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Kolcraft strollers are the formerly branded Jeep strollers, which have been upgraded a bit.

Kolcraft is a baby and juvenile products manufacturing company that has been around since 1946, when Leo Koltun of Chicago began making playpen pads for post WWII babies. Finding himself with surplus fabric and batting, Koltun came up with the first crib bumper pads in 1949. After that it was full speed ahead for Kolcraft as the market share increased substantially and the company became the #1 manufacturer for baby crib mattresses.

Today Kolcraft is still the lead crib mattress supplier and has partnered with Sealy® to continue producing quality mattresses. Kolcraft has also partnered with other well-known brands like Sesame Beginnings™ and Contours® to keep the tradition going strong of producing high quality baby products.

Formerly Jeep Strollers

Recently, Kolcraft decided to discontinue the Jeep brand. Popular strollers like the lightweight Jeep Cherokee and the all-terrain classic that I used for years with my son, the Jeep Liberty, are sadly no more. 

Kolcraft has upgraded each Jeep stroller a little, improving on the quality, changing the name, and invariably, raising the price a notch for the new strollers. But they are otherwise the same product. 

Many of my reviews on this page are still for Jeep strollers, until I revise them to reflect the changes of the new Kolcraft name and small improvements. I will indicate in the summary if the review is for a Jeep product.

About the new Kolcraft Strollers

Kolcaft has three types of strollers to choose from. Scroll down the page to see them all or click/tap on a style to take you straight there.

Kolcraft Jogger and All-Terrain

Sprint X

The Sprint X is a hybrid jogger and all-terrain stroller, kind of like a much less expensive version of the Mountain Buggy Terrain. This type of jogging/all-terrain hybrid lets you lock the front wheel forward when you are ready to jog, giving you more stability at higher speeds than when the front wheel is locked backward for going over bumpy terrain.

This type of jogging/all-terrain hybrid lets you lock the front wheel forward when you are ready to jog, giving you more stability at higher speeds than when the front wheel is locked backward for going over bumpy terrain.

The Sprint X jogger is not lightweight; like most 3-wheelers, it's a bit large and weighs 32 pounds. But the upside is that it holds up to 60 pounds, so you can take your child with you on your workouts until they go to kindergarten! When baby is a newborn, though, the Adventure is car seat compatible with most major manufacturers, so you can have a travel system.

Features such as air-filled tires and a shock-absorbing suspension system smooths the ride and an adjustable-height handle gives you optimum control. The seat has multiple reclining positions and a 5-point safety harness. Parents have a safety tether on the handle to maintain contact with the stroller at all times. A large basket beneath the seat and cup holders round out your storage options.

All Terrain Adventure

The All Terrain Adventure 3-wheel stroller has extra storage for parents keep keys, cell phone and smaller types of baby gear in one place. A generous storage basket holds all your bulky items. A child snack tray has a deep cup holder. 

A 50 pound weight limit ensures years of use and the seat has an adjustable padded 5-point safety harness. An infinite recline drawstring enables you to find just the right spot for your little one to take a nap. And if you have a newborn, the All Terrain Adventure accommodates most major brand car seats, so that this stroller becomes a convenient travel system.

 The 12-inch inflatable tires makes the ride nice and smooth. This stroller is a bit heavy and bulky, though, at 31 pounds, but it does have a free-standing one-handed fold

The Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain is the former version of this stroller, and if previous reviews for the Urban Terrain are any indication, it looks like the All Terrain Adventure is set for 4 or 4½ star reviews.  (UPDATE: The All Terrain Adventure is surpassing its Jeep predecessor with 5-star reviews so far!)

Sprint Pro

no reviews yet

Note: Kolcraft replaces the Jeep Overland in mid May 2015; it is the same stroller that you will read about in the review (except no MP3 speakers).  

The Kolcraft Sprint Pro jogging stroller has 16-inch air-filled tires and a fixed front wheel. The multi position reclining seat, with adjustable 5-point harness provides safety and comfort to your child. A height adjustable handle, and an extendable sun shade with peek-a-boo window provide custom options for adults and children of all sizes.

The Sprint Pro weighs more than the high-end brands at 30 pounds and holds up to 45 pounds. It includes a parent tray with cup holders and a child's snack tray with cup holders. A big storage basket beneath the seat holds everything you need. 

The seat is well padded with a multi-position recline and the padded 5-pointed safety harness keeps your child snug and secure. Additionally, a large sun canopy extends all the way down to the tray for optimal coverage and protection. 

Parents, you enjoy an adjustable height handle for the right comfort as you get your workout and the easy free-stand design stands alone when you fold it. 

No reviews yet for the new Kolcraft version of this stroller, but if it is anything like the Jeep Overland, it will get at least 4 stars, probably more!

Lightweight Kolcraft Strollers

Cloud Plus

Compact and lightweight for busy parents, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is ideal for quick trips. It is a high quality product that weighs only 11.8 pounds and has an easy one-hand compact fold that stands on its own.

For kids, the Cloud Plus has a multi-position seat recline, adjustable sun canopy with extended visor and snack tray. 

A 5-point quick release buckle keeps your kiddo safe and this lightweight baby stroller holds up to 50 pounds.

Parents, you get a generous storage basket and parent tray with two deep cup holders. Not many lightweight strollers have so many goodies and not get too heavy.

The Cloud Plus has gotten 4-star reviews from many, many happy parents who recommend this product; it is an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the lightweight department! However, Consumer Reports has a slightly different view. Discover all the whats and whys when you read the Kolcraft Cloud Plus review.

Umbrella Strollers


Both summer and winter outings can be more comfortable for your little one when you use the Kolcraft Cloud stroller. It features a seating pad that rolls up, exposing a sturdy mesh lining to create cooler airflow in the summer. The rolled up seat padding makes a comfy head rest.

This is a great option for travel and quick errands if you want a stroller with streamlined options, yet is still comfortable enough for both child and parent. 

Weighing only 9½ pounds,  it's just about as lightweight as you can go, but it only holds a child up to 40 pounds. A 3-point safety belt is good for older toddlers who don't need shoulder straps any longer - it is great for more mobility.  The sun canopy on the Cloud has a flip-out visor for more coverage  and you get a cup holder. Basket is still quite small, though, which is usual for umbrella strollers.

The Cloud is good for casual outings, but it has gotten mixed reviews with average 4-star ratings. 

Cloud Side-by-Side

Note: Kolcraft Cloud Twin replaces the Jeep Wrangler All Weather Twin; it is the same stroller that you will read about in the review. Updates coming.

Listed by Consumer Reports as one of the better twin side-by-side strollers, the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather double stroller was assured to have high quality standards for safety and performance. Will the same be said for the updated Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side?

Like its single counterpart, this twin umbrella stroller comes with the roll-up seat pads for summer cool with them up and winter warmth rolled down. This product has three-point quick release buckles for safety and individual expanding sun canopies for lots of shade.

The Cloud Side by Side is lightweight at just 21 pounds and the extra wide frame holds two children up to 35 pounds each. Each seat individually reclines for comfy naptime. The extra wide frame can still fit through most doorways and it's easy to fold and compact for convenient storage. Parents, you even get a cup holder!

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