circulation. I like that very much in that it just makes my child feel more secure, especially when they are napping.

A padded, adjustable 5-point harness grows with your child and the lap belt can be adjusted to a larger size as well, essential for a 60 pound seat capacity. It doesn't have the highest seat back at 17", but the 12" width is good. While the buckle isn't the most heavy-duty, it adequately does the job.

One step activates the brakes with a levered linked system. Step down to engage, flip it back up to disengage. Safe and easy to do.

While there is no snack tray, your child gets a padded bumper bar to hang on to. It swivels or removes easily, so ins and outs are a breeze.  A cup holder for bottles or sippy cups attaches to the bumper bar.

The parent tray is slightly different on the Sprint X. Handle is same.

For the parents, the Sprint X has a foam padded ergonomic handle for comfortable strolling. Called a "Smart Handle", it adjusts to three positions. 

One mama blogger commented that the lowest setting is just right for her 3 year old little helper, so it's really nice for involving older siblings helping out during your stroll. 

A 6'1" dad commented that this is one of his favorite features, as most strollers have handles that are too short.

The handle also has a safety tether attached, so that you will always have contact with your stroller, especially on hills. This certainly provides peace of mind.

Kolcraft Sprint X Measurements:

Folded: 32"L x 24½"W x 18½"D

Width: 24½

Length: 43" 

Height: 44" 

Seat Back: 17½"

Seat width: 12" 

Rear wheel: 16" 

Stroller weight: 31½ lbs.

What is the performance like?

The Kolcraft Sprint X all terrain stroller has air-filled tires, which made for a super smooth ride over lots of different terrain. Easily take it over park wood chips, the sandy beach, boardwalk, gravel and grass. Because of the larger 16-inch rear tires, going over such terrain really smooths out the ride. 

And the rear suspension - you can see the spring-like mechanism in white near the top of the photo. The suspension system along with air-filled large tires makes the stroller practically float over the ground. 

Kimberly recently said in her 4-star review that she uses her Sprint X around her rural home and it goes great over gravel roads.

When you want to jog, or you need extra stability going over rough terrain, simply flip a lever underneath the front wheel well. It is bright yellow-green just like the suspension, so you can't miss it. Lock it straight to increase your wheel base, and when you're ready for every day use and walks, flip it back to swivel mode. 

Having air tires means you might get flats, though. The only downfall to the air-filled tires was that I experienced air leaks on occasion and punctures several times a year. Fortunately, I have a bike shop nearby with the same-sized innertubes, so getting the flat fixed was no problem, but it put me out $20 each time for the service. For leaks, I recommend using Slime Bicycle Tube Sealant.

What about the fold?

The Sprint X folds easily and stands alone, freeing you to attend to other things before putting your stroller away.

Simply pull back on the release tabs and it practically folds itself. The stroller can be rather bulky though, because of the large rear tires. But if space is tight, simply remove the rear tires and also the bumper bar, if needed, and that will give you a few extra inches of space. 

Many reviews mention the super easy fold, but they also mention that this stroller is bulky and you've got to have the space to carry it. That is the nature of all-terrain 3-wheelers.

Tell me about the sun canopy

The canopy has gotten some excellent comments - one mom from Southern California said  the canopy comes down quite far and shades her 11 month old from the late day sun really well.

The canopy is large with a flip out visor and a peek-a-boo window at the top. There is no cover for the window, however, and so if you ever didn't want any light coming through, you'd have to find something on your own. 

Photo is Jeep Adventurer, but is designed exactly the same for Sprint X.

Storage & other amenities

You're going to be pleased at the size of the storage basket. It is big enough to carry all your essentials and the great thing about it is that you can access your things through the front or the back!

When the seat is in full recline, getting to the storage area is impossible, but the Kolcraft Sprint X has access through the front area as well, just above where your child puts his or her feet.

One mother wrote in saying that her son kicks off his blanket, it goes into the storage area and toys fall right into the basket. She absolutely loves this because she doesn't have to pick these things off the ground anymore or lose the little toys if she misses them walking by.

A parent tray is included with two cup holders and a storage cup between the holders. 

How much should I pay?

The official website has the Kolcraft Sprint X suggested retail price set at $230. Many other online retailers charge between $198-216. This includes Amazon and a couple other online merchants that charge just over $198 at the time of writing, which is a 40% savings off the original MSRP.  Factor in the fast free shipping with reliable service, and you have a great deal.

What others are saying

Consumers generally love the Kolcraft Sprint X / Jeep Adventure jogging stroller and ratings across several web retailers give this product a 4-star rating. Parents appreciate the ease of use, particularly the fold, the big canopy and smooth ride. 

Michelle from a rural area in Alaska writes in her 5-star review that it pushes extremely easily. 

A first time mom in Southeast Iowa takes hers jogging over gravel roads and it does great, she says.

Most reviews on different merchant sites mention how easy this Jeep jogger is to push and steer, and how smoothly it goes over rough terrain.

Quite a few reviews talk about how easy this stroller is to fold. They like the standing fold and the fact that the tires come off easily to save on space. The same reviews that rave about the easy fold also comment that it is bulky and you must have the space in your car for it to fit.

Another big hit is the adjustable handle bar. Couples who have a big height difference find this feature to be especially helpful as it allows each person to stride with ease and comfort.  Many reviews mention this.

Reviewers who actually jog write about their positive experience taking this stroller out for their exercise. Several say that the front wheel does not wobble at higher speeds and the stroller is stable and does not shake at the higher speeds as well. They are overall quite pleased at the performance and how comfy their children are during the jogs. 

Melissa ran a 5K with baby over some pretty rough roads, and her daughter slept the entire time, in fact she didn't move.


There are just a few recurring complaints. 

One is about front wheel misalignment while jogging at higher speeds. I do like that in each of the few reviews that had this complaint, Kolcraft Customer Service responded immediately with information on getting the problem fixed. 

A couple of reviews say that they wish a flap would be included over the peek-a-boo window.

A couple of reviews say that this stroller does not fit in their car when folded. Most people understand, though, that this is the nature of a jogging stroller. Big and bulky.

Where can I get the best deal?

Invariably, you're going to find the best price for the Sprint X on Amazon, so I recommend checking with them first. CLICK HERE to view it.

Just imagine yourself right now taking your little one out for your own adventure with this fabulous yet rugged all-terrain stroller. 

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