2018 Best Umbrella Strollers Guide

Umbrellas vs. Lightweights and Top Brands Reviewed

Umbrella strollers are different than lightweight strollers. They generally have fewer features, lighter weight and vertical fold with separate handles. 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a lightweight and an umbrella-style stroller? I sure did until I did the research and this is what I found out: while being lightweight, an umbrella stroller usually has fewer features than lightweights and they generally weigh less than 15 pounds. Additionally, these products have two curved handles shaped like umbrella and they fold length-wise rather than horizontally in half.

You would use this type for everyday errands like short trips to the store or going around the neighborhood for family walks. Popular for being lightweight and easy to fold, you will have a compact buggy for tight storage space and an ideal product for traveling via plane or public transportation.

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How heavy can my child be to ride?

While many brands and models can sell for very cheap, it is recommended for your child's safety and for your sanity to invest a bit more money for a better quality product. Mid-range umbrella brands carry children up to 50 pounds and are sturdy, yet still maintain their light weight. Super-budget umbrella strollers can only hold about 30 pounds at most.

Babies under six months of age are not recommended to sit in this type of stroller because most do not have seats that recline flat. Babies need to be able to lay down since the muscles in their neck aren't developed enough to hold their heads upright yet, especially on a wobbly or bumpy ride. Quite a few models don't have reclining seats at all, and are more suited as a second stroller for toddlers as opposed to being the main family stroller.

But some of the luxury umbrella strollers do recline flat enough for newborns, and even accommodate an infant car seat as part of a compact travel system. A few recline far enough back to hold a three-month-old and have a head support cushion for baby's stability.

Important Features

One of the important features to look for is baby's comfort because this type of stroller often lacks the plush cushion padding that regular strollers have. Therefore, even for short trips, make sure that the seat has sufficient padding for your kiddo.

What kind of safety harness does it have? Can your child undo the buckle? Are the shoulder straps padded? How easy is it to adjust for growth? Consider these questions as you look at different brands.

Are you tall? Most cheap umbrella strollers are tiny and rickety, with handles that are entirely too short.This makes even average-height people kick the back while walking and hunch over uncomfortably. Handles on better-made strollers are usually about 41-inches from the ground and some even have adjustable-height handles. Nice, thick foam grips are ergonomic and comfy for your grasp.

This type of stroller must also be easy to maneuver and easy to fold; that's a big deal for parents who want to buy one. It should also have proper balance so that it will not tip backward when you've hung shopping bags and your purse off the handles.

Best Umbrella Strollers Guide for 2018

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers and as well as personal experience, these are the top-rated picks this year. Click on your category for the top three in each. Need a double umbrella stroller? I've got you covered, too.

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