Best Lightweight Reversing Seat Strollers for 2017

Options without the Bulk 

These are the best lightweight reversing seat strollers because you want options, not big bulk. Here are the top 2017 brands under 20 pounds.

This is perhaps the fastest growing category this year; parents want a reversing seat convertible stroller without the huge size. Many convertible, or reversing seat strollers, are full sized, full-featured products with all the bells and whistles. And they are very expensive. But what if you don't want all the bells and whistles? 

You still like the option to have a car seat or bassinet placed on the chassis - or frame - for a stylish travel system while your baby is a newborn. You just need that frame to be smaller. 

The reversing seat is the key to your heart. When baby is big enough for the toddler seat, you want maintain that precious face-to-face contact, but again, without a big bulky seat. Whether parent facing, or outward facing, you want a stroller you can take traveling with you, or keep in your small car or living space. 

Best Lightweight Reversing Seat Strollers 2017

Quinny Zapp Xtra

$200 - $250 Depending on color

Want a more lightweight option, but still have the functionality of a convertible stroller? You're in luck with the Quinny Zapp X-tra. This amazing little stroller has a reclining seat that is both removable and reversible. And now, you can fold the Zapp Xtra with the seat attached where up until recently you had to remove the seat to fold it.

The Zapp is best known for outstanding maneuverability. It weighs 19 pounds, yet unfolds to a full-sized stroller with a 50 pound weight limit; the Zapp has lots of room for your growing child.

This lightweight reversing seat stroller has one feature about it that parents who like to travel shall find indispensable, but you'll have to read the Quinny Zapp review to find out what it is plus all the new upgraded features in the Zapp Xtra.

For your newborn baby, the Zapp frame holds a Maxi Cosi infant car seat so you can have a compact travel system stroller for the first months of your child's life.

Customers who have bought this stroller give it 4-star ratings because they love the maneuverability and compact size.

Top Reasons to Buy

Lightest weight full-size convertible stroller

Smallest folding size - popular for travel!

Turn-on-a-dime maneuvering

UPPAbaby Cruz


The UPPAbaby Cruz is the pared down version of the Vista. While still having a full-size reversing seat, the overall footprint is smaller. The Cruz is the solution for on-the-go parents who want all the features and style of a full-sized stroller in a FAR more compact size.

This model comes between the lighter weight G-Luxe and the premium Vista in terms of weight and features.

Not only does the seat reverse, it reclines all the way flat as well as sits up really straight. Use an infant seat adapter for your car seat and there you have an attractive travel system. The Cruz has excellent handling and boasts a large, extending sun canopy for your child's protection.

In addition, features like an adjustable height handle and a one-step easy fold with or without the seat attached make the Cruz a breeze to use. However be aware that the Cruz does not come with a bassinet, but you may buy one separately. A rumble seat cannot be used and you cannot use a Vista seat on this model. The Cruz is a single, reversing seat convertible stroller that can hold a car seat or bassinet right on the frame. A snack tray and stroller board for an older sibling is now available as well.

Parents recommend the UPPAbaby Cruz giving it 4½ stars for the super light weight and flat fold that's convenient for the car and storage. They really like the generous storage basket and several reviewers mention how comfy the seat is for baby.

Here's a video showing you the stand-out features for their latest offering:

Top Reasons to Buy

Much lighter weight than the Vista

Big, easily accessible storage basket

Smooth maneuvering and stellar performance

Bugaboo Bee 3

$769 for seat, canopy & frame together 

Without a doubt, Bugaboo is the very definition of the luxury lightweight stroller. The modern design is made for urban living, for on-the-go parents who want a product that takes them from place to place with convenience and ease. The compact size has a narrower footprint than full-sized buggies, and tight spaces are accessible, whether it's a small storage closet or the back of a packed car trunk. 

An adjustable-height handle provides pushing comfort whether you're tall or short. The mesh storage basket is bigger enough to store a large bag, plus you can hang one off the handle if you need to. Steering is buttery smooth and the brakes engage in one step.

The Bee's seat is reversible; when your baby is really young, face-to-face contact is a lovely connection. If you prefer to use your car seat (Britax, Chicco, Maxi Cosi  & Cybex) Bugaboo has an adapter (sold separately) that you snap right onto the chassis. The Bee3 has the option to use a bassinet.

Turn the seat around when baby is older and the stroller holds your child up to 37½ pounds, which really is not that much weight in comparison with these other strollers. The backrest and sun canopy are both height adjustable to grow with your child into toddlerhood. The seat has three reclining positions from nearly flat to straight upright. The sun canopy on the Bee3 now has a zipped extendable panel and comes down  nearly to the seat, but still does not have a peek-a-boo window.

Performance on the Bugaboo Bee is stellar, with independent suspension in each of the foam-filled rubber wheels. Turning and steering your Bee is effortless and one-handed.

For a complete look at the Bee3, take a look at this video demonstration.

Top Reasons to Buy

Gliding maneuverability and superb performance

Upgraded extendable sun canopy

64 possible color combination choices among frame, seat and canopy colors

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