Best Lightweight Strollers for 2017 Revealed

Your Guide to Quality and Top Picks

The best lightweight strollers have more features than an umbrella stroller, but are generally more compact than standard singles. Here are the best rated at different price points.

Baby strollers in the lightweight category are medium to small-sized; they can look just like standard buggies and it is easy to get them mixed up. But these lightweights weigh 15 to 19 pounds and full-sized strollers start at about 20 pounds or more. These smaller lightweights are a great alternative to the larger ones when you don't want all the extra weight, but still want convenience features that umbrella strollers don't have.

What is the difference between lightweight and umbrella strollers?

There are two main differences between lightweights and umbrellas. Umbrella strollers have curved handles that look like umbrella handles, hence the name. They also fold vertically, while lightweight and most other types fold flat horizontally.

Another difference is that umbrella strollers are typically not suitable for newborn babies because the seat does not recline flat, nor can it accommodate a car seat if you wish to have a travel system. This type has almost no extra features such as a parent cup holder and storage basket. However, lightweights have almost all the same features of full-sized buggies, without the extra bulk.

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What to look for

Several important criteria should be considered when choosing a lightweight baby stroller. First parents should pay attention to the frame.The frame should be stable and sturdy. Most lightweights are made of aluminum. The lightweight but sturdy frame is crucial for parents who travel with their babies frequently. The best products take the abuse of traveling via public transportation, such as air travel. Many families gate-check their stroller at the airport so they can use it at their destination.

Another important factor that should be considered when purchasing a quality lightweight is its safety features. A good stroller should come with a 5-point safety harness, and it should be adjustable according to the baby's size. A safe lightweight stroller must also have rear brakes that are either hand or foot-controlled. Some have a locking mechanism, keeping the stroller from collapsing once it's set up - you don't want to even think about your stroller collapsing around your precious baby!

The next standard feature to consider are the wheels. Wheels with good suspension are ideal for parents on the move because it provides a smooth ride for your baby as you're zipping around. Front wheels that can swivel provide superb maneuvering in crowded areas, an important factor when you're in the city or a crowded shopping mall.

What kind of seat does it have? The seat should be padded, with strong back support. Just as you've chosen the best crib mattress with firm support, this feature is important with your stroller as well. Most lightweights come with seats that recline at multiple positions, even flat for newborns, which is a bonus. Most brands accept an infant car seat, turning your lightweight baby stroller into a travel system.

More features to look for are an adjustable and fully retractable sun canopy to protect the baby from elements such as sun, rain and wind. You're also going to want easy folding that is compact for storage.

Extra features such as child and parents cup holders, snack tray for baby and adequately-sized storage baskets or pockets are must-haves. These features help parents to store their belongings safely and to keep the baby entertained. Best sellers usually have a padded bumper bar for the baby to hold onto.

Lightweight Travel Systems

Want a stroller with matching car seat, but not the bulk? You're not alone; so do lots of other moms. The selection of strollers below accommodate car seats, but they may or may not match, and most the time won't come together as a pair for extra savings. Graco has some wonderful lightweight travel systems, and you can discover more brands here.

Convertible Strollers

Here's an alternative to the traditional travel system. If you prefer a more modern look and want the option to add a bassinet or car seat right on the chassis AND have a reversing toddler seat, then you must look at the growing selection of lightweight reversing seat strollers. They're generally pricier, however the selection for all budgets is growing. Convertible strollers are far more flexible with their seating options and are highly stylish. Best of all, they are much lighter weight and far less bulky than these traditional travel system strollers!

Best Lightweight Strollers for 2017

These are the best lightweight strollers for 2017. Based on user reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers and as well as personal experience, these are the top-rated products this year. Choose from a variety that fits your budget for the highest-rated on the market.

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