Stroller Envy UPPAbaby Cruz 2017 Review

Light Weight Reversing Seat Stroller

UPPAbaby Cruz owners love this reversing seat stroller for the storage and huge canopy. Find out why it gets nearly 5 stars!

The UPPAbaby Cruz is a lightweight reversing seat (convertible) stroller designed with both parents and babies in mind; it is an engineered system that offers maximum flexibility from birth through the toddler years as your baby grows.

The Cruz is lighter in weight than the Vista and is the solution for on-the-go parents who want all the features and style of a full-sized stroller in a more compact size. This product is between the lighter weight G-Luxe and the premium Vista in terms of weight and features.

However be aware that the Cruz does not come with a bassinet, and you cannot add a rumble seat. The seat is also different. Later in the review, I will go over the differences between these two products to help you decide on the right one.

Let's explore more of the features and discover what this stroller can do, including new updated features for the UPPAbaby Cruz 2017. Then we'll go into what Cruz owners have to say about it. You'll be crazy for this luxury lightweight reversing seat stroller by the time you're finished with this review!

UPPAbaby Cruz Features:

  • 5-position reclining, reversible seat
  • Compatible with most car seat brands
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy chassis
  • Standing compact fold with rubber bumpers to protect handle bar
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Tires with PolyUrethane, mimicking air-filled tires and is lighter than previous models
  • Extendable sun canopy with SPF 50 visor and mesh peek-a-boo window with magnetic flap
  • Adjusting height canopy
  • Wipe-clean bumper bar included
  • Telescoping height adjustable handle
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • 5-point safety harness
  • One-step parking brakes
  • Extra large storage basket beneath seat
  • Rain shield and bug net included
  • 50 pound weight capacity

New UPPAbaby Cruz stroller 2018  updates & improvements

Basically the new 2018 improvements are as follows:

  1. New colors
  2. Leather handle bar and bumper bar 
  3. New sun canopy material making it less wrinkly
  4. Slightly lighter in weight (21½ lbs)
  5. Adjustable height canopy stays in place better
  6. Auto locking device that secures the frame has an improved design

(Check out Pish Posh Baby's Cruz page)

What is the difference between the Cruz and the Vista?

A frequent question moms ask during their stroller research is "What is the difference between the UPPAbaby  Cruz VS Visa and how they are different?" Here's a rundown, outlined in the fabulous video seen above. Check out Magic Beans' Cruz page.

  • Cruz costs $350 less than the Vista because it does not come with a bassinet, does not convert to a double, and is not as feature-rich.
  • Cruz fabric is not the extra premium that the Vista has.
  • Cruz width: 22"; Vista width: 25"
  • Does not convert to a double.
  • No zippered pocket behind the seat.
  • Smaller wheels on the Cruz: 6¼-inch front and 8½-inch rear, while the Vista has 8" front 11" rear, and Vista has slightly better suspension.
  • Rear axle goes straight across and you make kick it if you have a long stride. Vista rear axle is arched.
  • Single brake pedal in middle of rear axle to step down and flip up, while brakes are on the sides of Vista and you step down to engage, step down again to disengage.

Tell me about the seat

The UPPAbaby Cruz reversing seat stroller suits six-month old babies and children weighing up to 50 pounds. The seat is one piece, so when you recline it, the leg rest also goes up, maintaining the V shape, and therefore is not a flat surface for newborns. You can clearly see this in the photo at right. However, purchase the Infant Snugseat Insert, which has a wedge and head support and you may use for your newborn in the fully reclined position.

The seat is 12 inches wide with a 20-inch seatback, which is pretty big, allowing for lots of growth room. A mom from a stroller forum I often go to says that for her a firm, supportive seat is important, and the molded "bucket" seat on the Cruz is a must-have for her son who has reflux.

A one-handed lever recline easily props baby completely upright or reclines to the position just right for napping. The five-point padded safety harness is easily adjustable, but the buckle is too easy to undo. I like the adjustable footrest that pops up and gives your child lots of support when the seat is reclined.

Reversing the seat is quite easy with the push of a few buttons it comes right off, turn it around and click! Back on easy peasy. The seat reclines all the way in either position, but you will need to have the seat forward facing to fold it.

Additionally, you can use your car seat right on your chassis with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, no adapter necessary. Or if you have another major car seat brand, UPPAbaby has adapters for purchase. Right now there's an adapter for Chicco,  and a different adapter Cybex and Maxi Cosi car seats. Voila, you have a travel system with just a snap and go.

How's the steering & performance?

The Cruz is built with welded and formed aluminum alloy frame, the kind that is used to build aircraft. This makes it durable yet lightweight. It feels sturdy when pushed, and maneuvers smooth as silk.

For 2017 the wheels are made of PolyUrethane, which mimics the cushioned feel of air-filled tires without the risk of getting a flat, and provides a smoother ride. The 6¼-inch front and 8½-inch rear tires provide smooth steering and maneuverability and the Cruz is definitely a city stroller. A couple of new moms posted reviews on a merchant site commenting on the "smooth ride and comfortable push."

Brakes are a one-step process in the middle of the rear axle. Simply push down once to engage and either push front edge of pedal forward or use foot to lift pedal up to disengage. To set the swivel wheels into the locking system, just slide the button down that's at the top of the front wheel. Locked front wheels provide better stability going over sand or other rougher terrain. Slide button back down for swivel wheels again.

How about the sun canopy?

I love the sun canopy! All UPPAbaby strollers have HUGE sun canopies so they give excellent coverage. I also like the large mesh peek-a-boo window at the top because it allows for air circulation which keeps your child cooler in hot weather.

