Top Strollers for Twins Guide 2018

Top-Rated Brands for Two Newborn Babies

Explore different strollers for twins when they're infants, such as convertible or tandem, or simple car seat frame. These are the best for 2018.

All new parents need lots of help the first year, but parents of twins are especially in need. How in the world are you ever going to get out of the house, much less do any grocery shopping? It's overwhelming to think about safely taking your new babies on outings, but in the right stroller for twins, you can have peace of mind. Not to mention an easier time of it yourself!

This page focuses on the kind of stroller you're going to need in your babies' first 9 months to one year. Many double baby strollers, whether they're all-terrain, jogging, or umbrella, require that your children be at least 6 months old to ride. Most side-by-side strollers accommodate only one infant car seat, so you have to bypass those brands. What options do you have?

Explore a variety of top-rated strollers for twins that accommodate two infant car seats and some that have multiple seating arrangements. Price points go from ultra budget to high-end luxury for your precious bundles of joy. After you finish this overview, you'll either have a good idea of your needs or your stroller order already placed!

Best Strollers for Twins 2018

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers as well as personal experience, these are the best strollers for twins this year. Choose the price range that fits your budget for the highest-rated products on the market.

Luxury High End Strollers for Twins

This range usually starts at about $600 and goes up from there. It is common to spend over $1,000 for a top-of-the-line product, especially once you include car seat adapters and the second seat. Here is a good representation of brands that span this range. 

Baby Jogger City Select LUX

$789 - $830 (depending on color & seller)

Just when you think a product has reached it's perfection, it's improved again! Meet the Baby Jogger City Select Lux. It has all the features of the City Select, but has even more versatility in addition to turning into a double stroller. It has four more seating options than the original City Select and has a 30% smaller fold.

The accessories are what has changed this stroller into a powerhouse of options. Click the front seat, car seat or bassinet into second seat position, and add the new bench and riding platform to turn this into a sit and stand stroller, much like the Austlen Entourage.

Or add a shopping tote to the second seat position to expand your storage area for errands, outings or sporting events. 

The City Select LUX weighs slightly more than the original at 30.4 pounds and is a bit smaller length and width-wise to get that smaller fold.

Customer reviews range between 3½-4½ stars for for a 4-star average for quality materials, smooth ride and sturdy feel. So far two reviews have mentioned that the hand brake has paint chipped off, and the handle bar is a bit high for shorter parents. But other than that, the reviews are strong positives. 

Take a look at the Magic Beans video review and buy from them or comparison shop at the links below the photo. 

Peg Perego Team

$1,250 (stroller + 2nd seat + car seat adapters) Car seats in photo not included.

Peg Perego has a beautiful new contribution to the single-to-double convertible stroller called Team. The Team is ideal for families starting out with one child with the intention to have another baby and will need to upgrade to a double stroller later on. For families expecting twins, the Team is an excellent stroller for twins. This Peg Perego stroller comes with the chassis, the reversible toddler seat and and a bassinet.

Features in this 31-pound single stroller holds your child up to 50 pounds. To turn it into a double, you'd buy the Team adapter and use it with the second seat, which is as roomy as the main seat. Or attach the bassinet or the Primo Viaggio car seat right onto the adapter. The bassinet is approved for overnight use, and has an adjustable head rest and can fold flat for storage. 

Stroller features include a unique seat recline that slides out and back creating the best comfort for your passenger. A quick, easy compact fold when seat(s) are facing forward or backward is a favorite. The sun canopy is huge, offering lots of protection along with a UV protected visor and a large mesh peek-a-boo window for air circulation. 

Parents enjoy the one-handed steering and height-adjustable telescoping handle, large storage basket and smooth ride with the large polyurethane wheels and suspension system. Not to mention it is designed and made in Italy with fashion forward fabric with a luxurious look and feel. 

Not many reviews out yet, but so far the Peg Perego Team has been getting 5 stars for the easy push and the one-handed fold. And of course the versatility!

Here's an official demo video to check out:

UPPAbaby Vista

$900 single stroller; $1,090 including 2nd seat

This version will be released around February 16, 2018

One of the more popular and well-made luxury convertible strollers, the UPPABaby Vista is one of the brands that includes a feature-rich bassinet with purchase. An award-winning favorite of parents since 2006, the Vista is known for high quality materials, smooth steering, modern beautiful style and convenience. And now the Vista has been redesigned for 2018 with and overview and comparison with last year's version in the video below.

Favorite features include a comfortable, full-sized seat that is easy to reverse and recline. A huge storage basket stores everything you need and a telescoping height-adjustable handle provides strolling comfort for both mom and dad. Large rubber tires never go flat and takes you smoothly over bumpy park terrain. Weighing only 27½ pounds with the main seat attached, it is about standard for full-sized single luxury strollers.

Turn this stroller into a double when you buy the rumble seat separately or buy your Vista as a double. Compatible with all major brand car seats, correct adapters are sold separately, or click the UPPAbaby MESA right onto the frame. The Vista now holds two car seats or two bassinets and is a fantastic option for parents with twins

For years parents like you have ADORED this stroller and regularly give the Vista 4½ and 5 stars! Discover all the amazing aspects of this stylish convertible stroller in my exclusive UPPAbaby Vista review including a breakdown of what Consumer Reports says.

Here's a video comparing the 2017 with the 2018 features. More videos in my in-depth review:

Buy from Magic Beans, or comparison shop at the links above. 

Mountain Buggy Duet

$530 - $729 (depending on color & seller)

One of the disadvantages of a side-by-side twin stroller is that the width is cumbersome. You don't want to take up so much room walking down sidewalks or grocery store aisles. The Mountain Buggy Duet changes all that because it is only 25 inches! That's right, the rear wheel width on the Duet is the same as the width of a single stroller.

