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From House to Car to Stroller and Back

Travel system strollers are the practical combination of an infant car seat coupled with a matching stroller. Read about the best baby travel systems here.

Travel system strollers are standard single strollers that come with an infant car seat. The infant car seat can be attached to the stroller, which is the perfect solution for moving a sleeping baby from your car to the stroller and back home again. This has become a helpful blessing for moms and dads everywhere who sing the praises of stroller travel systems.

The infant car seat and stroller are made to complement each other and they are great for parents, especially moms who prefer their baby gear to match. Travel system strollers are also perfect for parents who want peace of mind because their infant car seat is guaranteed to work with their stroller.

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Important features on travel system strollers

Most baby strollers have adapters that allow any brand of infant car seat to be affixed onto them, but travel system strollers are guaranteed to have car seats that match the strollers perfectly.

The ability to attach the infant car seat onto the stroller is a huge benefit for infants until they are older than 6 months. This is because your baby's development at this stage means inadequate muscle control in the neck to hold up the head. Baby's entire body, actually, needs snug support for that matter. Therefore, it is important for parents to use an infant car seat because they are made snug enough for babies to give them good neck support, while keeping them safe at the same time. In addition, the car seat sits inside the stroller rear facing toward the parent, giving comfort and security - not to mention bonding - with your child.

When shopping for baby travel systems, parents should evaluate the infant car seat and stroller separately. Consider the features for both car seat and stroller, and make sure that both car seat and stroller have important safety features, such as 5-point safety harness, and brakes. If you come across a set and love it, but you are not too crazy about its complementing car seat or vice versa, opt for the travel system stroller that comes with a better infant car seat.

Trending: Convertible / Reversing Seat Strollers

Here's an alternative to the traditional travel system. If you prefer a more modern look and want the option to add a bassinet or car seat right on the chassis AND have a reversing toddler seat, then you must look at Convertible Strollers.  They're generally pricier, however the selection for all budgets is growing. Convertible strollers are far more flexible with their seating options and are highly stylish.

Other Travel System Options

If you don't find the travel system strollers on this section to your liking, then check out the other types, like Lightweight or All Terrain or really any kind of stroller you prefer, because...  

Most strollers today accommodate car seats - even some umbrella strollers! And while some take only certain brands of car seats, some will take most major brand car seats. You'll have to check it out, and my reviews will tell you which ones, in most cases. It's like a matching game, but it's fun. 

You may have to buy the car seat separately as well as the adapter, but you will get exactly what you want. So explore a bit, and feel confident that you will find something that fits your style AND budget!

Car seat frame strollers

Another option to consider is using a car seat frame stroller the third choice below. Many parents cannot decide on a stroller, or maybe the one they want is only good for babies six months and older. You still want something compact, convenient and light weight and a stroller frame works perfectly. Once baby outgrows the car seat, you'll have a better idea on the kind of stroller to purchase, based on your new lifestyle with a little one in tow.

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