The flap covering the mesh window has magnetic closures, and this is a bonus because you can quietly peek in on your child without the ripping loud sound of Velcro But wait, the canopy also has an SPF 50 extension visor that pops out, covering your baby almost half way down the seat! And now the canopy is made of a different material that is wrinkle-resistant, so that your stroller looks more like the ones in the official photos. The new material still has the SPF 50 protection.

I like that the canopy is height adjustable. Bring it up or down the frame, depending on how tall your child is for optimal sun protection. This brings the seatback to canopy range from 22"-24".

How does the Cruz fold?

The Cruz has a two-step folding process, but before starting, you have to make sure the seat is forward facing and in the most upright position. Or simply remove the seat and fold the frame only.

First bring the handle to the highest position and engage the button on the top of the handle bar. Then pull up on the two triggers on either side of the frame. The stroller then folds down and you latch the frame together.

Once folded, the Cruz stands alone and it also has a rubberized carry grip for easy transport. Nice!

This video shows you exactly how to do it:

Accessorize me!

Who doesn't like all the goodies that comes with your stroller? In addition to that fantastic UV protective visor, this UPPAbaby stroller also comes with a convenient weather shield and mesh bug shield. Accessories like these come in quite handy with unpredictable weather. I like how these two shields wrap around the front for complete coverage and protection.

I don't know about you, but I love the compact size of the Cruz so much, but I'd still want a bassinet. Well, guess what? Now you can purchase a bassinet separately. Just look at the photo - it looks fantastic on the Cruz frame, so elegant. The photo shows the bassinet with the protective visor that comes all the way down to shield your baby from the sun.

Have an older child? The UPPAbaby Cruz can actually turn into a double stroller by purchasing the Piggyback Ride-Along Board that your oldest child rides on in back. This is great for those times when you need to walk quickly and your older child can just hop on board for the ride.

Love the look but wish it had a snack tray? Parents recommend the snack tray because it has a cup holder and an indentation for snacks, but parents say it sits a little high and would be best for babies over 9 months old, otherwise the child has to reach up. It still gets 4-star reviews, though. The pivot feature makes ins and outs easy.

If you're taking a trip and cannot bear the thought of leaving your Cruz behind (who would!) then safely transport it in the UPPAbaby Cruz Travelsafe Travelbag. This bag is made of durable nylon and has exposed wheels to cart along behind you. The bag is also part of the TravelSafe program, which is like insurance because UPPAbaby guarantees your Cruz during air travel! Simply register your stroller and travel bag online prior to your departure. What peace of mind that brings.

What do parents get?

Tall parents, you're going to love this. The UPPAbaby Cruz comes with a one-button telescopic handle with three height adjustments. No more slouching when pushing the stroller anymore. Average to shorter adults find this stroller quite comfortable to push in the lowest setting at 40 inches. Taller adults have a soaring 42-inch clearance for comfort.

The UPPAbaby Cruz has an enormous easy-access storage basket beneath the seat. According to many positive reviews, the basket is huge, and can fit many baby and mommy necessities like a large diaper bag plus more.

This video shows you an UPPAbaby Cruz demo.

How much should I pay for this stroller?

The UPPAbaby official website has the latest Cruz listed at a suggested retail price of $500 for the silver frame option and $530 for one with a carbon (black) frame. Looking around at different web retailers, I have noticed they're charging the same price, too.

My favorite place to buy strollers for a fantastic deal is on Amazon and right now the Jake color scheme, which is black fabric with black frame, is currently $10 less than the others with a black frame.

However,  if you prefer a smaller mom n pop operation, I suggest either Pish Posh Baby - (the video review you saw earlier of the improvements for 2017) or Magic Beans, which showed the video comparing the Cruz with the Vista.

What others are saying

UPPAbaby Cruz reviews give this stroller system about a 4½-star rating across several web retailers for the rear-facing seat, ample storage basket and fantastic sun canopy.

Most parents recommend the Cruz for the slim width and compact folded size. Sharlin from North Brunswick, NJ uses her Cruz for shopping and travel and gives it 5 stars. Kate from Mishawaka, IN likes the compact fold and the fact that it doesn't touch the dirty ground. Most comments in the reviews mention the easy fold and unfold.

The storage is a huge selling point. A mom living in England commented that she has yet to fill it to maximum capacity it holds so much. Another reviewer is a mom living in NYC, and she says it's important to have a roomy basket since she does their shopping while out walking and needs storage.

Nearly every review out there mentions the fantastic canopy and how well it covers and protects from the sun.

A mom pediatrician from McAllen, TX calls it an excellent city stroller. The product weight is light enough that Laura from Cambridge, MA says that with her bad back, she needs something light enough to take in and out of her car, and bigger strollers just aren't an option.

Another Texas mom has a daughter with special needs and a wheelchair was way too pricey. So she ended up getting the UPPAbaby Cruz and is extremely pleased with it and how comfortable her daughter is with all the recline positions on the seat. She likes, of course, the reversing option, too.


There are not that many complaints about this stroller, but the disadvantages are consistent over several reviews. The first complaint is about the telescoping handle with a couple of reviews saying that the button on the handle that controls the telescope doesn't work.

The only other complaint is the lack of a standard parent cup holder and parent organizer that is a big disappointment to some owners. Others mention the lack of baby snack tray or bumper bar and are unhappy that those accessories have to be bought separately. But overall, that's it. 

Where can I buy the UPPAbaby Cruz

My favorite place to buy strollers and other baby items I need is constantly on Amazon. Low prices, quick shipping and ultra-convenience. Right now all the color options for the updated 2017 Cruz are available on Amazon for $500-$550. 

You can also buy from smaller, yet competitive retailers that offer great service and selection. My favorites to check out are Pish Posh Baby or Magic Beans for your new UPPAbaby Cruz.

Just imagine yourself pushing your cute little passenger around, getting everything done you need to and looking great while doing it!

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