The Duet is very versatile. As a single stroller, use one side with a seat and the other using the Joey clip-on tote bag for extra storage. Take off both seats and use the Duet chassis to hold two car seats for twin babies. Or use the Carry Cot bassinet. There are many possibilities.

The stroller itself weighs 34 pounds, very good for a double, and it holds up to 80 pounds total. Wheels are 10-inch rubber tires with locking front swivel wheels. Because the Duet is such a skinny stroller, the seats are narrower, too. Each seat is only 11 inches wide with a 19½-inch seatback.

Because of the narrow seats, the stroller has gotten some negative reviews

Here's a great little demo video that shows you all the features. Only thing different this year is that the strap that holds the frame together is now an automatic frame lock.

Midrange Strollers for Twins

The upper end of this range is $400 at the time of writing.  

Chicco Cortina Together


Versatility is a high point on this Chicco double stroller. Parents of twins love that they can use TWO KeyFit or KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seats in this stroller to turn it into a Chicco travel system. If you use just one car seat, you have the option of using either the front or the back seat. As a mom or dad, you know how important it is to have several options available!

Reviews have been solidly positive for the Cortina Together, rating it at an average 4½ stars. Praises for the one-handed maneuverability and smooth ride are common.

Parents appreciate the sturdy frame and durability of this Chicco tandem stroller. It is easy to fold and only slightly larger than a standard stroller once folded, making storage in the trunk space more compact. 

Contours Options Elite


Contours have consistently put out excellent strollers, and their tandems have been met with great reviews in years past. The Options Elite gives you seven seating options for your two children. If you have twins, this stroller is a great choice because it accommodates two infant car seats. One car seat adapter is included with purchase, and most major car seat brands are accepted.

This tandem Contours stroller has a convenient standing fold, and folds with both seats attached. While it is a hefty 38 pounds, it has all the features you could want, like a generous storage basket with zippered sides for easy accessibility. Large sun canopies with mesh panel extensions provide ample shade and air circulation. Mesh pockets in the seat holds little snacks or toys for each child.

Seats have a 3-position recline and adjustable footrest, along with pivoting bumper bars. 5-point safety harnesses keep your passengers snug and safe. Large rubber-coated wheels smooths out the ride and you get a cup holder.

So far, the Options Elite is getting a 4½-star rating for its easy maneuvering and for the great value for money. Read my complete review for lots more in-depth information, measurements, additional photos, and consumer reports.

Take a look at this short video review.

Take a look at this short video review.

Budget Strollers for Twins

The lowest priced options here are the frame strollers, which are perfect for parents who want to transition their babies from car seats into a stroller later on.  But first take a look at the tandem stroller from Baby Trend. 

Baby Tred Sit & Stand Double

$125-$157 (depending on color)

Baby Trend is the company behind the innovative Sit N Stand double stroller. When you have a child who is too big to want to sit in a stroller for a period of time and wants in and out often, and another child who is clearly too little to walk, then a Sit N Stand is the solution.

Baby Trend strollers come in several double Sit N Stand styles, but the one for twins has the two seats, and two child snack trays that can accommodate two infant car seats. 

The stroller accommodates most major branded car seats for infants. The Sit n Stand Double has a full back seat with canopy and both seats have a child's snack tray and cup holder. The back seat can be removed to use the standing platform, and then your twins can take turns sitting and standing!

Customer reviews have been generally positive giving mostly 4 and 5-star ratings. Read more about what customers say, see a couple of informative product video reviews, and learn more about the features and benefits in the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller review.

Joovy Twin Roo+


Did you ever think that a stroller frame could look and function differently? Joovy has done it! The new Twin Roo is unique in several ways and the first, most obvious is the way that the car seats sit in the frame, as you can see from the photo (car seats not included with purchase).

Joovy has designed the car seats to sit opposite each other because each baby needs undivided attention and by alternating the direction, the parent does not disturb the other. The sideways mount is better for restaurant sittings or when it is time to feed your babies, you can parallel park and not have the handles get in the way.

The Twin Roo base width is wider than other standard car seat stroller frames to add better stability. Smaller six-inch rubber wheels enable better maneuverability. And the drink tray is in a different spot too, did you notice? It is set low by the seat to avoid risky spills and frankly, if you're seated on a park bench, you'll have your drinks right at your fingertips. Now that is cool.

The Joovy Roo accommodates current model car seats from Graco Snugride Click Connect 35/40, Britax B-Safe/ BOB B-Safe, and UPPAbaby MESA infant car seats - car seat adapters are sold separately. Beneath the car seat mounts, an extra large storage basket keeps all your necessities in place, though you need to take out a seat or both to have full access. The convenient, compact fold tops off all the fantastic features!

Baby Trend Double Snap N Go 


One of the simplest, most lightweight and convenient strollers for twins you can buy is a Baby Trend Double Snap N Go car seat frame stroller. Simply install your two car seats and voila, you have a travel system. (Car seats pictured in photo are NOT included with purchase.) You'll love that this stroller frame can accommodate most major brands such as Graco, Chicco, Evenflo and of course Baby Trend infant car seats.

Some popular features include a parent tray and cup holders, large storage basket and a reliable braking system on the back wheels. Outstanding features without the travel system bulk! This is also the perfect solution until your twin babies get big enough to ride in a fancier double stroller for 6 months and older.

A vast majority of Snap N Go owners give this stroller frame a 4½-star review. Parents rave about the convenience and compact size as well as the ample storage. You simply cannot go wrong with the price under $90 - outstanding for a double stroller!